How to apologise to someone you love – so they know you mean it sincerely

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Making a sincere apology to your partner

There isn’t a single couple in the world that does not have arguments. Often there will be misunderstandings, differences of opinion and many a time one person in the relationship may have even made some blunder to upset the other. A plain, simple, no-argument relationship is boring and how much ever you desire it, it is too good to be true. But don’t give up yet! If you can sincerely apologise to your soulmate and make them feel that you were wrong and that you love them even more, things only get better in the relationship.

My grandparents had a love marriage. They dated 7 years before they tied the knot and spent nearly 65 years in each other’s company and love, and yet they fought like teenagers. My grandmother would make my grand-dad’s favourite meal as her gesture of apology and surprisingly it worked every time. There is a reason why they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My grandfather, on the other hand, used to buy her a saree or tickets to a play to make up to her if he had upset her. I used to find it super cute and even today when I think of them, I can only think of them as a couple who was passionately in love.

We the millennials, may not be able to cook or have the girl accept our apology after we give her a saree, although a diamond may work. But we still can do a lot many things that my grandparents were not able to do then. Here are some simple yet amazing ways in which you can apologise to your lover and let them know how much you love them.

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1. Send some flowers and a card of apology to his/her office

This one is a classic. Flowers always bring a smile on one’s face, unless he/she is allergic. But if not, then buy the best looking flowers and don’t be stingy here. Get a 1000 roses or lillies with a card that says you are sorry and that you love him/her. You could also send bouquets of flowers throughout the day and have a card with each one of them. Luckily we have many such services that deliver at intervals of time decided by you. It works! (It’s my first-hand experience)

2. Hug it out

The easiest yet a profound gesture of apology is a hug. After things have cooled down between the two of you, you can make some tea/coffee and offer it to your partner, say sorry and give them a warm, loving hug and perhaps a kiss to show that you’ll continue loving them and that you are sincerely sorry. Nothing can be better than a hug and a kiss if you do it in the most genuine way.

3. Step out of your comfort zone and step into his/hers

While my grand-mom made my grandfather’s favourite meal, you can step out of your comfort zone and do things which he/she likes to do. You may also want to give up on something that your partner has always wanted you to, like smoking, eating unhealthy food or any habit of yours that upsets them. But again, before you commit, make sure you can actually do it, else you may upset your lover even more when you fail to keep up your promise. You can book tickets to a movie of a genre that he/she likes but you do not necessarily like, or go for an outdoor activity which he/she wanted but you didn’t. If you can step into their comfort zone and sincerely apologise for your mistake, your partner may not even want you to do any of these things that make you uncomfortable.

4. Strip and have make-up sex

Sexual fantasies in a relationship can always be made real to show your lover how sorry you are. Things which he/she has been wanting to do in bed but you had reservations about can be done when you want to apologise. It is your rules in the relationship that matter. When I asked my friend how his girlfriend apologises to him, he said “She strips and even better, brings along one of her ‘girl’ friends, if she really has upset me”. Who are we to decide what is moral or immoral, if it works with your lover, and you are fine doing it, you’re sure to have your apology accepted.

Saying “Sorry” is often difficult and sincerely doing it is even tougher. Nevertheless, the spark in your relationship will always shine brighter if you can make small yet genuine gestures to seek your lover’s acceptance of your apology. Your bond only grows stronger with such actions or you may call “side-effects” of love!

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