12 Cute Little Ways To Say Sorry After A Fight

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Updated On: September 27, 2023
cute ways to say sorry
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If there is one thing that everyone knows to be true about relationships, it’s that they are full of ups and downs. There is always just enough tension in the air to turn small fights into something nasty. While that does not always spell doom, it does call for some added safety measures. That’s exactly when cute ways to say sorry can come to your aid.

So in case, you messed up slightly and your SO won’t stop being grumpy even though the fight is officially over, these cute gestures are bound to make him/her go “aww!”

But hold on, how do you even say sorry in a cute way? Do you just go up to them and say “sorry” in a funny voice? Well, no. All that’s going to get you is a one-way ticket to the sofa. To make sure that doesn’t happen, read on to find some pretty cute ways you can say sorry to them.

12 Cute Ways To Say Sorry

What’s better than making your beloved melt into your arms during a warm embrace, right after you’ve said sorry for a fight? It’s as though all your troubles are flying away at that moment, and all is forgotten, even that harsh thing you said.

If you’re all out of ideas while trying to figure out how to say sorry in a cute way, we’ve got you covered. No, they won’t need hours of prep-work (okay, some might) and they’re all fairly easy (unless you make them a three-course meal). Let’s take a look at all the cute ways to say sorry:

1. Get them food

Whoever claimed that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach definitely hit gold. After all, there is nothing more enticing than the smell of food in the air. Think morning pancakes that make your partner forget all about their troubles.

Tip: In case you can’t cook to save your life and are left with a dark, crumbly lump instead of a cake, maybe it’s time to order in. One piping hot extra, extra cheesy pizza later, I am pretty sure the love of your life will have a lot of trouble staying angry at that cute face of yours. PS: You know what they say about men who cook. Maybe give the grill a go?

2. Take them shopping

It doesn’t matter if they often claim they are not into shopping. Everyone on this planet has something that turns their knees into jelly. Take your gamer SO to a gaming shop, drag the book-nerd to the nearest book-heaven, and take your fashionista to look at the latest styles and, while you are at it, be ready to spend some serious cash. Here’s how it works: the angrier they are, the lighter your wallet will feel afterward.

Tip: If they are too mad at you to agree to go anywhere or if you are too broke to pull this off, order something online. It can be their favorite game, a new book by their favorite author, etc. This way you get to control just how much money you spend while letting them know that you do care and do listen to them when they are telling you something. Genius, isn’t it?

3. Write them a poem or a song

It really doesn’t matter how bad you are at it. What matters is the idea that someone created something completely new with just you in mind. Believe me, your partner’s anger is going to melt away just by knowing that you spent so much time and effort creating something exclusively just for them. It feels extraordinarily amazing. You cannot outdo this cute way to say sorry.

Tip: If you’re too hesitant to put words on that blank page that’s staring back at you, nobody said you’ve got to go it alone. Call your friends for ideas. Or better still, reach out to that artistic friend you secretly hate. How to write a love letter isn’t really as hard as you think it is, though.

4. Arrange a ‘best friends only’ night in

If you are seriously considering doing this, the situation must be pretty bad. Hopefully, you have planned ahead and have the phone numbers of your partner’s best friends. Call them all up, arrange a sleepover at your place, make sure there is ample food and alcohol in the fridge and make yourself scarce.

Tip: Never, ever decide to join their tiny party. Give them the space to vent and relax. The madder your partner is at you, the more they’ll appreciate it. Who knew you don’t even have to be around for saying sorry in a cute way?

5. Cancel your meetings and get ready to cuddle up

cuddling can be a cute way to say sorry
Get ready to cuddle up

If all your recent fights have been about how you just don’t seem to want to spend time together and how you always seem busy, it might be time to take a long hard look at your priorities. And in case your partner isn’t really wrong when they claim work is more important to you than them, it might be time to step up your game and show them how much they mean to you.

Cancel all work for the day and ask them if they would like to build a pillow fort or annihilate you at their favorite game. Spend time with them, open up, eat a whole lot of junk food, cuddle, eat junk again, watch a sappy movie and go to sleep tangled, spent, and happy.

Tip: If you want to one-up it, go ahead and mix this up with any of the other cute ways to say sorry that we’ve listed out. Since you now have the day off, there’s no limit to what you can be doing. There’s no better sign of a healthy relationship than making time for each other.

6. A day full of surprises

This one will take some time and creativity to arrange. Start small then build from there. Maybe place a pretty handmade card beside their breakfast. Arrange for chocolates and/or flowers to be delivered to their office. Let them open their bag to find a homemade lunch and a message.

By the time they come home, they should be way less angry than they were before. Maybe give them a hot and relaxing massage before unveiling the last surprise: an intimate and beautiful candlelit dinner, perhaps?

Tip: Sky’s the limit, really. If you’re looking for cute ways to apologize to your boyfriend and want to surprise him, get him tickets to his favorite sporting event, wrapped up in a brand-new jersey. And if it’s cute ways to apologize to your girlfriend that you’re after, go ahead and take a look at their wishlist on that shopping app. Order away!

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7. Just like old times

Now this one’s for you if both of you have suddenly realized that the honeymoon phase is over, so no more fun. Just work and adjustments and fights from now on, right? Wrong. Prove how little has changed and how happy they make you still by taking them on a date. Ways to show affection to your loved one can’t get any easier.

Try and relive the first time you met: her in a yellow sunflower dress and you in blue shorts and tee. A chance meeting at a bookshop over your favorite author perhaps? Or a steaming cup of tea and lots of laughter. Recreate your first date or favorite experiences together as closely as you can.

Tip: If you’re one of those couples who have been together forever, go ahead and pull out old photographs of when you two first met. The decade-old photos of you two awkwardly smiling at each other while wearing the clothes that were in fashion back then will definitely bring a smile to your faces.

8. Cute way to say sorry via texts: send a nice video

Trying to figure out a cute way to say sorry to your girlfriend? Show off your guitar-playing skills or your goofy rapping skills by sending her a cute video of you or performing in front of her. Finding a cute way to apologize to your boyfriend? Go ahead and practice your stand-up routine on a video and send it across, with an apology at the end.

Tip: When you’re all out of ideas on what kind of a video to send, you can always send them a supercut of you two. Make a video collage with pictures of you two, and it’s bound to make your partner tear up. How to say sorry in a cute way can’t get any better than this.

love and Romance
love and Romance

9. Take over the chores for the day

If this doesn’t sound like a cute way to say “I’m sorry” to you, it’s probably because you’re not living with your partner yet. Once you’re in a live-in relationship or have been married for a while, you realize that doing your partner’s chores is literally the sexiest thing you can do.

Tip: Is just the idea of doing all the dishes, taking the trash out, and cleaning your apartment making you regret ever considering this idea? Don’t fret, call a cleaning service. Sure, it isn’t the best thing for your wallet, but can you really put a price on your partner’s smile?

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10. Is it a spa day? It sure is!

One of the best cute ways to apologize to your girlfriend or your boyfriend is by turning your house into a spa. Take the time out, arrange a massage table, set the mood with ocean sounds on Spotify, rub massage oil on your hands and give them a massage they’re not going to forget.

Tip: If you don’t have much faith in your massage-giving capabilities, you can always call a professional masseur at home too. Even so, it might be better if you do it yourself. It’s not the efficacy of the massage that matters, it’s the thought that counts.

11. Did somebody say desserts?

Yes, we did already talk about food. But cakes bring with them a different level of comfort that’s hard to find elsewhere. Have you ever seen someone angrily digging into a fluffy chocolate cake? Even if they are angry while doing so, the minute they take a bite, you bet they’d forget all about what made them angry.

Tip: Again, if you’re just left with a dark crumbly lump instead of a cake, go ahead and order some stuff in. But don’t stop there, customize it if you can. Maybe add in a cute little “I’m sorry” or a small message on the cupcake. Adorable and delicious. Could there even be a cuter way to say sorry than this?

12. Turn it into a movie night

Is there a movie that your partner is absolutely obsessed with, but you just don’t get the appeal? Well, now is your chance to give it another go. Sure, it may be hard to watch Ryan Gosling cry for the tenth time within the hour, but all that matters is that your spouse isn’t pissed at you anymore, since you’re making an effort. Plus, it’s a great at-home date idea.

Tip: Whether you’re trying to find cute ways to say sorry to your girlfriend or your boyfriend, you can always surprise them with a movie night. Get the popcorn ready, put blankets all-around your sofa and pull up Netflix with their favorite movie. Once they’ve agreed to sit down with you, all that’s left to do is press play. And for everybody’s safety, keep your phone far, far away.

Fights in a relationship are as unavoidable as getting sand in your shoes on the beach. The trick is to let your lover know how much they mean to you and just how much you care. And remember: the tiniest details can bring the greatest joys. You don’t need to be extravagant to prove you care, these cute ways to say sorry should take care of it. Also, have your puppy eyes on point. Just in case.

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