She Feels a Burning Sensation in Her Vagina When We Make Out

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Updated On: December 8, 2021

I am 25 years old and my girlfriend and I never got physical since our relationship started. But I have tried to arouse her by inserting my finger in her vagina 3-4 times. While I am there she feels a burning sensation in her vagina and I have to stop this activity within 15-20 minutes. As she has not masturbated earlier, this is her first time. Is this burning issue normal?

Why does she feel a burning sensation in her vagina?

Also, she doesn’t know whether she is getting an orgasm or not while I am inserting my fingers in her vagina. She does get wet in her private parts but she is not sure if it is due to an orgasm as she has not felt that much happy before. I have tried to increase the duration so that she would get an orgasm but she starts feeling her vagina is burning and I have to stop there.

Is it normal that it burns while inserting my finger or are we not doing it properly? I had heard masturbation makes you happy, but in our case, it doesn’t seem to work.

Sensational feeling while doing sex
Sensational feeling while doing sex

Dear Worried Man,

Make sure you have washed your hands before inserting in her vagina. Constant friction, especially in a dry state can produce a feeling of burning. Foreplay should include things other than finger insertion.

Focus on other erotic zones as well. And let her direct you according to her pleasure. There should not be any pressure to achieve an orgasm. Just go with the feeling and flow and you’ll both soon reach there.

Dr Avani Tiwari

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