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Updated On: August 17, 2023
facts about masturbation
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Masturbation is a topic around which there is still plenty of ‘hush-hush’. Not everyone is comfortable talking about it or discussing it, even with their partners. However, masturbation is an activity everyone indulges in and it even boasts of plenty of benefits. There are many facts about masturbation that you might not even be aware of.

8 Unknown Facts About Masturbation

“Do you ever… erm… flick the bean?” a friend was asking another on the next table, at this little coffee shop I write at every day. I was in the middle of taking a glorious sip of my favorite cold coffee when I overheard this.

I spit out some of my coffee, thankfully no one noticed, but it was just such a hilarious way of talking about masturbation that I couldn’t help it. The other friend had no clue what that meant, but I did.

In the hilarious, albeit sexist comedy ‘The Ugly Truth’ this term ‘flick the bean’ is used by the lead character. It was such an obscure reference and yet such a valid question! The other friend replied with an exasperated, ‘Ew! No! Is masturbation normal? Isn’t that unhealthy?’ and I had to sigh. Masturbation, the act aimed at pleasure gets such a bad reputation that I feel sad.

As the comedian, Woody Allen once said, ‘It’s sex with someone I love!’ which was a truly wonderful way to put it. Pleasuring yourself is natural, most of us do it but we don’t talk about it much. This lack of talking has led to a lot of misconceptions about ‘flicking the bean’, let’s look at some masturbation facts that help us demystify the act.

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1. It’s good for you

Contrary to popular belief, masturbation is not unhealthy at all. One of the most interesting facts about masturbation is that it might actually be good for you. Studies have connected masturbation to stress relief and release of sexual tension

Masturbation can also help you sleep better. It doesn’t make your body hair grow or get you addicted, those are silly myths. It’s even been found that men who masturbate after the age of fifty have a lower chance of getting prostate cancer.

masturbation facts - healthy for you
One of the most interesting facts about masturbation is that it is good for your overall health and stress relief

2. Bye, bye cramps

Ladies listen up. If you’re someone who suffers from menstrual cramps, this one’s for you. Studies have found that masturbating can help relieve menstrual cramps. Isn’t that the best news you have heard today? What a win!

Apparently pleasuring yourself until you reach orgasm can provide relief from all the menstrual cramps that periods bring. This takes the idea of self-healing to a whole new level but it is certainly better than the painkillers that usually come with their share of side effects.

3. Age no bar

You probably don’t want to hear this, but yes, there’s no age for masturbation. One of the more unknown facts about masturbation is that it can be practiced at any age. It is your body, you can choose exactly what to do with it. So what did they tell you about self loving?

It’s just that young people are more open to admitting it, which is a good thing. It means that people are in touch with their sexuality, quite literally, and will be experiencing the health benefits of masturbation at every age.

4. Prevalent even in the animal kingdom

Well, this isn’t really relevant with humans helping themselves get-off, but if you thought we were the odd ones out in the animal kingdom, think again. Apes, horses and even certain species of birds pleasure themselves. See? It is a natural act, and not just for humans.

So anytime you get that post nut clarity, stop being so hard on yourself. One of the masturbation facts is that it is practiced by all species. Why would it ever be a bad thing?

interesting facts about masturbation
It is the most natural thing to want to pleasure yourself

5. Your relationship status has nothing to do with it

Almost seventy percent of people masturbate, even after marriage. We must remember that masturbation isn’t a replacement for sexual intercourse with a partner. It is an act in itself that can be equally pleasurable for some people.

As the famous quote about self-pleasure goes, ‘Nobody does me like me!’ A little blunt, but true nonetheless.

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6. There’s no ‘normal’ amount of masturbation

Look, self-pleasing is for the self, it depends on the self, and not society or religion. How often you should masturbate is highly subjective. Some people do it daily, some weekly, some seldom, and some never. It is all about what your body needs and your state of mind.

All of it is normal. As long as you are doing it in private, and if it’s not getting between your work and your other responsibilities, you are fine. This is one of the lesser-known facts about masturbation.

7. It’s the safest sex out there

How incredibly true. Masturbating is probably the safest form of reaching orgasm because there are no chances of getting pregnant or getting an STI. There is literally no downside to having a little bit of fun with yourself and exploring your own body.


Yes, having another person might be fun when you’re trying to get off, but masturbation is fool-proof in terms of safety. One can get as creative as one wants with it too. Try sex toys for some extra fun!

8. Even asexual people masturbate

This is not only a must-know fact about masturbation but also about asexual people. (Google it!) For asexual people, however, masturbation doesn’t always work the way it does for most other people. They engage in something called non-direct masturbation.

Here, an erotic fantasy doesn’t occupy the act of pleasuring oneself. This lesser-known nugget of information is certainly one of the most amazing unknown facts about masturbation and certainly, more people should be aware.

‘Flicking the bean’ then is more common and more misunderstood than we all think. For an act as private, as deeply personal, and as common as this, we must keep masturbation facts like these in mind, so we don’t fall for myths that are a dime a dozen.

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