Affair and Cheating

Here I was having a crush on a man ten years younger than me

He was younger, exciting and fascinating, and she quickly developed a crush on him. But she also loved her husband deeply...
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(As told to Sanjukta Das)

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The morning was usual – my twins were fighting over some little issue. I had to pull the two boys apart from hitting each other and yell a “Stop fighting, you two.” My eight-month-old baby girl was crawling around the house and tasting anything that looked edible. The microwave was beeping, our baby dog Lulu was barking. With the yelling and the crying it was almost time for the children to go to school. I drank my coffee while Dev informed me we would be having company for dinner.

“Do I know him?”

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When you’re happily married and yet falling in love with someone else

I love my husband very much but I’m still attracted to my co-worker

When your partner loves you more than you love them

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