99 Tinder Openers That Simply Can’t Go Wrong

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Updated On: November 22, 2023
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Have you been looking for the best Tinder openers to capture someone’s attention? You may know all too well how frustrating it can be to keep trying to score with potentially good matches without any success. Isn’t it strange how one simple thing can make or break the future of your dating life?

It’s your only shot to get a complete stranger hooked in a conversation hoping they would say ‘yes’ for a date and not leave you on ‘seen.’ Don’t beat yourself up if the response rate you get on dating apps is negligible. It’s not you, it’s the ruthless world of online dating to blame.

With short attention spans governing a majority of users’ behavior on dating apps, you have to make your conversation a cut above the rest. Whether you want to flaunt your quirky sense of humor with some funny first messages on Tinder or build rapport with a personal message, we got you covered. So. What are some good opening lines for Tinder? Buckle up, we have 99 of them!

99 Tinder Openers To Improve Your Odds Of Dating

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When it comes to finding a match, the first message you send on a dating app should be effective and create a lasting impression. The best dating app opening messages should get your potential match all excited and increase your chances of hitting it off with them. Yes, one line that is enough to make an impression, grab your match’s attention, and make them curious about you.

What sets a great Tinder opener apart from the multitude used in the online dating pool is that they’re about the person you’re addressing, and not about you. Your flirty opening lines for guys and girls should be well-suited for the person you are hitting on. After all, the ultimate objective is to grab the attention of a potential match and get them to respond.

And well, not just a response, but also an affirmation of a face-to-face date to meet them in real life. For that, you need some awesome Tinder openers up your sleeve to strike a chord with the person you like. With that objective in mind, here are 99 Tinder openers that work like a charm:

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1. Jazz up a simple hey

  • <insert emojis> Hey <insert emojis>
  • Hey, trouble!
  • Hey, I was hoping for us to match

All great Tinder opening lines do start off simple. So is it okay to just say “Hey” on Tinder? Well, it can be if you use it the right way. One quirky and eye-catching way to do it is jazzing up a simple “Hey” with a host of emojis – Rainbows, flowers, stars, unicorns, and what have you!

This Tinder opener can be a lifesaver in times when you just can’t think of anything more fitting to say. You can use emojis based on what the person said on their profile. For example, use pizza and book emojis if they have talked about their love for these things. And if you know how to flirt on Tinder, you can jump right in with some risky Tinder openers where you address this person as ‘trouble’ implying that they are all over your heart. One of the super flirty, smooth Tinder openers for sure.

2. Use their innate sense of curiosity to craft the best Tinder opener

  • Hey! I’m not sure if you remember this…
  • You know, if we go out on a date, there’s one thing you are sure to love…
  • So, I guess we are dating now…

As they say, curiosity killed the cat. Well, in this case, at least curiosity will get the cat out of the bag. There are very few people who wouldn’t respond to this message, out of intrigue if nothing else. The more dicey your openers seem, the more hooked your match will get. And those who don’t … Are they even normal?

3. Clickbait makes for the best Tinder pickup lines

  • You won’t believe what I just discovered in your profile!
  • Hey, <insert name>! Do you know what’s most interesting about your profile?
  • You know what’s the weirdest thing I find attractive about someone?

We live in times of clickbait-ism. Why not use it to craft the best Tinder pickup lines that will certainly increase your response rate? But leave it at that. Don’t give away your punch line in your opening message. The other person is sure to go over their profile to figure out what could have possibly caught your eye.

Then, they will respond to find out. Have a credible reply ready because if they realize you were just bluffing to grab their attention, things won’t go very far. So if you want this interesting Tinder opener to stay interesting, then think of an answer as well.

best tinder pickup lines
Pickup lines can work as great opening lines for Tinder

4. Comment on their personality

  • I notice you are a fun-loving, free-spirited person but you take your time opening up to strangers. At least, that’s the story your pictures convey. Am I right?
  • How did you know I like girls in nerdy glasses who are into adventure fiction?
  • I can tell you would choose a Netflix-and-chill night any day over partying and loud music. Is there room for another person on that couch to share popcorn and a conversation maybe?

We all admire a person showing interest in the real ‘us’ instead of just meaningless flattery on a profile picture. And that’s your key to a perfect first date. Whether it’s opening chat lines for guys or for girls, by commenting on a person’s personality, you’re letting them know that you’ve really invested time in understanding who they truly are and that’s endearing. Besides, people usually have their own perceptions about who they are. So they’ll either agree with your assessment or beg to differ. Either way, they’re sure to respond.

5. Cheesy pickup lines are the best opening lines for hookups

  • I see you like superheroes. That’s perfect because Batman is here for you!
  • I am on a blind date tonight. I would be thrilled if that turns out to be with you
  • I admire the artist in you because you are totally drawing my attention

If you’re looking for casual sex, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time or effort grabbing their attention. But you still need a response to at least get this person’s phone number and take things forward. That’s why cheesy pickup lines are the best Tinder openers for hookups. Just give the profile a cursory glance, pick up anything from their primary interest, and modify this conversation starter to fit the bill.

6. A good Tinder opener to use on girls: Complimenting her interests

  • It’s admirable how much you have traveled
  • Hey, kudos on that swimming championship medal. You are glowing in it!
  • Did you really pull off that starry night art on your wall? It’s stunning

Girls are tired of having creeps leave them loaded messages with sexual undertones. To the point that any remark about their looks or body can put them off. These are the safest and the best Tinder openers to use on girls whom you’re genuinely interested in. Compliment their interests, hobbies, or achievements.

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7. Looking for the best Tinder openers to use on guys? Lead with sports

  • I see you’re a Mets fan. Going to their games with my parents was my favorite childhood ritual
  • Hi, I have an extra ticket to the next Knicks game. You want to join me?
  • Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Now the ball is in your court!

Yes, yes, guys and sports sounds like a bit of a cliché. But a vast majority of guys follow one or the other sport ardently. That’s why this is undoubtedly one of the best Tinder openers to use on guys. If he’s a fan, it’ll be mentioned on his profile. Use it as a reference to craft your dating app conversation starter. Adding a personal touch that gives you something common to connect over is great. But don’t use it if it’s not true.

8. Make it punny

  • Do you have any raisins? How about a date?
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!
  • If their profile says “No one-night stands,” you could respond with “Me neither! I have enough furniture of my own”

Nightstand, furniture … Get it? If you need Tinder icebreakers to take forward or revive a conversation on Tinder, humor is the way to go. Since everyone has a different taste in humor, puns are always a safe bet. If they’re smart, they’ll get it. Anyone who gets your puns without you having to explain to them is a catch.

If these are not your strong suit and you’re in the online dating game for the long haul, consider investing in a book of puns. With some reading and practice, you will be able to come up with original ones that are witty and intelligent and make for good opening lines for Tinder.

9. Why not just make your Tinder openers about dogs or cats?

  • Who’s this gorgeous furry friend by your side?
  • Wow! You are a dog/cat groomer? Sounds like a dream job to me
  • I think Mr. Coco here <attach a picture> would absolutely love a playdate with your Lucy. What say?

Animals are adorable. Anyone who’s a pet parent can talk about their babies for hours on end. So if you see kitty or pooch photos on their profile, just make your Tinder openers about dogs or cats. If you genuinely love that animal too, you’ll hit it off instantly. This is an awesome Tinder opener and ensures wholesome conversations.

tinder openers about dogs
Anyone who loves dogs can talk about them endlessly

10. Challenge something about their profile

  • If their Tinder profile says “Won’t share pizza,” you could reply with “But pizza tastes best when shared”
  • If they boast about mastering Mario Kart, you can say, “Are you up for a duel this weekend? Drinks on me if you beat me”
  • If their bio talks about how first dates after meeting online are always awkward, you can say, “That’s because you haven’t been on a date with me yet”

The idea is to pick up something from their profile that you can challenge and use that as your Tinder conversation opener. After all, agreeing all the time is no fun. The ability to challenge each other spices things up.

11. Memes can also be made into funny Tinder opening lines

How do you say hello on Tinder when you can’t find anything appropriate to say based on their profile? Just lead with a funny and popular relationship meme. Do a bit of research and look for some funny first messages to send on Tinder. It will help.

12. Using a commonality can help you craft the best opening messages on Tinder

  • Wow, I see you’ve hiked The Long Trail. My buddies and I go there often
  • When did you move to Chicago? Have you been to Jazz Showcase yet? I can show you around sometimes
  • I honestly didn’t think I would meet a fellow robotics enthusiast on Tinder

With one message, you have shown them that you’ve bothered to go over their profile and used a commonality to take the conversation forward. If that doesn’t count as one of the best opening messages on Tinder, we don’t know what does.

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13. Talk about travel to make the conversation flow

  • You make the Leaning Tower of Pisa look stunning in the background. Italy has been on my bucket list too
  • Hey, you have been to Santorini too? Isn’t it the best place in the world to watch magical sunsets?
  • The first time we meet, you are certainly helping me plan my Paris trip for the summer!

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences in life. If you have that in common with a potential match, lead with it to keep the conversation going like you’ve known each other forever.

If you’re an avid traveler, consider bringing home a scratch map. You could share pictures of it with the person you’re interacting with to add a visual element to your travel descriptions. Or you could download a virtual scratch map where you could each add your destinations in different colors.

14. Food discussions make for fun and easy Tinder openers

  • Lasagna or spaghetti?
  • Espresso or latte with whipped cream?
  • Steak or grilled veggies?

Who doesn’t love food! That’s why talking about food preferences is among the classy Tinder openers that you can’t go wrong with. Besides, their preference will tell you a lot about the kind of person they are and could even hint at future relationship compatibility. This is an awesome Tinder opener that can even turn into sentimental conversations around the food you both love and why.

15. Use Netflix references on your potential date

  • You have a very Eleanor Shellstrop vibe
  • Wow, you look like Lucifer!
  • Seems like you are Barney Stinson of the Tinder world! (Only to be used for a hookup situation)

What is the best first message on Tinder? How about something that has a universal appeal? Like Netflix. Everyone has their favorite shows that they love to binge on. Pick a character that you absolutely love and draw parallels with the person you’re interested in. Yes, the best Tinder pickup lines sometimes draw comparisons between your crush and badass fictional characters. If they have listed their favorite show on their profile, it’d make your job so much easier.

16. Comment on something interesting in their bio

  • When you say never say never, do you really mean NEVER? <insert wink>
  • So you are a Feng shui consultant? Got any bedroom tips for me? <insert wink>
  • So, tell me, was it love at first swipe? (If their bio says that they believe in love at first sight)

If something about their profile catches your eye – say a life motto – comment on it and see how things go. If you can, maybe bring some humor into play. Playing too safe can make you come across as boring too. You’ve got to be prepared to take some risks with such awesome Tinder openers.

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17. Pop culture references are great Tinder openers for hookups

  • Did you get a sunburn or are you always this hot?
  • Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes
  • How YOU doin’?

If a potential match mentions on their profile that they are a Friends fan, you can totally lead with the last one. Among the best Tinder openers to use on guys and girls, you will not regret it. Thank Joey for allowing you to make a loaded reference without coming off as a creep. It’s one of the most effortless yet effective ways to hook up on Tinder.

18. Bond over a funny GIF

  • <Insert GIF>
  • Send me one GIF to understand what you like in a man/woman
  • If their bio says that they don’t date jocks/cheerleaders, you can send the GIF that says, “But I can’t help it that I am popular”

Wondering how do you say hello on Tinder to someone you seem to really like without messing it up? Spend some time on their profile and then, some more time looking for a GIF that fits their bio. Yes, it’ll take some effort. But it’ll be worth your while. This can be an innovative and funny Tinder opener.

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19. Don’t hesitate to get flirty

  • Oh, that mole on your neck led me to your inbox
  • Are you riding on the country road? Then I would ask you to take me home
  • If kissing spreads germs, how about we stay contained in a room?

As we said, you have to be open to taking risks if you want your dating app openers to work. If there is something about the other person that instantly caught your attention, use it to make your move. Healthy flirting never hurt anyone. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t make them uncomfortable. Flirty Tinder openers are fine as long as you are not going over the top.

20. Looking for fun queer Tinder openers? Try puns

  • Ever since I saw your profile, I can’t think straight
  • You don’t adore me yet, right? I’ll say the same thing to you that my mom said when she got to know I’m bi. “It’s a phase”
  • Let me make myself perfectly queer – I want to go on a date with you

It’s witty, it’s smart, and it’s not offensive. If you’re new to this side of the dating experience, you have got to pick your queer Tinder openers carefully. Think of ‘punny’ and funny opening chat lines that will get you the good kind of attention.

21. Best Tinder opener to use on guys? Give them a plan

  • I see you appreciate a good steak. I know the perfect place for us to get lunch together
  • I just moved here. Help me with directions to your apartment? <wink>
  • Your bookshelf images have me in awe. How does a bookstore/library date sound to you?

Talk about smooth Tinder openers. Right? Men appreciate women who take initiative and make the first move. So a great way of starting Tinder conversations with a guy is to give him a plan to work with. For one, it takes the pressure off them to plan the first date. Secondly, it exhibits confidence on your part.

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22. Complimenting her fashion is among the best Tinder openers to use on girls

  • That silk scarf sits just perfectly on you
  • Damn, woman! You are slaying this look
  • Hey, what’s your secret behind looking so effortlessly gorgeous?

This one is a no-brainer if you want to give someone attention – the sincere sort. One of the best Tinder openers to use on girls is to appreciate their sense of fashion. It’ll let her know that you pay attention to detail and appreciate the finer things in life. This is indeed a good Tinder opener to lead with since you get two big wins with one message.

23. Talk about something odd on their profile

  • Do you really hate Mac and Cheese or is that on your profile just for effect?
  • I never knew collecting Coca-Cola cans could be a hobby. What’s the story behind it?
  • So you are into stress cleaning? Are you saying you are a real-life Monica?

If the person has shared an unpopular opinion or something of an oddity on their profile, you can always use it to strike up a conversation with them. You can also side with them if you truly agree, and say, “I hate Mac and Cheese too!”

24. Open-ended questions also qualify as good opening lines for Tinder

  • If your boss gave you a week off, would you solo travel to the mountains, the beach, or just sleep in?
  • If you ever go on a date with a fictional character, who would it be?
  • What’s the weirdest food combo you have ever tried?

Good opening lines for Tinder don’t necessarily have to be specific to the person’s interests. You can pick something completely random and still pique their interest and break the ice. The great thing about these questions is that they offer you a lot of insight into their personality. While flirty Tinder openers for guys/girls jump in too quickly, this is a slower, steadier route to try.

25. What is the best first message on Tinder? Play ‘Never have I ever’

  • Never have I ever fallen head over heels with someone I met on Tinder
  • Never have I ever got sloshed on a date
  • Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous trip

If despite using the best Tinder openers, the conversation seems a little uptight, you can use these icebreaker messages to make things more fun and interesting. If you are a bit fuzzy on how to open on Tinder, throwing in some intriguing ‘Never have I ever’ questions can be a good start.

icebreaker message
Use fun icebreakers on Tinder

26. Take a dig at Tinder

  • I thought I’ll regret using Tinder again, then I saw your profile
  • Tell me your Tinder horror story in 3 words!
  • Finally! Someone on Tinder who is looking for something serious

Anyone who has been on dating apps long enough will have had their share of unpleasant, heartbreaking, and off-putting experiences. Use that as something to connect over. Also, this can be a great first message to weave in some flattery without sounding corny.

27. Using Siri as your messenger is a fun opener

  • Hey Siri, tell <name> she’s breathtaking
  • Hey Siri, schedule a coffee date with <name> on Saturday 5 p.m.
  • Hey Siri, tell <name> he has the best smile

This is a creative and quirky Tinder conversation starter that is bound to leave the other grinning and a little flattered. This can be a funny and flirty way to start your interaction.

28. Talk about weekend plans

  • So what does a typical weekend look like for you? Netflix binge, working out, or chilling with friends?
  • I am going to the live music festival this weekend. If you’re going too, wanna meet there? (If you live in the same city)
  • What are you doing this Saturday night? My weekend is wide open just in case you need company

Depending on what their reply is, you can casually slip in a weekend plan and suggest spending some time together with this person. That’s how you get dates on Tinder. After all, the best Tinder openers are the ones you can build upon later.

29. ‘Upset’ them with these crazy openers

  • I have a feeling this profile is fake <insert wink>
  • Is that really you in the picture? <insert heart-eyed emoji> Seems Photoshopped
  • Your bio is a little show-off. Don’t you think? *quietly stares at your achievements in awe*

When they respond all worked up or with laughter, ask, “How can someone be so gorgeous/handsome/smart IRL?” Let’s hope they know how to respond to a compliment, but if they feel shy, don’t push it and move on to other topics.

30. Classy Tinder openers are about playing to your strengths

  • I see you have a thing for musicians. I happen to play the saxophone
  • So you love Italian cuisine? Here’s a self-proclaimed chef! I guess we are destined to meet. For food’s sake
  • Hey, if you are still in search of a voice for your photography, I can help you explore different possibilities

Standing out in a crowd is already difficult in an overpopulated dating app like Tinder. On top of that, if you copy-paste easy Tinder openers off the internet, it will blow your chance of landing a first date with anyone. Remember, you may have to sell your good qualities in order to impress a Tinder match. This is your time to flaunt any talent that you hide from the world. If you see that their interests or likes include something that you’re good at, leverage it.

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31. Ask them if they can keep a secret

  • I once had a drink with Bryan Adams after a concert
  • I cried an ocean watching Toy Story 3
  • Here’s a pineapple pizza fan. Guilty as charged

And then reveal something naughty or quirky about yourself. This is sure to catch their attention. Everyone loves a good secret so if you want to lure them in with yours, this is the way to go.

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32. Send them ‘two truths and a lie’ and ask them to guess the lie

  • I’ve gone swimming with the Sharks. I grew up in London. I once fell off the second-floor balcony
  • I speak 3 languages fluently. I kissed a man passionately this year. My hair used to be blue
  • I have titanium in my left arm. I had an affair with my teacher once. I was the valedictorian at my high school

Still in two minds about how to open on Tinder? A flirty pickup line or a simple ‘hey’? How about you dodge both and start with a fun texting game? With these two truths and a lie, ask them to guess the lie. A surefire way to start a great conversation, this is one of the best dating app openers to use on guys and girls.

33. Say something spicy about their pictures

  • Love your shirt in the first pic! But it would look way better on my bedroom floor
  • That’s a gorgeous outfit you have on. Will you let me take it off?
  • Boy! Is it hot in here? Or is it that sexy sundress turning the heat up?

Let’s break it to you, even if people are not super explicit about it, they might crave a spicy comment on their appearance in a particular outfit. Consider her swooned with these great Tinder openers, but only if you are sure that she is looking for casual dating, same as you.

If you look at these best Tinder openers closely, you’ll notice one recurrent theme – Some of the best conversation starters originate from your match’s profile. All you’ve got to do is pay attention and choose your words wisely.


1. What is a good opener?

A good Tinder opener depends on what you want to convey. If you want to sound interesting, then you can use some interesting emojis, memes, quotes, or just ask questions off their bio. Being funny or being flirty is also fine but don’t go over the top.

2. Can I just say “hey” on Tinder?

Yes, you can do that. But there is no guarantee that they would answer because a “Hey” conveys nothing beyond a casual greeting. Say something specific if you want to get an answer.

3. What is the best first message on Tinder?

The best first Tinder message is one that is interesting and engaging. You could use funny icebreaker Tinder messages too, but ensure they convey the fact that you have gone through their profile carefully.

4. How can I not be boring on Tinder?

Don’t start with a silly Tinder opener and then proceed with equally silly questions. Try to show interest in the person and make it clear from the beginning if you are looking for a hookup, a date, or something more long-term. Don’t just start talking about yourself; it’s better to show interest in the other person. You won’t come across as boring then.

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