Top 15 Best Alternatives To Tinder – It’s 2024!!

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Updated On: July 10, 2024
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Who would’ve thought five years ago that we would have so many options when it comes to online dating? Back then, this way of dating was still kind of taboo (can you imagine?!). Well, thankfully, now we live in a day and age where it’s just fine to use dating apps. When you think of online dating, Tinder is the name that comes to mind. However, this space has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span of time, and today you have many alternatives to Tinder to choose from depending on your dating goals.

So when you have so many apps at your disposal, why stick to only one? There are Tinder alternatives out there, some of which are very similar to and others very different from the app that revolutionized the way people date. So, widen your dating horizons and your chances of matching with someone like-minded by exploring newer avenues to date online.

Top 15 Best Alternatives To Tinder – It’s 2024!!

Tinder has, in a way, emerged as the most well-known dating app in the world with over 26 million users. While Tinder has its own pros, like the ultimate ease of access, an easy interface and the most racially diverse and open crowd, it’s not the only app out there.

So, is there a better alternative to Tinder? Well, unless you’re an absolute newbie to the world of online dating, we’re sure that’s now even a question you’re looking for answers to. In all likelihood, you know that there are many apps similar to Tinder and ones that are not only different but better in their outcomes. The question is: which one of these can serve as the ideal Tinder replacement for you?

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The answer depends on your dating goals. The best dating apps for relationships may not turn out to be the best choice for casual flings and hookups. To improve your success rate in the online dating world, it is important to explore different dating apps that align perfectly with your goals. So, what Tinder-like apps to get you more dates should you be using?

Fret not because we’ve got your back. Here are 15 Tinder alternatives to make your dating game stronger:

1. Bumble

Bumble is a Tinder alternative

Any list of Tinder alternatives would be incomplete without a mention of Bumble, another super-famous and well-known app in the dating world. It is reputed as it doesn’t just end at Bumble dating but also has a platform called Bumble Biz for business connections and Bumble BFFS, to just meet new people and friends.

It is the second most popular dating app in the United States and has a user base of about 75 million. So, what makes Bumble so popular? Let’s have a look at the features, pros and cons of Bumble and see why it’s a great Tinder alternative.

Features of Bumble

  • Bumble is a women-centric app which means that the first move i.e. the first message has to be sent by the woman, which is why 85% of Bumble users are female
  • It’s not just a dating app and has a Business and friends segment too
  • It allows you to connect your Instagram and Spotify to your profile too
  • Although Bumble is free, there is a premium paid version as well


  • Bumble is all about women empowerment and allows the women to take their pick in men which means that even after a match, a guy cannot send the first message unless the woman does. Which means lesser of those annoying and funny online dating questions like “wyd?” and “u up?” that end up being just booty call texts in the middle of the night
  • It’s not just a dating app and can be used for business connections and to make friends too
  • It protects your privacy, they don’t even reveal your name unless you want to


  • Sometimes, women don’t want to make the first move or simply forget to and the match might expire
  • The user interface is a little less friendly than, let’s say Tinder
  • People may have profiles that are too detailed

Best for: Both casual and serious dating.

Our Verdict: This app is one of the best alternatives to Tinder, especially for women. If you’re exhausted from having the most random boys send you superlikes all day long, give this a try. This is a Tinder alternative that women will have a reason to like.

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2. Hinge

alternative dating app Hinge

Now if you’re looking for an app to find a meaningful and long-term relationship and not a bunch of hookups, Hinge is the Tinder replacement you need. This app is practically known to be re-imagined for people (millennials) looking for something serious. Hinge is different, to say the least.


  • It’s an app that allows you to send a “like” or a like and a message to your potential match’s pictures and comments. So, you can like their whole profile or just heart something funny they said or even leave a message
  • But this alone does not allow you to match with them. They have to like you back and reply to your comment for a match
  • It gives you a “deal-breaker” feature which allows you to set your preferences to a very specific pool of people. For example, you can set smoking as deal-breaker and the app will henceforth show you only non-smokers
  • Hinge has a smart algorithm that tracks your preferences and success rates and even asks if you want on a date with your match and then gives you another feature i.e. “most compatible” suggestions. These suggestions are basically people the app thinks you would like and are 8 times as likely to meet IRL
  • The “date from home” option also lets you video call your match

Yes, lots of features!


  • By allowing you to send a personalized message, it can help you set yourself apart from the crowd
  • The most-compatible feature actually suggests better matches and people
  • Deal-breaker eliminates unwanted suggestions altogether
  • Your matches don’t expire
  • Date from home lets you video call your match


  • The app asks you too many questions. Yes, it may be to find your ultimate partner but sometimes it just feels like too much of an investment
  • You get only 10 likes a day in the free version and you are limited to your suggestions if you are a free user
  • Your profile is exhaustive i.e. you need to answer all questions and upload all 6 photos. If you don’t, the app will label your profile as “incomplete” and you can’t send likes

Best for: People looking for serious relationships and long-term commitment

Our Verdict: Is this one of those apps similar to Tinder? Not really. It’s quite different both in terms of user experience, outcomes and quality of matches. Hinge is a must-try if you’re looking for something serious and don’t mind investing some time in the process.

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3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel

Is there a better alternative to Tinder? If you haven’t been able to find a decisive answer to this question, say hello to Coffee Meets Bagel. This is a popular dating app in the US. Apart from its very intriguing name, this app runs on a basic principle that was deemed to be true by the founders which is “men love selection and women are selective”.

According to this principle, the men on the app get “bagels” in their suggestions, which are basically suggested matches. They can pass, like, or priority-like these bagels. While the women get bagels that have already sent them a like and also match their various criteria.


  • If you’re a guy you will get no more than 21 bagels each day
  • You can send a message along with your like, much like hinge
  • The app will match you with your mutual or mutuals of mutuals on facebook, but you will still get matches if you don’t
  • You both have only 24 hours to accept or reject or like/pass a person and start a conversation
  • Your chat with a match will expire in 8 days. To extend this, you can use the app’s internal currency or “beans”


  • The fact that the chat expires in 8 days gives the people a slight push to meet in a shorter time
  • Customised messages along with likes improve your chances
  • You get matched with people you may know by association
  • You can pay in beans to get more bagels
  • Women will get messages only from the bagels they like
  • The paid membership lets you see the activity of your bagel and whether they have seen your message


  • Limited pool of “bagels” especially for non-premium users
  • You could get matched with people you know already (exes, friends etc)
  • It’s mostly popular in the US so the user base is limited
  • Not really a small city app
  • Chats expiring in 8 days can put the users off

Best for: Serious dating

Our Verdict: This is a cool and different app to use if you’re in a metropolitan US city and are looking for Tinder alternatives. However, for the rest of us, this app doesn’t hold too much scope unless it picks up popularity outside of the States.


alternative to Tinder
Match is another dating app like Tinder or an alternative to Tinder, free and available for all to use. It is available in 50 countries with around 9.9 million paid users,  which is one of the widest paid user base ever. It is also available in 38 different languages, talk about being inclusive, am I right? also owns other online dating sites/apps like OkCupid under the Match Group. It has also been around for much longer than the rest, having been in the market for around 20 years and experimenting with things like speed dating. Match has definitely done its trial and error period.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to date on Tinder, it’s time to infuse renewed energy into your dating prospects with Alternatives to Tinder existed long before Tinder itself! Now, that’s quite something, innit?


  • A detailed questionnaire that asks you about your preferences, personality traits, deal-breakers, hobbies etc.
  • Good and easy to use user-interface that shows you only one profile at a time
  • Match gives its members 7 daily matches that are compatibility based which they can accept or reject
  • If you don’t find your special someone in six months, you get an additional 6 months free membership


  • Lets you find people based on your interests in the discover section
  • You can add deal breakers to eliminate unwanted matches
  • Your profile can be as detailed as you want
  • Great success rate and even 6 months free membership if you don’t find what you’re looking for
  • Wide user base and an almost even male to female ratio means more options for users
  • Match Events give you the opportunity to meet people IRL


  • An exhaustive and detailed profile is a put off
  • Most of the features are paid and unpaid members get much less
  • Time investment can be a little too much
  • Users might not be comfortable answering personal questions off the bat

Best for: Millennials tired of flings and casual dating. Yes, we are talking to all you 30+ people looking for a relationship that’d go beyond five dates.

Our Verdict: If you are willing to invest the time then this can be a useful app to find the one. This Tinder alternative allows a detailed profile and similar interests in the discover section. This works great most of the time.

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5. Her

LGBTQ inclusive dating app

Most dating apps and sites are LGBTQ inclusive these days, however, only a few cater specifically to lesbian dating needs. If you’re looking for apps similar to Tinder function solely in the LBBTQ+ space, pay heed. This is where HER comes in and changes the picture. This all-inclusive community-building app is considered more than just a dating app.

It focuses not just on matching you with your person but also on allowing you to see and join social groups where you can view posts on each community and get exposed to more profiles that aren’t just local.


  • The app lets you sign up through Facebook or Instagram. Once you do this, your media gets synced from the apps to your “board”
  • There is a feed tab which lets you view the communities and social groups that you’re interested in
  • The meet tab is where you swipe left or right on people
  • Another tab labelled “events’ lets you post/view local events and ticket links. You can meet people IRL at these events. The app even lets you mark if you’re attending an event, like Facebook


  • It’s all about empowerment and providing the safest and reliable environment for the LGBTQ women
  • The user base is wide and lets you find matches almost anywhere
  • The app is fairly easy to use and is not just restricted to swiping
  • Free members might not get access to all features but can still enjoy the integral features of the app and find good matches


  • The app pushes you to get the paid version repeatedly and that can be annoying
  • It does not give you a lot of filters to restrict your search to a more specific pool
  • Does not guarantee a success rate
  • Many features are paid

Best for: LGBTQ+ women

Our Verdict: As far as LGBTQ women-centric apps go, this one is top of the notch. It will help you find more people from your community and even people who are not endemic to your region, which kind of trumps the feature handicap of the app. It can be actually a Tinder alternative if we consider the region factor.

6. Tastebuds

dating app for music lovers

Are you one of those people who can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t share the same elite music taste as you? Well, then, we have the perfect Tinder replacement for you. If you’re looking for signs of relationship compatibility based on shared interest even before you consider dating someone, Tastebuds needs to be on your radar.

We know a lot of music aficionados out there who literally cannot stand people with bad music taste and look for compatibility of tunes as one of the first and foremost things in a partner. This app not only allows you to date but also lets you get in touch or make friends with similar music tastes.


  • The app lets you sign up and add your music tastes and preferences and starts pairing you up or showing you people who share the same music tastes as you
  • You can also add your Spotify profile which will allow potential matches to really get an in-depth look at your musical tastes
  • It does not require a very detailed profile and your profile is mostly music-centric
  • You have to be 18 and over to sign-up
  • The paid version of the app lets you use a lot of new features like the incognito mode and ad-free swiping

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  • It is a good place to not only find your perfect partner but also to get connected with people who share similar music tastes and explore new music
  • The app has a friendly user interface and is fairly easy to use
  • It does not ask for exhaustive information and is pretty uncomplicated
  • Involves less investment of time


  • It has a smaller user base
  • The app is only IOS friendly which entirely eliminates the android population
  • It does not tell you a lot about your potential match than their music tastes and that might not be enough info for some people
  • A lot of scope for getting friendzoned.
Stories about online dating

Best for: Music buffs

Our Verdict: While this may be THE app for music lovers looking to find their special someone through the shared love for the same music, this app might not cut it for the rest of the users out there who need more than just music to pick a match. The lack of Android compatibility is another issue we just can’t ignore. The app also has a tiny user base compared to some of the other online dating options out there. So while this might be the best tinder alternative for some people, it’s definitely not a dating app that will resonate with everyone.

7. Grindr

Grindr is for LGBTQ community

If you’ve heard about Tinder, you’ve pretty much heard about Grindr. It launched in 2009 and was one of the first apps for the LGBTQ community and has hence grown to become the most popular gay dating app and a Tinder alternative. It has approximately 27 million users with a majority of users being from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand respectively.

For anyone looking for apps similar to Tinder in the LGBTQ space, Grinder naturally emerges as a top choice. Give it a chance if your dating life has been going through a bit of a dry spell. However, much like Tinder, Grindr too has earned the reputation for being the hotbed for hookups, so set your expectations realistically.


  • The app lets you view up to 100 matches per day based on your geo-location ad preferences
  • You can send and receive free messages and matches on the unpaid version of the app
  • There are various paid versions of the app at different price points like Grindr XTRA, Grindr XTRA Premium and Grindr XTRA Lite Premium which allow you to use more features like viewing up to 600 profiles each day
  • The app lets you create a group chat


  • The app has a very wide userbase and gives you many options to find matches even in the free version
  • It’s extremely easy to use and uncomplicated
  • Does not involve a lot of time investment
  • You can even find matches sitting in a public place and meet them instantly
  • The “My Tribe” feature lets you describe your sexual identity in more detail


  • Grindr does not give you a lot of information about your potential match
  • It’s not the best app if you’re looking for something more serious
  • Instances of homophobia have been reported by many users

Best for: LGBTQ men, casual hookups.

Our Verdict: Being one of the most widely used apps by gay people, your chances of finding someone to hook up with are high with this app. But don’t go looking for your soulmate on this app. We’re not saying you won’t find your soulmate. If you’re lucky enough, you definitely can. God knows there are enough options to choose from on Grindr.

8. OkCupid

OkCupid is a Tinder alternative

This is another one of the dating apps like Tinder, or actually, isn’t. OkCupid is an app that seems to have a je ne sais quoi that most apps these days lack. We don’t even realize when we get stuck in a timeless loop of swiping. Despite our best judgment, we find ourselves drawn to guys who should be avoided on dating apps, and before we know it, we’ve lowered our standards.

If you’re desperate to break free from this toxic cycle of right swipes on the wrong people, OkCupid is one of the most dignified alternatives to Tinder to explore. With a user base of over 1 million, funky, edgy and hip users, OkCupid is definitely a refreshing change in a sea of apps similar to Tinder. If you’re tired of the usual drab crowd, give this a try.


  • OkCupid gives its users a personality test in the form of a questionnaire during the sign-up process
  • The app determines compatibility with your potential matches based on the answers to the questions a user willingly answers
  • The app allows you to see who you like on the likes tab and who liked you (if you’re a premium user)
  • OkCupid is not just a dating app but also has an OKCupid blog on valuable dating tips and how you can maximise your experience on the app and make the most of it
  • Uncomplicated user interface and optimized app view with a minimalistic, clean aesthetic

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  • OkCupid has a deeper profile and even shows you what your potential match and you agree or disagree on
  • Despite having a more detailed profile, users can choose to not answer questions they’re not comfortable with
  • The OkCupid blog has lots of valuable advice for its users
  • The clean and easy user interface makes this app simple to use on-the-go


  • You can’t see who liked you unless you have the paid version of the app
  • The app is most popular in the US and you might have trouble finding  a lot of users if you’re in a non-English speaking country

Best for: People looking for meaningful connections and not merely hookups

Our Verdict: OkCupid has been around for a while and has undergone significant changes over time to reach where it is now. It falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between Tinder and say, i.e. the perfect middle-ground. If you’re on this app, you’re neither looking for marriage nor simply a hookup. However, the only drawback is its lack of popularity outside of English-speaking countries. Hopefully, this won’t last for long!

9. Badoo

no fake profiles

This is another popular alternative to Tinder that has taken over South America and Europe. It has a userbase as wide as 300 million people across 190 countries! It’s truly a global online-dating giant that you still might be unaware of. However, that’s not the only interesting thing about Badoo. What sets this app apart from the rest is the process of verification they follow which is supposed to eliminate catfishing and other common dangers associated with online dating.

If you’ve been on a dating app, you must have seen lots of fake profiles out there that want to catfish other users. A simple Google search of that super hot model-like guy will show you that that’s an actual model and not the dude you’re talking to.

So, an app that seeks to eliminate a major flaw of the online dating system, is a welcome change. For anyone looking for safer and more reliable Tinder alternatives, Badoo is definitely the way to go.


  • The sign-up process is fairly simple except for the photo verification step which lets the app verify your identity
  • After you upload your pictures, you’re asked to take a selfie to verify you are the same person as your pictures
  • You can choose to not verify your identity but you might be weeded out of the suggestions of people who only interact with verifies users
  • Users can look for matches based on “Encounters” i.e. your common personality traits, likes and dislikes or, based on “People Nearby” which is both proximity and interest-based
  • The people nearby feature also literally shows you the members you might have had “encounters” with or crossed paths with. It also lets you know when and where with the help of timestamp and location
  • The app allows you to video chat a match, live


  • Verification process eliminates fake profiles and catfishing
  • The video-calling feature is one that you don’t find on many other apps
  • Encounters and People Nearby lets you meet and match with people around you who you may know
  • A free 3 day trial of a premium account


  • The profiles aren’t too detailed
  • The algorithm used by the app is more focused on the proximity and does not have an advanced match-making algorithm

Best for: Casual dating

Our verdict: A great app to try if you’re trying to hook up with the boy next door. Give this app a try if you’re in South America or Europe but don’t go looking to find your true love. This Tinder alternative provides a great lot of fun if you are game for it. While this definitely one of the safer Tinder alternatives, it still essentially caters to people looking to date casually.

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10. eHarmony


Putting this online dating portal in the same category as the rest of the dating apps like Tinder would not be the best call. This dating world tycoon has been around since 2000. Yes, you heard that right, the mother of all online dating portals. However, don’t make the mistake of considering eHarmony outdated in any sense.

The demographic of Harmony is clearly different from that of Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. They consider themselves a serious place to find your match for a long-term relationship. According to their website, every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eHarmony and over 2 million users have found love here.


  • eHarmony has a scientific and patented questionnaire that they use for their match-making algorithm
  • This has 400 questions that you have to answer diligently to find your perfect match
  • The site also asks you what you want from a partner. Your expectation with respect to relationship deal breakers, lifestyle, appearance, religious beliefs etc from a potential partner
  • Users can add more information to their profile like hobbies and interests
  • The paid members can also secure-call their matches and see who viewed their profile


  • Scientific match-making algorithm that is patented
  • eHarmony takes the match-making business very seriously and has a great success rate
  • Extensive and in-depth profiles
  • Harmony protects its users information and takes necessary security measures


  • It requires serious patience and dedication to answer all 400 questions and that’s not an investment all users are willing to make
  • eHarmony is a little more expensive than your usual simple dating apps
  • Not ideal if you’re not looking for something casual

Best for: Those seeking long-term, committed relationships or even dating for marriage

Our Verdict: This is an online dating platform for people who are dedicated and 100% serious about finding their special someone. The users that sign up on eHarmony come looking to find their life partners. So, if you’re someone who’s uncertain about what you want from your relationships or are still on the fence about commitment, this is not for you.

However, if you’re someone who’s just about done with the swiping frenzy and lackadaisical attitude of people on mainstream dating apps, this is for you. This is a great Tinder alternative as well.

11. Zoosk

Zoosk is like Tinder

Zoosk is another leader in online dating that is available both as an app and a website. It has around 40 million members and is extremely popular in the US and Europe. Zoosk is also a Tinder-like app to get you more dates and matches. It follows three ways of matchmaking: behavioral matchmaking, manual search and carousel that will be defined below.

Given its advanced matching techniques, this can be one of the best Tinder alternatives for those who have been on the online dating scene long enough to find themselves caught in a cycle of landing familiar matches. It’s time to shake things up with Zoosk.


  • The sign-up process for Zoosk is fairly simple, the only additional steps would be photo verification and email verification to avoid catfishing
  • It follows three different methods of matchmaking aka behavioural matchmaking, manual search and carousel
  • The first one is behavioural matchmaking that is based on preferences and likes and dislikes that the system learns. The system will also suggest one person each day based on these parameters that you can like or dismiss
  • Manual Search lets you look through the database of singles on the site. You can filter your search to streamline your options according to certain specifications
  • The carousel is essentially like the usual swiping business where you can like a person and send them a message or move ahead
  • Zoosk also gives you dating insight reports that show you your preferences and choices in picking a partner


  • Most features are available on the free plan only excluding the manual matchmaking
  • Simple sign up process
  • The verification system eliminates fake profiles
  • Dating insights really work wonders in getting to know your own preferences better


  • People might not be looking for something too serious
  • A higher percentage of inactive users or dead profiles

Best for: Those who want to reinvent their online dating game

Our Verdict: Another great alternative to Tinder if you’re looking to expand your dating horizons. And the best thing about this Tinder alternative is most features are available on the free plan. So you can try out some online flirting.

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12. Plenty of Fish

online matching service
Plenty of Fish

Looking for alternatives to Tinder to expand your dating horizons and get more versatile matches? Plenty of Fish is here for you. This is another in-depth questionnaire-based online matchmaking service. POF has more than 3 million active users on the site every day! It’s extremely popular in Canada, the US, Australia, UK and Brazil.

So, what’s the reason for this popularity? Let’s find out.


  • It has a detailed multi-section questionnaire to get to know their users and take their preferences into account and then give suggestions for matches
  • POF also has a chemistry test that you can take to optimize the match-making algorithm
  • It allows you to filter through your suggestions on various parameters that also include body-type (which we find kind of derogatory tbh)
  • You can send unlimited messages without having a premium account too and you can even see who’s seen your profile


  • Lots of filters to make it easier for you to find the type of person you’re looking for
  • Chemistry test and personality test allow the algorithm to show you more valid options
  • The unlimited messaging is a free feature unlike most apps
  • It has a wide user-base which makes your pool larger


  • Lots of spammers on this site
  • Requires a lot of effort into setting up your profile and actually setting it apart from the rest
  • Lots of competition because of a wide user base
  • Unlimited messaging leads to an overflow of messages, especially for women

Best for: Getting more versatile matches

Our Verdict: According to us this site is a good balance between let’s say, eHarmony and OkCupid. It involves a detailed questionnaire but not as detailed as eHarmony. So, while you still need to put some investment into your profile, it’s not totally exhaustive either. The wide userbase will allow you to find a life partner or even a hookup partner but on the downside, you might get spammed too.

12. XO

an alternative To Tinder

If you truly want to revamp your online dating game, why look for apps similar to Tinder? Why not explore something that’s refreshingly different and stands out from the crowd? That’s exactly what XO is all about. Finally, something to cure those swiping blues. This app takes online dating to the next levels of fun.

While it’s similar enough to Tinder in the matching system, it majorly differs in the sense that you get to play an interesting and fun game to get to know the person on the other side instead of simply making awkward small talk that may make you come across as boring to your match. This app eliminates the need for that and you can actually enjoy your online dating experience and break the ice with a game.


  • You get suggestions for matches that you can either like or pass on (much like tinder)
  • The app provides a “Blind Date” feature which is not for the weak-hearted. This feature lets you play a game with a random person and the catch is that you only get to know who they are when the game is over
  • If you pay for the premium version of the app, it will let you see who liked you, give you unlimited messaging and an ad-free experience


  • XO takes a different approach to online dating and is a cool way to get to know your match
  • The Blind Date feature, albeit a little scary, can let you match with someone you might not get to interact with otherwise and this can be a refreshing change


  • Smaller user-base and lesser options
  • Limited features apart from the gaming experience

Best for: Experimental dating

Our Verdict: A fresh new outlook to the dating universe, this app is definitely worth a try but we suggest you do not pin too many hopes of finding “the one” here.

13. Ship

Ship is about hooking friends

This is one of the most off-beat alternatives to Tinder and leverages the benefits of the age-old practice of your friends setting you up with someone. As you may have guessed, this app lets your friends play the role of your wingman/wingwoman in the virtual dating space.

All those friends who are constantly trying to set you up with people finally have a true shot of doing it by becoming your “Crew” on the app. However, you can use this as a normal dating app without a crew as well. And go for some great conversation starters. 


  • The app lets you invite your friends to join your “crew” after setting up your account
  • You and your crew can view profiles and decide if your match is right for you
  • The setting-up of your profile is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated
  • Your friends can even search matches for you and you can have different crews for different friend groups


  • The app takes the pressure off you as it lets your friends make matchmaking decisions for you
  • you can still use the app as a regular app without the involvement of a crew
  • It lets you make different crews for different friends
  • Easy to use and uncomplicated user interface

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  • Not very detailed profiles
  • No verification process to eliminate fake profiles

Best for: Fun, casual dating

Our Verdict: We know you take your friend’s opinion on every single potential match and hookup so might as well involve them in your online dating journey! This uncomplicated app is definitely one to try out. These are some of the best dating apps like Tinder.

14. Raya

dating for creative people

This exclusive and members-only dating app is not for everyone. It specifically caters to professionals from creative fields. If you’re tired of looking for people in all the wrong circles who don’t match your walk-of-life at all, try Raya. This is one of the unique Tinder alternatives that has a very niche target audience. If you’re one of them, do give this a try and you may finally connect with someone who truly gets you.


  • After the application stage, a user needs to get a referral from an existing member
  • But this isn’t it, your application will be reviewed, assessed and evaluated by an anonymous committee. This whole process can take weeks or even months
  • This app is also a lot about networking than just dating
  • You can see potential dating prospects on the app or use the social mode that allows you to meet people IRL and network and make a real connection
  • Raya is a paid membership-based app


  • Highly exclusive and paid app that will ensure that you don’t run into any fakers or people looking out to catfish
  • Lets you interact with like-minded people and professionals
  • You can make a personal or a professional connection

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  • You have to shell out money to use the app
  • Application process and review is an extremely lengthy process
  • You might not get a referral
  • No Android version of the app available

Best for: Professional from creative fields

Our Verdict: If you’re really looking to find someone from the same professional background as you and aren’t willing to take any chances, then this app is for you. But for the rest of us regular mortals out there, we’d rather try our luck with something free.

15. Happn

location based dating app

This app has a whopping user base of 50 million. Happn is a location-based dating app that lets you connect with people with whom you have had actual encounters IRL. For example, Happn will match you with someone you have crossed paths with in a 250 m radius.

So if you walked by a cutie and thought you’d never see them in your life ever again, think twice because Happn might just make that happen for you. If you’re one of those romantics who believes everything happens for a reason and a cosmic connection brings two people together, Happn could prove to be the Tinder alternatives for you.


  • Geo-location based matchmaking
  • Easy sign-up process that allows you to link your Instagram or Spotify account to your profile
  • You can upload up to 9 pictures and choose to make some information private
  • You can only send a message to someone who has liked you back too
  • Happn lets you send out voice messages in your chats
  • Crush time is an in-app feature that lets you see 4 people you have crossed paths with
  • Paid features include ad-free usage, crush time, up to 10 hellos per day and invisibility feature

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  • The app lets you meet people based on proximity so your chances of meeting those people IRL improve
  • Happn provides a lot of privacy to the users
  • You can send voice messages when texting seems too monotonous
  • Easy sign-up process


  • It’s limited to a location-based algorithm
  • No free search feature
  • No profile verification

Best for: Dating people in your proximity

Our Verdict: If you’re looking to find someone close to you and love the convenience of proximity, this app is for you. We have a neutral opinion towards Happn. We suggest giving it a try to expand your options. These are the best dating apps like Tinder.

Hence ends our review of Tinder dating alternatives that you must try out in 2021! What’s your favorite app? Let us know in the comments.


1. How to find a date on Tinder?

You need to have an interesting profile on Tinder and some good photos too. When you start talking to someone just be yourself and you can end up landing a date.

2. Which dating site has the least fake profiles?

It’s hard to pinpoint that. Making a fake profile isn’t that tough online. But there are plenty of graveyard profiles where a person just made the profile on a whim but didn’t go back to it in years.

3. How long does it take to get a Tinder date?

Depends on what you are in there for. A hookup doesn’t take long but if you want to get into serious dating it could take you some time, but if you are lucky you could also get a date quickly.

4. Is Tinder a free dating app?

Tinder is a free app available to people who are above 18 years of age. They also need to have a Facebook account to join Tinder.

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