Dating Short Men: Benefits, Disadvantages, And Tips To Make It Work

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Updated On: May 9, 2024
Dating Short Men
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Dating short men is totally sizzling right now, all thanks to TikTok’s short king spring trend (and of course, Tom Holland). Picture this: I’m binge-watching The Sex Lives of College Girls and I come across the episode, The Short King. Here, Bela Malhotra meets Wes, a member of the men’s crew team. Now here’s the twist: this hottie is noticeably shorter than the rest. When he approaches her, she casually says, “Are you with the crew team? But aren’t you, like, short?” Wes responds, “I’m the coxswain. I make sure the boat finishes first, and I could do the same for you.” Talk about BDE, huh?

After following Wes on Instagram, she finds herself thinking he’s “kinda hot.” One day, he texts her, “Have you thought about the upside of f*cking a guy two inches shorter than you?” While they get intimate, Bela exclaims, “Damn, it’s like we’re a puzzle!” She later spills the beans to her college roommates, “My girl Zendaya was right, shorter guys are where it’s at!”

If you find yourself in a sizzling situation like Bela – either hooking up with a short king, falling head over heels in love with one, or simply debating whether you should date a shorter guy – then we’re here to spill the tea and answer all your questions. Yes, get ready to dive into the world of short kings. We’ll explore the pros, the cons, and oh yes, dish out some fabulous tips for dating a shorter guy.

5 Top Benefits Of Dating Short Men

A Reddit user shares, “I am 5ft 8in. My husband is shorter than me and generally considered a “shorter” guy. He has had no complexes over my height or his height. He is very mature emotionally and mentally, and height is not an issue. He is generally a phenomenal partner and a very caring and supportive human being.”

But let’s get real about the height obsession in relationships. Society has us believing that tall equals dominant, strong, and confident. In our fixation with these societal stereotypes, we completely overlook factors like character and relationship compatibility (that actually matter, right?). But, we’re here to shake things up and show you the amazing benefits of dating a guy shorter than you.

1. Short guys have sex more frequently

You know the notion: tall, dark, and handsome – the hallmark of what a woman wants in a man. We’ve been led to believe that height is the ultimate genetic marker of physical fitness and desirability, which naturally translates to being a sex lord. But guess what? Height is not the be-all and end-all of sex and pleasure.

In fact, according to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, shorter men have more sex than their taller counterparts. This study was conducted with 531 heterosexual guys, most of them 25 to 29 years old. It was found that “coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175cm” (5’9” and under).

Want to know the icing on the cake? Fiona (28), from Boston, shares why short guys are better in bed, “I like short guys. My boyfriend is short and we’ve been dating for three years now. I feel like we’re a perfect match, not just emotionally but also physically. Our sexual compatibility is beyond amazing! I mean, our parts are so in sync that we don’t have to deal with awkward squatting during shower sex. It’s super easy and all the more fun! This is why short guys are better in bed.” Now that’s what I call a match made in heaven – where the water’s flowing and the fun’s overflowing. Keep those steamy showers going, Fiona!

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2. They know how to slay with confidence

Ever wondered about the average height difference between couples? Worried about the signs of short-man syndrome? Well, it’s totally normal to feel a bit insecure about height in relationships (especially when you’re dating a little person). So, if you worry that short guys have trouble talking to girls, or if you feel awkward about how to pose with a shorter guy, pay attention.

Let’s start with a fun fact: ever heard about the Napoleon Complex? The term is used to describe a ridiculously ambitious person. With this context, let me tell you a few things about guys on the shorter side:

  • At times, they may feel like they’ve got something to prove, and boy, do they prove it
  • When it comes to professional success, they slay the game
  • They often become the true champions of self-esteem and success. I mean, just look at amazing couples like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

A Reddit user says, “I used to date a guy who was like 4 inches shorter than me. He was so confident and charismatic. His friends used to tease him about the height difference and he just used to turn back and say like, so what? He still got the girl. I was taller than all his friends too lol.”

Another user shares, “My husband is 5′ 6″ and secure in himself. That’s what I found most attractive. Also helps he’s on the buff side. He’s built stocky, not slim. But his confidence in himself is what I found most attractive. Also, those biceps and pecs. What can I say, I like a bit of muscle. And confidence is hot.”

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3. Studies suggest they live longer

A study published in PLOS One shed light on a possible “longevity gene” known as FOXO3. It turns out that this amazing gene is associated with a longer life and smaller body sizes. And guess what? Shorter guys have hit the jackpot. This study suggests they could be in for a few extra years of living it up! According to this theory, those below 5-foot-2 are the real winners in the longevity game.

4. Say goodbye to legroom battles

Okay, picture this: you’re out on a dreamy date with your tall beau (maybe a tall Zac Efron), enjoying a cozy dinner or sipping drinks in a bustling pub. Life seems perfect until…bam! Your lovely boyfriend accidentally gives you a swift kick under the table. Turns out he was desperately searching for some extra legroom! Ouch, not exactly the romantic date night you were hoping for, right? Well, fear not, because I’ve got a solution for you: why not date a shorter guy?

Dating shorter men means saying goodbye to all your legroom struggles. Instead, say hello to a world where both of you can sit anywhere comfortably. Definitely one of the top benefits of dating a short guy, right?

So, imagine this: you’re cozily snuggled up on the couch, binging some Breaking Bad episodes with your short partner. His legs are happily stretched out, taking up just the right amount of space. And guess what? You don’t have to pretend you’re super comfy curled up into a tiny ball to fit into whatever space he can spare. Nope, you can fully relax, stretch out your legs, and enjoy pure comfort. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

5. They’re less likely to cheat on you

Are you considering dating a man shorter than you? Are you worried about dealing with short-man syndrome dating issues? We’ve got some news that can put a smile on your face, especially if you’re into short kings. A survey by the online affairs website Ashley Madison revealed:

  • Shorter men are more faithful partners
  • Taller men are twice as likely to cheat as compared to men whose height is less than 5 feet 10 inches
  • This is why tall women seeking short men can find incredible compatibility and happiness in these relationships

But hey, before jumping to conclusions, remember that surveys like these should be taken with a pinch of salt. Relationships are a mix of factors, and of course, height also doesn’t guarantee fidelity. I mean, there are cases where short guys cheat and tall guys are so loyal to their loved ones. So short or tall, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, what matters most is finding someone you can trust and build a solid connection with.

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4 Disadvantages Of Dating A Short Guy

Disadvantages Of Dating A Short Guy

“I like short guys, but I would never date a short guy.”
“I know the short man syndrome dating issues, and so I would never date a short guy again.”
“There are several drawbacks to a tall woman dating short men.”

Let’s explore this. Short guys with tall girlfriends – what can be the biggest relationship problems? What are the disadvantages of dating a guy shorter than you? What are the hurdles to overcome in a taller woman shorter man relationship? Here are a few disadvantages of dating a short guy to take note of:

1. Height insecurity is a real thing

Would you date a short man? A Reddit user says, “I really don’t care about a guy’s height – doesn’t factor into whether I’m attracted to them. However, the short guys I’ve dated in my life all seemed to have a weird complex over it that made them act super macho as compensation, lash out due to their insecurities, etc. Has anyone else had a similar experience or is this just a me thing?”

You must have come across a sneaky tactic on online dating apps: height deception. The thing is, some men hide their height on dating apps (or even lie about it). This is called being “heightfished” – when you’re expecting a tall guy but end up with someone short.

But the good news is, a short-man clothing brand called Ash & Erie has come up with a genius solution: Short King Dating! This app is like a haven for all those short kings out there and the people who adore them. “Tall, dark, and handsome is outdated, and kings are in short supply. Don’t let height get in the way of true love,” this short-men dating website flaunts.

2. A judgmental stare or two

When you’re dating older men or women, people will raise an eyebrow or two. The same thing happens when you’re dating shorter guys. We all know that some people judge others based on their height – at school, university, and even in the workplace. But here’s the thing: height has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s worth or their ability to be an incredible partner.

Imagine this: you meet an amazing shorter guy and you can feel that natural spark. But wait, there are some outsiders with curious stares and not-so-nice comments. Is that worth losing a great connection over? No, right? So, the next time it happens, remember:

  • Let them stare and chat away
  • Their negativity does not matter when you have a rock-solid connection with your short king
  • Your relationship is about the two of you, not the opinions of others
  • So let those haters hate while you keep living your best life with your loved one

3. He adores you…until you put on those heels

Jessica (22) from NYC shares, “I met Robert at a housewarming party. He was such a charming guy. We were about the same height and I never felt that he was insecure about it. One day, I was out on a fancy dinner date with him. I had selected a stunning dress and my favorite pair of heels for this date. After wearing heels, I was a couple of inches taller.

“But just as we were about to step into the restaurant, Robert casually said to me, “Babe, who are you trying to impress by wearing heels? You can just wear your flats when you’re out with me.” I had an honest conversation with him about his height insecurity, but he tried to play it cool. I didn’t pay much attention to this matter. But as the days went by, Robert started giving me a tough time. He freaked out if I ever wore heels. He turned controlling and it led to many relationship arguments. We broke up after some time, and I’m so glad that I’m finally free.”

We’re equally glad that Jessica noticed the red flags in her partner and is no longer in that toxic situation. The thing is, while many short guys are confident and caring, some guys may be insecure about their height and try to control you (or your heels). But, it is never just about the heels. More often than not, this need for control may lead to abusive behavior later on in the relationship.

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4. You keep justifying to yourself why you are dating him

POV: You’ve met a great guy. He’s got a personality that lights up the room, a smile that could melt hearts, and a downright infectious laugh. Yep, we’re talking about the full package here – except he’s short. Just because of that, you may:

  • Constantly weigh the pros and cons of being in a relationship with him
  • Keep wondering if you’re settling for less just because he’s short
  • Push yourself hard to focus on his positive attributes and leave out the height factor

It’s because a tall woman dating short men feels self-conscious about her choice, thanks to social stereotypes and conditioning. We hope you soon realize how insignificant these worries are.

7 Tips For Dating A Short Guy Successfully

Short guys with tall girlfriends – what would make such a relationship blossom with joy? What are the best tips for dating a guy shorter than you? Buckle up and get ready for some fantastic tips to rock your taller woman shorter man relationship!

1. Do not joke about his height (especially on the first date)

When you’re out on a date with a short guy, here’s a little advice: hold off on the height jokes, especially during the early stages in a relationship. Here’s why: you’re still getting to know each other, and it’s hard to figure out someone’s sense of humor and what truly tickles their funny bone. So, follow these tips:

  • Take a moment to consider his possible insecurities
  • Be mindful of his comfort zone
  • Let the conversation flow naturally, and unless he brings up anything about height difference in relationships, there’s no need to dwell on it
  • Remember, understanding your date’s feelings and being empathetic in relationships is crucial. Save the height spectrum jokes for a time when you both have that amazing rapport and can have a good laugh together

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2. Rock your style with confidence

When you are dating a little person, the height difference can become quite a defining factor. Instead of worrying about it or feeling embarrassed, rock your style with confidence. Slip into those killer sneakers or slide into those jaw-dropping heels – the choice is yours! Trust me, once you embrace your individuality, you’ll feel liberated and unstoppable.

3. Focus on mutual interests

Instead of obsessing over height disparities, find out the little things (like shared interests and couple activities) that make you both happy. Think about all the common things that light up your world. It can be hiking up a mountain, cooking a delicious meal together, or watching your favorite shows. Trust me, when you’re having a blast while exploring your common interests, those height disparities will fade into the background.

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4. Give it time if you’re not sure about your feelings

dating problem

Would you date a short man? Are you not sure about your feelings for a short guy you’re seeing? In such a case, follow these handy tips:

  • Give it some time instead of rushing into a relationship
  • Get to know him better, discover his quirks and his passions
  • Remember that whether a guy is tall or short, what really matters at the end of the day is an amazing connection
  • So take a deep breath and learn more about each other. You might end up with a fantastic partner who’ll make you feel like you’re on cloud nine

5. Ignore the haters

Cameron Diaz has always been known for her height (5’9″), but it didn’t stop her from marrying Benji Madden (5’6″). It might be unfortunate and heartbreaking at times, but when you are a couple with a height difference, people will talk. They might make unnecessary comments or rude judgments. Remember that their opinions do not matter if you are deeply in love with a short guy. Instead, surround yourself with supportive friends and family who celebrate what makes you truly happy.

6. Do not restrict yourself

Let’s talk about dating shorter men and breaking free from those self-imposed boundaries. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Toss aside the flat shoes and rock the heels you’ve been eyeing
  • Hit up concerts, conquer amusement parks, and embrace the joy without worrying about what others might say
  • Let go of restrictions and make incredible memories with your partner, because life is too short to hold back. So, step out, be fearless, and have a blast with your boo!

7. Remember that height is never a marker for a happy relationship

Suzanne (36), a dating coach from Brooklyn, shares, “I often come across men who are wondering how to be confident as a short guy and scared to join the best short men dating sites. I also know of women who secretly wonder: “How to embrace your short boyfriend with confidence?” Well, why is height so important to you?

“Height and dating do not go hand in hand in every situation. So what if my boyfriend is shorter and skinnier than me? Love knows no bounds! And to answer the burning question: Is 5’2″ short for a guy? Is 5’10” short for a guy? Let’s just say, it’s all about how you rock what you’ve got, and confidence is the ultimate key to success in the dating arena!”

Time to set the record straight: dating a short guy doesn’t mean an unhappy relationship, just like dating a tall guy doesn’t guarantee eternal bliss. Let’s be real, height has nothing to do with how healthy and happy a relationship can be. So, here’s the deal: when you’re with your short guy, focus on what truly matters. Embrace his killer sense of humor, his caring attitude, and his heart full of compassion. These qualities will rock your world and make a difference in your relationship, unlike that height difference that’s, well, pretty irrelevant.

Key Pointers

  • When you’re dating short men, you can enjoy how confident and caring they are in the relationship
  • Some short men can be insecure and they show red flags such as trying to control whether you can wear heels
  • Instead of obsessing on height disparities, focus on interesting personality traits and find out some couple activities that bring joy to you and your partner
  • Let go of height stereotypes and focus on what actually matters in a relationship – true love, compatibility, and genuine connection

In conclusion, dating a guy who’s shorter than you is absolutely fine! True happiness stems from a deep connection, not the height of your boyfriend. Height is merely a number, and what really matters are the chemistry, connection, and shared values between two lovebirds. If you find yourself attracted to someone but hesitating due to their height, don’t let that hinder a potentially wonderful relationship. Embrace the opportunity, swipe right on that cute short guy, and who knows? You might just find your own Tom Holland!

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