25 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games For Couples To Grow Closer

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Updated On: May 13, 2024
Long-Distance Relationship Games For Couples

Are you tired of the same old Zoom dates with your LDR partner? Is keeping the spark alive in your long-distance relationship proving to be quite a task? We understand that no matter how badly you crave it, you cannot meet your loved one and melt in their arms whenever you want. This can lead to boring texts, repetitive conversations, and dry spells. But, worry not, because we’ve got the perfect solution for you – long-distance relationship games! That’s right, you both can be in two different parts of the globe and still bond over these games.

In this article, we will give you 25 such games to play in long-distance relationships. Most of them are free of cost, super easy to learn, and do not require intensive planning. These virtual couples’ games are mostly aimed at intimacy building. They help you relax and reconnect with your partner.

25 Long-Distance Relationship Games You Can Bond Over

According to a study published in the Journal of Leisure Research, playing long-distance relationship games is a great way to connect with your partner. The inquiry was led by Brigham Young University and included 349 couples. It showed that couple games enhanced the closeness in a relationship. Couples that shared a common interest in playing games were more satisfied and displayed a higher level of intimacy in relationships.

Now, what kind of online games for long-distance couples are there? Here is a selection of 25 games to play in long-distance relationships. Pick the ones that seem the most fun and have fun with your partner

1. Never Have I Ever

The rules are simple: say something you’ve never done in your life and if your partner has done it, they take a sip of their drink/do a shot. For example, you say, “Never have I ever been handcuffed during sex.” If your partner has been handcuffed in bed, even once in their life, it’s time for them to chug. Now, how can you play Never Have I Ever long distance? Well, you can do it either over a video call or via text messages.

If you’re looking for a drinking game for couples, this is the perfect way to get tipsy. But since you’re adding a virtual twist to a classic game, feel free to bend the rules. For instance, if you’re playing over text, instead of drinking, you can send pictures of yourself to your boo – and vice versa. By getting creative with the pictures you share, you can also give Never Have I Ever a naughty twist.

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2. Truth or Dare

If you’re looking for games for long-distance relationships, Truth or Dare is a classic you can’t go wrong with. Romantic, kinky, random – the possibilities of truth or dare questions are endless. The rule is, you just have to pick an option: truth or dare. Depending on your choice, your partner will ask you a question and you have to respond with honesty. Or give you a dare, and you have to complete it. After this, it is the other person’s turn to choose between truth or dare.

You can also play the online multiplayer version of this game with your LDR partner. Use this game as an opportunity to ask your loved one anything that’s been on your mind. It can, in turn, strengthen your bond and help you connect on a deeper level. To help you get started, here are some questions you ask your partner while playing truth or dare:

  • Have you ever hidden our long-distance relationship from anyone?
  • What was the best/worst time you spent with me from a distance?
  • What is the best LDR surprise I can give you?
  • Google a sexual position you don’t know and imitate it with objects
  • Deliver me my favorite meal next week
  • Send me a long handwritten love letter by post
online games for couples long distance
Bond with your partner, despite the distance

3. Charades

Online games for couples long distance can be a great way to make virtual dates more fun. The question is, how do you zero in on the right games to play with your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, your likes and preferences play an important role. For instance, if you and your partner are movie buffs, you could give charades a try.

Video call your partner and enact a movie without saying a single word. Make your partner guess the title of the movie within a limited time frame. Then, it is the other person’s turn to do the same. You can also include a few friends or other couples to make this all the more exciting. The bonus is, such fun games for long-distance couples do not require any money or planning.

4. Guess Where I Am

Looking for long-distance games to play and feel more connected to your partner? Here is a fun one you can try your hand at Guess Where I Am. Without giving away too much, describe your present location and make your partner guess where you are. This is one of the best long-distance games for couples. If your current location holds a special meaning for you as a couple, it can bring back some warm memories — maybe of the first kiss or the first time you said “I love you” to each other. 

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ATLAS is one of the best games for couples who travel. Typically, you have to start with the letter A, but you can also start it with any letter, for example, R. Now, say the name of a place (city, country, continent, district, or island) that starts with R. For example, Russia. Then your partner has to pick the last letter of the word (A in this case) and name a place starting with that letter. Let’s say, America.

You keep going back and forth until one of you runs out of places to name. Such fun games for long-distance couples can be a great way to build intellectual intimacy in a relationship. You may also get your next couple of vacation destinations out of this game!

6. Two Truths and A Lie

You make three statements, of which two are true and one is a lie, and your partner has to guess which one is the lie. This is one of the online games for couples that you can easily play on a video call with your LDR partner. The statements do not have to be serious or deeply intimate. They can revolve around hobbies, pets, or travel experiences. You may also include some fun penalties or tasks for every wrong answer. 

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7. Pictionary

Looking for exciting long-distance relationship games? Try Pictionary. Keep a notebook and a pencil ready, then video call your partner. Set up a timer to draw the word and have your partner guess what it is. If the answer is correct, they win a point. There are Android and iOS apps for Pictionary. So, if you’re looking for Android or iPhone games for long-distance couples, you can give this childhood favorite a go. 

The benefit of using an app is that it makes the experience more immersive and enjoyable, and cuts down the effort you have to put in to get the game going. Through such online games for couples, you can share a hearty laugh with your partner. Because, trust me, there will be times when you draw a prison cell and your partner thinks it is a barbeque grill machine.

games for long-distance relationship
Long-distance relationship games that bring out the child in you and help you feel more connected to your partner

8. Roleplay or celebrity roleplay

Do you remember Clive and Julianna? With their demanding careers and three kids, mmmmmmm Phil and Claire from Modern Family reconnect in their own special way. They have created alter egos to spice up their love life: Clive Bixby and Julianna. Julianna, the mysterious temptress, never fails to surprise Clive, the businessman by day and lover by night. But, who said that roleplay is just for couples who live together? It can also turn into one of the best long-distance games.

So, do you want to spice things up with your partner? Are you looking for ways to rekindle romance in your relationship? Wondering what games to play with your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend? Or maybe bring some life to a mundane online date night? Try roleplaying with your partner! It can boost virtual sex and make orgasms a whole lot better!

9. Uno

If you are interested in online games for couples long distance, Uno would be the perfect pick for you. Play this online card game the conventional way or feel free to explore new versions. It comes with in-built talk and text functions which allow you to speak to your partner while you play. Uno apps offer a super exciting experience. 

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10. Checkers or chess

Checkers and chess are long-distance relationship games that can boost your intelligence. The rules of both these board games are quite similar. Work on your strategy-making skills and impress your partner through healthy competition. Whether you’re looking for Android or iPhone games for long-distance couples, these classics will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

11. Scrabble

If you and your LDR partner are fond of board games, Scrabble can be a perfect element for a virtual date night. After all, this game holds a special place in our childhood memories. Why not relive that nostalgia and use it to connect with your partner on a deeper level? To add a romantic twist to the game, form words that hold a special meaning in your relationship.

12. 8-ball Pool

Maybe you and your partner live far away from each other and do not get a chance to partake in your hobbies and shared interests together. For instance, you cannot play pool at a table together on a Saturday night. You can try the virtual version of the 8-ball Pool that allows you to compete with your partner. With some friendly teasing and healthy competition, such long-distance relationship games can be a great bonding experience.

13. Scavenger hunt

Many of us have gone on scavenger hunts with our friends in school. But perhaps, you didn’t think it’d fit the bill of fun games for long-distance relationships. We say, why not! A well-planned scavenger hunt can be enjoyed with a virtual twist as well. Prepare a list of riddles for your partner and ask them to solve these. The answer to each riddle leads to the next, ending with a thoughtful gift at the end. You can make it as elaborate, fun, or exciting as you like.

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14. Ludo

What are some good mobile games for couples long distance? Long-distance relationship games you can play with your partner, anytime, anywhere? Or online games for couples that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are easy to play? There is a one-stop answer to all of these questions – Ludo! Quite an internet phenomenon during the lockdown, Ludo is also a popular LDR game. Give it a try, and relive some of your childhood memories with your SO, albeit virtually.

15. Bingo

Imagine you had a long day at work. Returning home, you want to do something fun and relaxing with your partner. But your partner stays miles away. What do you do in such a situation? How can long-distance couples like you create lovely moments using only their phones? The answer is simple. Play a few rounds of Bingo and spend some quality time with your bae. You can play this with an online app or using a pen and paper.

long-distance games
Get creative with long-distance games to stir some fun into your relationship

16. Fill in the blanks

This simple conversation-stirring game can be the key to solving long-distance relationship problems or keeping them at bay altogether. All you need to do is start a sentence and ask your partner to complete it. This fun game can help you understand how well your partner knows you. For every wrong answer, you can decide on some fun penalties. Here are a few fill-in-the-blank prompts to help you get started:

  • Your ___ is my favorite thing about you­­
  • ___ is the best gift you’ve got me ­­
  • ___ is your most annoying habit
  • My favorite sex toy is ­­___
  • I know you love me because you ­­___

17. This or That?

Whether you have just started dating or you’re in a long-term relationship, you can never stop learning new things about your partner. Many long-distance relationship games can help you understand your partner’s preferences and improve your bond. One of them is This or That. The rules are simple, you give your partner two choices and ask them to pick one. This is one of the simplest virtual couples games that you can turn to whenever the conversation seems to be dying down. Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  • Texting or video calling?
  • Mountain or beach?
  • Beer or wine?
  • Early relationship or long-term love?
  • Books or TV?
  • Candlelight dinner or dancing?
  • Flowers or chocolates?
  • Planned date or spontaneous?
  • Early morning or late night?
  • Dogs or cats?
  • Date night in or out on the town?Outdoors or indoors?
  • Sexy time in the morning or at night?
  • Gifts or cuddle time?
  • Hugs or kisses?

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18. Guess the song

Try your hand at a round of ‘guess the song’. A lot like charades, except instead of movie names, you have to enact a song here. Guessing the song can be one of the best mobile games for couples long distance. Use an unconventional song or one that holds a special meaning in your relationship to amp up the excitement. Another fun way to add a twist to this game is by describing a song using only emojis. You see, there is no dearth of games for long-distance relationships. All you have to do is let your imagination take flight. 

19. Ask what-if questions about love

Here is a super simple pick for online games for couples long distance — what if. Ask your partner a question beginning with “what if” and follow it up with a prompt. Allow your partner to ponder over this hypothetical question and then give you an answer. Take turns and explore the fun. Here is a list of questions you can use to make such situation quizzes more fun and exciting:

  • What if an ex texted you at midnight and said they want to meet you in person?
  • What if we had a fight and stopped talking to each other?
  • What if my parents don’t seem to like you?
  • What if you had to pick between car sex and shower sex with me?
  • What if I asked you to move in with me?

Self-disclosure is crucial in long-distance relationships. It leads to deeper intimacy with your partner. When you and your partner share your inner thoughts, you can be vulnerable and feel closer to each other. This makes your long-distance love stronger than ever. A quick round of what-if questions about love for couples can fill your relationship with giggles, joy, and clarity.

20. Virtual escape rooms

Do you want to bring adventure to your love story? Of course, you are miles away from your significant other. But this does not mean that you cannot experience a rush of adrenaline together. One of the best ways to get this adrenaline rush is in virtual escape rooms. This long-distance relationship game can help couples build patience and improve communication in relationships.

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21. Poker

I know what you’re thinking. Strip poker, right? Of course, you must try this sexy game for couples at least once in your life. Don’t worry if your partner is not right in front of you. You can always try the online version. Watch each other striptease on a video call and make the most of this naughty game for couples.

Playing poker with this sizzling twist can certainly reignite your long-distance sex life. If you want to play a round of group strip poker, we’ve got news. There are strip poker online game channels and chat rooms that can help you connect with people looking for a similar experience. However, keep your comfort level in mind before you proceed.

22. Send mystery pictures

As an LDR couple, your gallery is probably filled with each other’s pictures. Now, what if you could use pictures to play online games for long-distance couples? Text message your partner some pictures of random, mysterious objects. If your partner accurately identifies the picture, they win a point!

23. Battleship

Looking for fun things to do as a couple? Give Battleship a try. It’s a strategic online game, and the rules are simple: you have to sink the ship of your enemy before they sink yours. In this case, the enemy would be none other than your long-distance partner. A great way to spend a weekend bonding with your partner, we’d say! Such long-distance relationship games are sure to be a huge hit with ardent gamers. But there is no reason why you can’t give it a try even if you’re a novice. 

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24. Translate the emojis

You have guessed it from the name, haven’t you? This is one of the most fun games for long-distance relationships. Use a combination of emojis to describe a certain word or phrase to your partner. You can use these emojis to depict anything — a city, a famous personality, an animal, or a movie. Let me give you a quick example to make it clear. Use a combination of three emojis: a spoon, a pair of folded hands, and a red heart. Which movie does it suggest? Hint: Julia Roberts.

25. Finish the lyrics

Nowadays, everyone seems to be playing Finish the Lyrics on Instagram reels. If your partner loves the idea, why not turn it into a long-distance relationship game? And if you are a couple that loves music, this can be the perfect activity for a virtual date night. Test whether your partner has heard the latest song by your favorite singer. See whether they remember the lyrics of the first song you danced to together. Through such online games for long-distance couples, you can create some new memories or relive a few old ones.

on couple goals

26. Riddle me this 

If you’re looking for some intellectually stimulating long-distance games, Riddle me this has got to be the one for you. Challenge your partner with some thought-provoking love riddles and see how well they handle these brain teasers. Intriguing revelations and bouts of laughter guaranteed. 

27. Virtual spelling bee 

Here is a somewhat scholarly twist on online games for couples long distance. Find a multiplayer spelling bee app and test each other’s spelling prowess. This game is sure to bring out your competitive streak and have you going back for more. 

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28. Never-ending story 

If you feel looking for new long-distance relationship games every other week is too much work, we bring you one that you can divide into episodes, chapters, and seasons, and keep it going for as long as you both like. Introduce a story plot, and ask your partner to take it forward. The next time, you pick up from where your partner left off and add your own twist to it. Then, your partner does the same. You keep taking turns weaving a never-ending story and see where it leads. Not only will it give your creativity a jog but also bring out some fascinating storylines.  

29. Guess the accent 

This is among the fun, lighthearted online games for couples long distance. Mimic different accents and dialects, and ask your partner to guess which is it. Given how many different accents are there, this is another game that won’t go stale anytime soon. And of course, the vocal impressions you both do are sure to leave you in stitches.  

30. Relationship trivia 

LDR games are a great way to stir in some fun and freshness into your bond. But they can be just as effective in stirring up nostalgia and making you feel more connected to your partner as you take a trip down memory lane. The relationship trivia game helps achieve just that. You and your partner take turns asking each other questions about your relationship, and in the process, dust up some old memories that may have been buried in the crevices of your mind.

Key Pointers

  • Long-distance relationships require mutual efforts, couple activities, and LDR games to keep the spark alive
  • Feel the intimacy in your long-distance relationship through virtual roleplaying and strip poker
  • Playing Never Have I Ever, Fill in the Blanks, Truth or Dare and some online situation quizzes can help you connect with your partner on a deeper level
  • LDR games can also be a fun way to unwind with your loved one and make some warm memories

It’s true that your long-distance relationship can feel mundane and strained at times. However, with the right tools, your LDR can be full of joy, growth, healing, and excitement. The games listed in this article can help you communicate and spend some quality time with your loved one who lives miles away. When the distance feels unbearable on some nights, these games can lead to giggles, spark a conversation, and act as a comforter.

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