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Updated On: November 17, 2022
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Divorce is never easy, no matter what circumstances led to it. The aftermath of divorce is always painful. Your life is thrown into upheaval. You are trying to find yourself again. You are adjusting, your thoughts are all over the place, your emotions are running high, and you are just confused. The feelings you have toward your ex-husband are complicated. There is a love-hate relationship and you don’t know how to navigate them.

You deserve a break from these negative emotions; and what better way of doing that than throwing yourself a divorce party. Yes, it sounds a little crazy but hear me out. New beginnings always deserve a grand welcome. You have a child, you throw a party. You turn a year older or say yes to tying the knot, you throw a huge party and invite all your friends and family. So, what’s wrong with celebrating this new chapter of your life? Absolutely nothing. If the idea appeals to you, we’re here to help you get started.  

How To Put Together A Divorce Party

Once the papers are signed and the assets are split, take some time out for yourself. Figure out how to move on after divorce. If you want some alone time, take it. However, don’t isolate yourself. Keep talking to friends and family every now and then. Once you feel ready to celebrate this new chapter of life, mark the occasion by throwing a party – go all out or keep it lowkey and intimate, but celebrate getting past this huge curveball life threw your way. If you’re feeling a little lost at where to begin or how to plan this offbeat event, here are some ways you can put together a banging divorce party: 

  • Hit up your inner circle: They say there is someone for everyone. For now, that someone are your friends and family now. Hit them up and let them know you are ready to celebrate your divorce 
  • No pressure: You don’t have to feel pressured to invite every single person you know. Invite the people you rely on and you have a strong connection with
  • Choose a theme: A hiking party with a bonfire, a lemonade party because life just gave you some big lemons, a day full of physical activities, or just a classic slumber party? You get to decide 
  • Send out invites: Once you are done choosing the theme, roll out those invitations
  • Have fun: Let it all go and have the best time with your friends

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12 Best Divorce Party Ideas

Your marriage may have reached an inevitable end because it was toxic, loveless, or maybe because there was a lack of respect in the relationship or a lack of trust. Whatever the reason, there is no denying the divorce process would have left you mentally and physically exhausted. These divorce party ideas are sure to help you let loose and enjoy the newfound freedom with close friends and family: 

1. Bar hopping with your gang 

There’s a reason why drinking is one of the most preferred coping mechanisms after a breakup. It’s because alcohol helps you forget your troubles, albeit momentarily. When emotions get too overwhelming, alcohol helps people cope with their heartbreak. It makes their breakup healing process bearable. If you have a newly single friend, then ask them to tag along with you and explore new bars with them. Wear your best outfits and embrace your newfound single-status.

2. Throw a house party 

A divorce party at your home where you don’t even have to dress up. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Along with a new life, you have a new home now. Invite your closest friends and have a karaoke night with them. You can play card games, board games, have pizza, or just drink with them and talk about your feelings – it’s always good to let it all out every once in a while. Put together a happening playlist and dance the night away. 

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3. Hiking party

You are happily divorced now and nothing should stop you from going on new adventures. Toss that wedding ring and plan a trekking adventure with your friends. A hiking party is an excellent way for you to spend an interactive and energetic weekend with your friends or loved ones. You can sit around the bonfire, roast marshmallows, and talk about life, personal growth, and qualities in a man to look for to get married. Just a little therapeutic activity after a long day of hiking.

4. Slumber party

You and your friends can wear matching pajamas for the night and perhaps turn it into a movie marathon. No sappy romances to wreck your divorce party though. Maybe watch the Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games with your gang and crush on Liam Hemsworth or Emma Watson. Put on your PJs, pour some wine, guzzle a burger or two, and have the best time with your best friends. 

5. Go to an escape room with your friends

You just escaped your former spouse and a loveless marriage. But unlike your marriage, this escape room is going to be exciting and fun. Invite friends who love escape rooms, solve puzzles and go on challenging riddles with them. Afterward, you can head out to a bar and celebrate your fresh start with some dancing and drinking.

6. Self-care party

There’s a trend going on these days where women set their wedding dresses on fire to relieve their burning hearts. But you don’t have to go to such extreme lengths to make yourself feel better because we all know the time and effort it must have taken you to select your dream dress/outfit. Instead of resorting to such negative means to channel the hurt and pain, why not fill the void with acts of self-care?

Order some satin robes/boxers and exotic wine or beers, give each other manicures, or book an at-home massage service and enjoy a relaxing, deep tissue massage. Chanting and meditation, followed by a healthy, soulful meal is another great idea for a self-care party. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, and do it with the people who bring out the best in you.

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7. Dessert party

Eat dessert and cry about your ex-spouse? No way. Lure your friends in with pastries, pies, and cheesecakes. Be more creative with this party and celebrate this new chapter of your life where instead of getting sloshed and throwing darts at the face of your ex-husband, you can try a more positive approach. Get together with your friends and ponder what the future holds for each of you. Be each other’s support system, create individual vision boards and mood boards to reflect your aspirations and goals in life, and discuss your next chapters. 

8. Wine-tasting party with friends 

A wine-tasting party with your friends is the perfect excuse to get a little tipsy at any time of the day. Take a long drive out of the city, use this new start to have some fun learning about wine and how it’s made, and gorge on delectable varieties of cheese. Walk through the vineyards, take in the beauty of the surroundings, unwind, relax, and make new memories.

9. Outdoor party with activities

How about an outdoor party where you go horseback riding with your friends and wrap it with some barbecue and beers in the open? Horses are known to relieve anxiety, and given your circumstances, there’s no denying the amount of stress you are under. Spending some time under the sun and around horses can truly be therapeutic.

Galloping around on a horse can give you space and time to think about a lot of things and it will give you a fresh perspective. If horses are not quite your speed, you can pick any outdoor activity – a game of badminton or tennis, a round of golf, or a fishing tour. The options are endless.

10. Have a spa day 

This is also one of the unique separation party ideas for both men and women. You are single and happy. Celebrate it by dedicating a day to self-care where you can relax and enjoy the next phase of your life. A soothing manicure, a long massage, and a new haircut can cure your worries for the day. This is the ultimate treat you deserve after enduring so much. 

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11. Cleansing ritual party

Cleanse that negativity out of your life and don’t let it enter your new phase of life. Invite your closest friends and family who will help you turn this into a breakup party. Once you’ve decided who to ask, reach out to a local spiritual guru or indigenous healer to see if they offer cleansing rituals. They can help you let go of all the resentment, properly and respectfully. 

12. Wedding-theme party with a twist

This is one of the light-hearted divorce party ideas where you can reverse your wedding traditions. It is a hilarious way to forget your afflictions. You organize games where your friends and family have to toast to your divorced life, untie knots, and blow out candles. You can also add an all-black dress theme to mourn the death of your marriage, or make it a mix of black and white to mourn the past and celebrate the future.

The end of a marriage is a life-altering experience and the effects of divorce can lead you to depression and social isolation. These party ideas will put you out of your misery, even if for a brief time. As you throw yourself into putting together this party, it’ll help take your mind off all the fights that led to your separation and the agonizing process of divorce itself. With these disunion party ideas, your mind will feel light and liberated. 


1. What do you do at a divorce party?

Anything that you want. You can just chill with your friends and cry your heart out, or you can dance endlessly for yours. It’s your night and you can make anything of it.

2. What is a divorce party called?

A split-up party or a divorce celebration can also be known as a divorce ceremony.

3. Who throws the divorce party?

A breakup party can be thrown by the person who just went through with the divorce or their friends, to cheer that person up. Either way, a party is a party!

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