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10 creepy things girls often say to guys

Get your creepiness meter out and check out your points on the same. Here you go!

The creepiness quotient has mostly been topped by guys. But we cannot entirely negate the fact that women can be creepy as well. So get your creepiness meter out and check out your points on the same. Here you go!

1. I think you look like my father (to the boyfriend)

Girl you just stumbled upon your Electra complex. You definitely do not want to date your father’s doppelgänger. Stop doing this and soon you will have somebody who looks like himself and loves you.

shahid and kareena
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2. I love to look at you when you sleep

You are not being a hopeless romantic, but an insomniac. Please check with a doctor. Sleep is more important than your romantic night view. Imagine waking up to a pair of eyes in the darkness staring right at you.

kareena and shahid

3. Let’s get matching t-shirts!

Now you have taken the lovey-dovey game too far. You are stripping a person not only of his clothes from time to time but also his choice of garments. And you definitely do not want people to awkwardly gawk at your twinning sport.

kareena and imran

4. I need to check something. What is your Facebook password?

No you do not! Privacy rights are already compromised in a relationship and now you want to be a consenting stalker as well? Some things should be left unheard, and well, this one, unsaid.

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5. “This is forever” after the very first date

No, woman, it was just a date! Your priorities are all mixed up. That person might not even turn up for a second date and here you are planning your set of babies with him and naming them.

ranbir and anushka

6. I think I was your mother in my last birth

Maybe he needs a girlfriend, and not a parent. Remember he already has two.
He might not also approve of your crash course on babysitting. So good luck with that.


7. I love you so much that I want to eat you.

You might be way too much into Alt J and hum all day. “Please don’t go, I love you so, I will eat you whole” but better try not to be cannibalistic. He is a human, not a burger.

shahrukh and anushka

8. No nicknames please

He already has a name given to him when he was born. And naming is not gaming at all, especially with weird Indian endearment terms like babu, shona. Too much into cliché, huh? Get a pet. Or a teddy bear, even better.

hritik and katrina

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9. Let’s celebrate our 24 hours completion kissing anniversary

Well, we all love birthdays and anniversaries, but what happens when you take it too far? Your anniversaries are back logging your entire system. Did you forget your first anniversary of the day when he touched your hand?

shahrukh and anushka amused

10. Let’s not use the condom tonight!

And all that because it sounds romantic. What won’t really be romantic is when you end up getting pregnant with no support and zero finances and that too in a conservative society like ours.

ok jaanu movie

So next time you even think of saying any of these, keep a restraining order on yourself. You do not want to be creepy like the girl next door.


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