Gear up, girls, and stop yourself from dating bad boys!

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Here be dragons/HC SVNT DRACONES

Legend says ancient maps came with such warnings as “hc svnt dracones” which means there would be dragons there. These warning meant you need to steer clear of that area or you might as well be walking towards your death. In our modern times we have come to disbelieve in dragons and ignore those threats. But the danger is not gone. They come into your life as your boyfriend and cause a series of unfortunate events.

Women are generally drawn to bad boys. Not only to love them but also to make it their life’s mission to improve them into acceptable human beings. But these toxic masculine cisgender Neanderthals have a long lasting bad effect on you and your personality. They fill you up with negative feelings when you look up to them for validation. They make you doubt yourself by gaslighting. And they destroy your passion or emotions by playing with them. They are the modern day dragons that you need to be scared of and steer clear of.

But dragons are not easy to handle. Many brave warriors from the legends have died trying to vanquish these appalling beasts. Even the brave Knights of the Round Table have been baffled by the threat of dragons. They come for riches and destroy everything, even pastoral and pristine, in their path.

Stop dating bad boys
Stop dating bad boys

Accordingly, you need a clear strategy and the help of good friends to destroy these modern day dragons.

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Build a fence

Dragons are devious in nature; they will charm you and lure you into relationships and no sooner than you are trapped in their hold, they’ll reveal their true self and you will have nowhere to run. Don’t just consider how he behaves with you. Observe how he behaves with everybody else. Is he rude to the menial staff? Does he flirt with everyone given a chance? Is he too proud that every girl just falls for him?

Tighten your security

Beware of the sleazy guys who try to get your attention by making you jealous: they like it when girls fight over them. Never fall for compliments like, “you are not like other girls”: maybe he says that to everybody and by that one statement he is denigrating every member of your gender. Don’t fall for men who bad mouth their exes: Remember you might be in that situation, too.

Don’t fall for men who bad mouth their exes: Remember you might be in that situation, too.

Gather your army

Defeating a dragon is not one person’s job: You need your trusted knights, your friends around you. If your friends don’t generally think that he is good enough for you, then in all probability he isn’t. There are men who would like to hide their relationship with you from the rest of the world so that they don’t lose chances with other girls. They will try to convince you that it’s romantic, but don’t be anyone’s dirty little secret.

Gather your army

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Sharpen your weapons

If you say he’s being unfaithful, he says you are paranoid. When you say that he’s not giving you attention, he says that you are going crazy. If you say that he’s just using you, he says that it’s all in your mind. This is gaslighting, which leads to self-doubt and loss of confidence in your own ideas. Stay away from the kind of men who never give importance to your feelings and insecurities. They will always make you feel vulnerable and at a loss so that you cling to them.

Fight till you drop

The problem is these dragon-like men come in brilliant packages. Like the dragon will lure you with promise of gold and luxury, this man will promise to show you incredible things. The process is so smooth and well-oiled that you won’t even notice that you are falling for a scam. Don’t get aroused by the gym-made chiselled body, don’t get impressed by his sense of fashion that his parents sponsor, don’t fall for the casual look that is carefully maintained with frequent visits to the salon. I’m not saying that it is bad for a man to groom himself: I’m just saying that it is disastrous when he lies about it. You should not overlook his dishonesty regarding small matters: It’s not about the context itself but it says a lot about his character.

Fight till you drop
Fight till you drop

It’s the 21st century; damsels in distress don’t wait for knights in shining armour anymore: No one is coming to save you from these disguised dragons of modern times. We just need to pick up our swords and take care of our own fights on our own. So gear up girls: the world is filled with arseholes.

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    Here’s the thing about experiencing love. If you feel the right person is too distant a beautiful dream, that does not mean you will settle for a nightmare! Knowing your worth gives you the calm of mind and the certainty of heart to be on your own and be happy. If the right person comes , he will add to your life. If he has not come yet, you are content still. I hope more and more women read your article and understand the important lesson about love.

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