Headache, and other reasons why women say no in bed

Arjun Chabba

01. Headache – the most common one.

Lady with a headache Image Source

02. It’s that time of the month.

Menstrual Pain

Periods are one of the main reasons Image credit

03. I’m too sleepy. I’ve had a very long day. I need to get up early.

Couples sleeping separately

Lack of sleep is a major factor Image credit

04. I’m just not in the mood right now.

Moods are really important

Mood swings are common and matter a lot Image Source

05. Can’t we just hold hands?

couple holding hands

Sometimes holding hands just feels right Image credit

06. My mom is not well and all that you can think of is this?

wife shouting

‘how can you even think about this?’ Image Source

07. Why does your mom have to be so bitchy?

Why is your mom so bitchy

Mother In Laws are a major obstacle Image credit

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08. I think I heard our son cry. He has to sleep between us – he’ll feel more secure. Can’t you see how scared he is?

Children come in between

Having a baby is a big commitment Image Source

09. Who was that girl you were talking to? Go to her only!

Giving attention to other girls Image credit

10. Don’t you dare touch me! But what did I do? Don’t ask me – ask yourself!

Mood swings

Unpredictable mood swings Image credit

11. Tomorrow – promise!

Tomorrow! Promise

Delaying it everyday Image credit

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12. You never want to talk to me – all you are interested in is this!

Talking is healthy too

Sometimes talking helps Image credit

5 ways to say no in bed without hurting his feelings

Women want these things in bed from men

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