Headache, and other reasons why women say no in bed

Reasons Women Say No in Bed: From Serious to Funny

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Updated On: June 17, 2024
Reasons what woman give to man on bed

Ever wondered why the classic headache excuse remains so popular? Or why sometimes, despite the perfect setting, the answer is still a no? From the common to the downright hilarious, we’ve compiled a list of reasons women might say no in bed. Get ready for a humorous dive into the diverse and unexpected moments that can turn intimate plans upside down. Whether it’s a genuine concern or a quirky distraction, these reasons will leave you laughing and nodding in agreement. From the everyday stresses of life to the quirky and unexpected, each reason tells a story of its own, highlighting the delightful unpredictability of relationships.

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Why Women Say No in Bed, these are the reasons below:

Common Reasons:

reasons women say no in bed
  1. Headache – The most common one.
  2. Period cramps are saying ‘no’ tonight. How about a heating pad and a movie marathon date? I’m too sleepy. I’ve had a very long day. I need to get up early.
  3. I’m just not in the mood right now.
  4. Can’t we just hold hands?
  5. My mom is not well and all you can think of is this?
  6. Why does your mom have to be so bitchy?
  7. I think I heard our son cry. He has to sleep between us – he’ll feel more secure.
  8. Who was that girl you were talking to? Go to her only!
  9. Don’t you dare touch me! But what did I do? Don’t ask me – ask yourself!
  10. Tomorrow – promise!
  11. You never want to talk to me – all you are interested in is this!

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Practical Reasons:

  1. I’m feeling stressed and anxious.
  2. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now.
  3. I don’t feel attractive today.
  4. I need to finish some work.
  5. The kids might wake up and walk in.
  6. I’m feeling emotionally disconnected.
  7. We haven’t spent much quality time together.
  8. I’m not feeling well physically.
  9. I need some alone time to unwind.
  10. We’ve been arguing a lot lately.
  11. I’m worried about finances.
  12. I’m not comfortable with my body right now.
  13. Feeling a bit under the weather. How about a cuddle puddle and some feel-good movies instead?

Funny Reasons:

Funny Reasons
  1. I just washed my hair.
  2. My body is a temple, and right now, it’s closed for renovations. Maybe next time?
  3. I’m too full from dinner.
  4. Did you take out the trash like I asked? Because chivalry isn’t dead, just a little busy tonight.
  5. Let’s just say my libido is currently on vacation with your manners.
  6. I have a pimple and it hurts.
  7. The dog is staring at us.
  8. I’m waiting for my face mask to dry.
  9. I’m in the middle of an online shopping spree.
  10. I’m having a deep conversation with my plant.
  11. I’m on a winning streak in Candy Crush.
  12. I’m practicing my karaoke skills.
  13. I’m trying to break a world record for staying still.
  14. I’m in the middle of an intense online debate.
  15. My brain seems to be stuck on repeat with that catchy song. Maybe we can create our own dance remix instead?
  16. My spirit animal is demanding belly rubs. Priorities, you understand.
  17. Full moon vibes are strong tonight. Feeling a sudden urge to howl at the moon… from the comfort of the couch.
  18. Hold on, gotta check the ‘alternative intimacy options’ menu. Tonight’s craving a massage or a foot rub. Decisions, decisions…
  19. Intriguing… is tonight a ‘get out of dishwashing duty free’ card situation? Because otherwise, I think I earned some relaxation time with a good book.
  20. We haven’t resolved that argument from earlier, and it’s on my mind.
  21. I appreciate it, but I’m not really comfortable right now.
  22. I need some time for myself tonight. Maybe a long bath and a good book?
  23. I appreciate it, but I’m not really comfortable right now.
  24. I’m not feeling very confident about myself today. Maybe a raincheck for another night?
  25. I’m just not really in the mood tonight.

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