How To Make A Guy Realize He Lost You – 15 Hints That Work

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Updated On: August 2, 2023
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Is your guy taking you for granted? Does he seem less devoted to the relationship? If your answer to these questions is yes, you must make your guy realize that he is losing you and the relationship is going nowhere. It’s time to make your boyfriend realize that he needs you.

Being in a relationship where you are not appreciated and valued can be more crushing than being single. It can leave you feeling hollow and unfulfilled, and more importantly, deal a severe blow to your self-esteem. “Am I not good enough?” “Why doesn’t he care about me and this relationship?” “What am I doing wrong here?” Many such questions can be swirling around your head, filling you up with self-doubt.

Well, it’s not you, it’s him, honey. To regain control of this situation, you need to make him realize your worth. How exactly do you do that? By making him see what he stands to lose when he loses you. We’re here to help you understand how to make him realize what he lost when he stopped prioritizing you.

How To Make A Guy Realize He Lost You – 15 Hints That Work

The beginning of a relationship is usually perfect because both people are in love. But, over time, you might notice that your relationship is stuck in a rut and your guy is distant and absent. He also takes you for granted, which leaves you disappointed and frustrated. But you do not have to give up on your relationship. Take our relationship advice on how to make him realize he needs you and watch things turn around for the better.

You can actually use hints and ways to make your guy realize that he loves you and needs you in his life before it gets too late. This is a subtle way to fix your relationship problems without confronting him. Here are 15 hints to further help your agenda of making your guy realize he lost you or is losing you:

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1. Do not take his help and advice

To make him realize he made a mistake, you have to be emotionally stable enough to make your own decisions instead of consulting him. When you avoid taking his help and advice like you used to, he will probably get the hint that he has lost you. Even doing things independently, like eating out or watching a movie alone, are one of the hints that work in making him realize he is losing you.

Seeing your drift away from him, little by little, he will do some soul-searching to assess what could have brought on this behavior. In all likelihood, once he sees that his own behavior toward you is to blame for this change, he will make an effort to correct the course.

2. Avoid his calls and texts

how to make him realize what he lost
To make a guy realize he wants you, do not take his calls

The simplest way to make him realize your worth is to create just enough space and distance between you two for him to get a taste of what his life would feel like without you in it. Don’t be available to him instantly if he hasn’t been according you the same courtesy.

Break the habit of instantly replying to his text messages and picking up his phone calls. He needs you just as much as you need him. Cutting off communication will make him understand that his behavior is unacceptable. He will realize he is losing you and will try to gain your attention.

3. Stop making him feel special

How to make him realize what he lost? By making him see that the love, adulation and attention that you shower him with isn’t indubitable. This is a two-way street, and if he’s not willing to shoulder his share of the responsibility to keep the relationship afloat, you’re not obligated to either.

Of course, since you love him, it is obvious that doing things especially for him would come naturally to you. But then if his habits are ruining the relationship, it’s not your sole responsibility to keep compensation for it. Avoid making him feel special so he realizes you are moving away because he is displaying signs of disrespect. If he still loves you, this is one of the hints that will work and he will soon start apprehending that something is not right.

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4. Be indifferent toward him

Be uninterested in his day-to-day activities and ignore your boyfriend. Limit the number of things you do for him, like cooking for him, giving him massages, or even being the peacemaker when you fight. Do not ask whether he has eaten or how his day was. Just stop bothering yourself with his welfare, so that he realizes how his life will be without you and that he’s losing you.

“How to make him realize my value?” Raya found herself asking this question often when her boyfriend went from being a doting partner to the typical emotionally unavailable man. She decided to give him a taste of his own medicine by reciprocating his lack of concern toward her. Sure enough, frazzled by this indifference, he made an effort to understand what exactly was going wrong. An intense heart-to-heart conversation followed and they decided to work as a team to build a fulfilling relationship.

5. Use the word ‘No’ more often

How to make him realize he needs you? If you’re asking this question, it’s fair to assume that you’re grappling with the most common problem that festers in relationships – being taken for granted by one’s partner. However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. The simplest way to send across the message that it is not okay for him to treat you this way is to not be at his beck and call.

Learn how to say ‘no’ and stand up for yourself as and when required. Live your life by your choices, and not his. This will make your guy think and maybe he will realize that he lost you. From time to time, show him that you are not very tolerant of him doing things you do not like.

6. Make plans which do not include him

Sometimes the best way to make someone realize your importance in their life is to give them a chance to miss you. Prioritize personal space and do things that bring you joy. For one, it will take your mind off the unpleasant feeling of not being valued in the relationship, and second, it will make him realize your worth.

Go for a night out with your girlfriends, go clubbing with your colleagues or take a solo weekend trip. Make plans which do not include him or keep your plans hidden from him. All these will be subtle hints that he has lost you if he does not mend his ways.

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7. Give priority to ‘me time’

Did you do things to make him happy more often than you did things to make yourself happy? If yes, then it is time to prioritize yourself and improve yourself. A troubled relationship doesn’t help you in any way. He loves you and he needs you but what you need is self-love. It’s time to shake up the status quo in your relationship.

To make him realize he made a mistake by not valuing you, you must explore and unleash the potential you have in yourself by following your own heart. Distance yourself from your guy so that he realizes that you are becoming independent and can live your life without his guidance. This could tell him you are heading toward a breakup. But isn’t that what you want?

8. Do not shy away from flirting with other men

How to make him realize what he lost? By making him see how desirable you still are and shaking him out of his complacency by sending across a clear message that being with him is your choice, not compulsion. And that choice is determined by how well you’re treated in the relationship. This is probably the most straightforward hint to let your guy know that he has lost you or is beginning to.

If you go about flirting with other men, especially when your guy is around, or compliment other men, then he will get the message. This can be one of the more blatant hints that you can give. Try to avoid doing this unless you feel like you have no other choice. Once you do this, there’s no going back. It will be obvious to him that he is losing you or has lost you already.

9. Avoid nagging your guy

Do not complain about how he takes you for granted. Complaining will only work against you. You cannot make him realize he wants you back by nagging him, whining about his behavior or pleading with him to change his ways. If anything, these desperate measures to make him realize your worth will only push him further away.

Instead, remove your presence from his life. He will soon realize that something is wrong for sure and see the warning signs that a breakup is coming his way. Remember, your indifference will irk him more than your nagging. It will also be better for you as you will realize that things can only bother you if you let them.

10. Ignore his sexual advances

Sherry was distraught that her boyfriend had started treating her like a booty call and her relationship no longer felt like the real deal. “How to make him realize my value? What can I do to make him see how much he means to me?” she asked her best friend, Luna. “Darling, sometimes, to make someone realize your importance in their life, you’ve got to hold back on giving them what they want from you – in this case, sex.”

Yes, some may argue that withholding sex to make a guy regret losing you is manipulative. But, he isn’t exactly being the poster boy of a healthy relationship either. Besides, if you’re not interested solely in sex and that’s all he seems to want from you, then not giving in to his advances is not withholding, it’s standing up for what you want.

Whenever he tries getting intimate with you, be smart and avoid his advances. Do not give him what he wants and firmly stand your ground. Perhaps this move will make him realize your worth in his life, and he will make an effort to mend his ways.

11. The silent treatment can work wonders

How to make him realize he needs you? If you have been subtle hints but to no avail, then it’s time to bring out the big guns – cold shoulder, silent treatment, no contact, the whole nine yards. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you cannot make him realize he made a mistake by not treating you right. This is when you must give your words rest and let your actions do the talking.

Instead of saying or doing anything to make your guy realize that he has lost you, just give him the silent treatment. He will probably notice that you are not talking or responding to him. In this way, he will know that he is losing you. He loves you, or so he claims. But that is not always enough.

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12. Set essential boundaries in your relationship

Boundaries are important to let your guy know that no one can take advantage of you and you will not tolerate any nonsense. To make him realize he wants you back, you need to let him know that the rules of the game have changed. If he’s shutting you out, you’re not going to let him walk all over you either.

So you can create boundaries in your relationship and tell him to respect those. Do not let him touch your phone or go through your emails-this is our relationship advice. Change the passwords of all your social media profiles so that he cannot access them. When he notices you setting such boundaries, he will get the idea that he is losing you.

13. Give time to your family and friends

To make him realize he wants you back, you have to let him feel what it’d feel like if you decided to move on and never look back. So, instead of wasting all your energies, time and emotions trying to win his attention and affection, invest them in people who actually do care about you – your family and friends.

The more time you spend with family and friends, the greater will be his realization that you are not giving him importance. Just avoid him and focus on having quality time with your loved ones. Doing so is one of the strongest hints that he has lost you.

how to make him realize he needs you
Spend time with friends this is the best relationship advice

14. Pay attention to your appearance

How to make him realize what he lost? It’s time to awaken your inner goddess and let her radiate her charisma. Maybe, over the years, you stopped paying attention to your appearance because you were comfortable around your guy. But now when it is time to make him realize he has lost you, you have to start looking your best again.

So dress up, be confident and use your assets to your advantage. Get a makeover, take up a new fitness regime, eat well, and lead a healthy lifestyle to make your body blossom all over again. When he sees you in a new light, he will with a shadow of doubt realize what a sordid mistake he made by not valuing you when you were fawning over him.

15. Don’t give in easily

Whenever you employ any of these ways to drive the point home, you have to be firm and cannot give in. To make him realize your worth and stop taking you for granted, do not let your love for him cloud your judgment. Do what you have to in order to make him realize your value. In fact, a study shows that ignoring your partner may not be the worst thing in the world.

If our relationship advice does not produce any positive result, then the best way to proceed is to be honest with him about how you feel. Even give him a chance to explain himself and try to sort out the matter in a mature manner. In case you do break up with your guy, ensure that your self-respect and dignity remain intact. If your guy is a womanizer and a commitment-phobe, you’re probably better off without him. But chances are he loves you and he needs you and hence will be afraid of losing you.

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