How To Become The Kind Of Girl Guys Regret Losing? 11 Tips

the kind of girl guys regret losing
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The kind of girl guys regret losing is not one who sobs uncontrollably after drunk dialing him one night or ‘pretends’ to run into him at the grocery store. She doesn’t accidentally hit like on his Instagram post from 2017 while stalking him in the wee hours of the night or talks about him so much in their common social circles that it eventually reaches his ears.

Whether it’s a sad break up after a long, serious relationship or getting ghosted by a guy you had just begun seeing, let it shatter your heart into bits but not your self-esteem. Give yourself a two-day moping period where you watch all the romcoms in the world and order in ice cream like it’s nobody’s business. Everyone deserves that sometimes. But once that two-day period is over, it is essential that you bounce back and show him what he lost.

The 11 Tips To Make You The Kind Of Girl Guys Regret Losing

We aren’t giving you this crash course on turning into the kind of girl guys regret losing because we want to see him suffer. It’s not a competition and there is no winner or loser here. We don’t want you to become this woman for him, we want you to become this woman for you! 

To rebuild your confidence, get back that lost self-esteem and stop feeling empty after a breakup, here are 11 tips that can help you with the same. How to be the girl he regrets losing? Read on below:

1. Bounce back quickly 

After heavy breakups, a lot of women become recluses, go into hibernation, take social media detoxes and do all sorts of things to help themselves heal. As important as that period is, let’s squeeze the most out of that time so you can bounce back quickly. 

Don’t give him a reason to ever think that you’re sitting at home, feeling glum and fantasizing about spending time with him. Keep your old routine up, go to those yoga classes you had signed up for, post Instagram stories of books you’re reading just like you used to and continue to be yourself. 

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2. Continue showing up to social situations where he is present

He will regret losing you the moment he realizes that his departure from your life hasn’t changed you all that much. This will confuse and frustrate him and lead him to ask, “Did I do the wrong thing by leaving her?”

So if your common friends are getting married, it’s Jonah’s son’s third birthday or just a Fourth of July party at your college friend Ricky’s, don’t back down. You must go to each and every one of these events. And why should you skip on spending time with your friends just because he might be around?

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If he knows you’re avoiding him, he will think it’s because you’re not strong enough to face him. And that is definitely not going to make him regret losing you.

how to be the girl he regrets losing
How to be the girl he regrets losing? Show up to places with a happy face

3. Invest in a new look 

I mean, who hasn’t colored their hair after a breakup? If you don’t want to do anything as drastic, well then maybe a Zara sale haul can come to your rescue. If you were one of those office romances where you have to continue to see each other every day, this is a great way to become the kind of girl guys regret losing. 

Get a snazzy new powder-blue blazer, wear it to work and watch his jaw-drop as he sees you walking out of the elevator. 

4. How to be the girl he regrets losing? Don’t be rude to him 

So he walked over to your desk and complimented you on your new blazer and the way you’ve done your hair. “Something is different about you today”, he says as if he can’t put his finger on what it is at all. 

Instead of giving him a snarky comment back or saying something hurtful, be as kind to him as you can be. Say “Hey, thanks so much. I think you look very nice too. Are those new shoes?” as confidently as you can. Don’t make it seem like you said that because you were noticing him but only because you’re a charmer. 

5. But the good woman every man regrets to lose, doesn’t linger on 

Just because he walked over to your desk to pay you a compliment, doesn’t mean that you have to entertain him and buy him a snack from the vending machine in the break room. Let’s remember that he is still the guy who broke your heart. 

To make sure he will regret losing you, pull away as soon as you think he’s trying to get too close. Don’t shun him entirely but don’t let him stay either. Quickly walk out of the situation or tell him that you’re busy and need to work. You’re mature enough to be nice to him but not silly enough to make the same mistake again. 

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6. He will regret losing you when he sees you smile exuberantly

The good woman every man regrets to lose is the one who can brave the storm in any kind of situation. If he sees you with eye bags and wearing sweatpants walking into a coffee shop one day, he’s going to think that all you do is miss him. And sadly, that’s not going to favor your case at all.  

But the more you smile, the more he will be confused as to why you’re not upset over the breakup. In your pictures, at work or every time you run into him, flash the best smile you can. Even when he’s not around, smile away and he will think to himself, ‘Damn! She’s a keeper!’

7. How to be the girl he regrets losing? Refuse his advances 

To really make sure that he will regret treating you badly, don’t let him make up for the hurt by asking you out again. When his cheating guilt or the reason why you two broke up finally gets to him, he may try to slide into your DMs again and see if you’re still up for something. 

For the sake of your own self-respect, we urge you to give him a firm ‘no’. The more you give in to his advances, the more he will disrespect you and have no regard for how he left you before. Sometimes guys pull away before they commit when they get scared. But eventually, they realize your worth and come running back to you!

Want to really be the kind of girl guys regret losing? Don’t make it easy for him to crawl back into your life. 


8. Care for those around yourself

Do guys regret hurting a good girl? For sure they do! And especially when they see that girl doing the sweet and caring things that she used to do for him. The more tightly knit you stay with your friends and family, the more he will miss you and regret losing you. You see, being the kind of girl guys regret losing is not that hard. 

When he sees how much love you give to those around you and, it is only natural that he will reminisce and want it for himself. And once he sees how endearing you really are, he won’t be able to help but think if he made a huge mistake by letting you go and will start wondering if he has just been fighting his feelings for you. 

9. Tell him what you’ve been up to

If you do ever have to make small talk in a social situation, well then don’t steer the conversation toward your breakup and start snapping at him for the same. When he knows you’re still ruminating over it, he will only pull away. 

Instead, give him a glimpse into how busy you really are. Tell him about all the activities you’re up to. And also, be ‘that girl’ from Instagram. The one who wakes up early, works, studies, works out, eats healthy, buys organic groceries, gets proper sleep and still makes time to look fabulous each day. It takes 21 days to form a good habit. So go out there and be that ‘That girl’ with all your new happy and healthy habits!

10. The kind of girl guys regret losing is the one who excels at her career 

Yup. It’s that time to use your horrible breakup into motivation and put all those pent-up energies into your job. The more you do better at something, the more he will regret treating you badly because he will realize that you’re way ahead of the curve and he lost out on somebody truly wonderful. 

Do guys regret hurting a good girl? Not necessarily. Good girls are easy to walk all over. But do guys regret hurting a girl who is driven and unstoppable? Hell yes to that! The tables have now turned and everyone wants to be dating an independent woman these days. Not one who feels so bad after the breakup that she moves back to her parent’s house in Alabama. 

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11. He will regret treating you badly once he knows you have moved on

To seal the deal, if you really want to be the good woman every man regrets to lose, don’t rant on your social media about how all men are trash or ruthless or complete liars. Instead, believe in creating love and happiness for yourself once again. 

Go out there and date. If not dating apps, well then there are many other ways of meeting men. He will regret treating you badly once he sees someone else treat you well. So don’t be disheartened because of one bad apple. The day he knows and hears that you’ve finally moved on, is the day he will regret losing you the most. 

With that, we come to an end to this little journey that hopefully told you all you need to know about becoming the kind of girl guys regret losing. Remember, the more you hold onto him, the more he will want to resist it. So it’s just better to back off, focus on yourself and be the best you can ever be! You’ll see him gravitating back toward you in no time. 

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