Erotic things you might want to say to your partner

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Erotic things you might want to say to your partner

At some point in time, all of us want to talk dirty with our partners. Some of us don’t do it; most of us don’t know how to do it. But it is important to do some erotic dirty talk to make your love life fun and interesting, especially if you want to do away with boring sex. Add some juice to the sex. Erotic conversations can be a great foreplay starter. Apart from the eye contact or the footsie, you should be erotic even while speaking with your partner and trying to be naughty. This helps to lighten up the mood and the relationship gets an added edge. Make your boring sex life come to life with these erotic messages, anywhere everywhere!

1.  When you want to initiate a conversation or sex

I really want to make love to you.

2. When you want to get laid

I am in bed all naked. Want to see me? Do you prefer blowjobs or hand jobs?

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3. For that extra spice

You are the best thing I have tasted in a lifetime. I want to eat you whole.

Would you mind if I cooked naked in front of you?

4. In the heat of the moment

I love it when you moan. Can I cum inside you?

5. To your boyfriend of years (with whom you are bored of the sex already)

Do you want to see the edible panties or use the chocolate body-paint?

6. The sweet nothings

I love the way you hold me and kiss me.

I dreamed about you and it made me crave you.

7. In a long-distance scenario

Can I come over in your dreams and make love to you? I miss your body. Your body is a wonderland. (A song by John Mayer maybe?)

I can’t just wait for you to get home.

8. After a fight

Spanking is so much fun. Want to reduce all that tension? I love getting spanked.
Make me your slave for the night.

9. The drunk erotic

You smell like my Smirnoff and cigarettes. Can I take a shot?

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10. The pickup role play

Do you want to be my Johnny Bravo? Can I be your hot dog?
Do you want to be my Iron Man? Can I be Miss Potts?

11. The Harry Potter lover: To the girlfriend

Do you have a Gryffindor? Can I Slytherin? (The pun being on slither in)

12. The book lover

Can you read me a book in bed? Or even better maybe read me?

13. The eye contact specialist

I love it when you look at me from a distance.

14. The Game of Thrones lover

I drink and I know the sex.

You cut me deeper than swords.

Love is so terribly final, sex is full of possibilities.

Nothing burns like your kiss.

What do you say to me? Today (The original: What do you say to the lord of death? Not today)

The things I do for love: Sex

If you want a blowjob: A blowjob is a lesson. And each lesson makes us better.

15. The BDSM specialist

I want to tie you up to the bed and make love to you.
Melt those candles on my belly, like you melted my heart.

Dirty talk can take your relationship to a whole new level. Along with some warm touch, a sexy voice and playful intentions are always welcome. This will make your relationship a more intimate one, and make you sustain even the most boring of days. So talk dirty and relax!

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