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Updated On: March 12, 2024
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You may want to say erotic things to your partner but dirty talk is one of those tricky areas that everyone struggles with at some point or the other. Even though you may have an elaborate list of things you want to do your partner in bed or want them to do to you, there is an inhibition in articulating those naughty thoughts.

Typically, women struggle with it more than men. That said, this isn’t a gender-specific issue. If you too have found yourself tongue-tied when trying to use erotic conversations that will turn your partner on, this rundown on using the right words at the right time in the right tone will certainly help get things going.

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15 Hot, Erotic Things To Say To Your Partner

Sex is a lot more than stripping and getting down to business. The act is as much about stimulating the mind as it is about stimulating the body. If you don’t want to get caught in the rut of average, often underwhelming sexual experiences, we recommend you start topping up those moved with some naughty and dirty words. Erotic conversations can be a great foreplay starter.

Here is our suggestion of 14 fool-proof erotic conversations that will turn your partner on and set you up for some steamy, mindblowing action:

1.  When you want to initiate sex

I want to be on you

Take note ladies, this one is especially for you. Just letting him know that you’re in the mood is one of the most erotic things to say to your husband. Seriously, it’s really that simple.

‘I want to make love to you. NOW,’ say the words in a deep, husky voice and watch your partner’s toes curls with pleasure even without moving a finger. Want to build the anticipation? Use a text message – or better still a call – to convey the words while he’s at work.

2. When you want to get laid

One of the best ways to use erotic conversations that will turn your partner on is to paint a picture with your words. Want to get laid? Let your partner know that you’re in bed, naked, touching yourself while thinking of them.

When you want to get laid

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3. For that extra spice

Dear men, want to know what naughty things to say to your wife that will get her juices flowing instantly? Try this: I’m going to be cooking dinner today, naked.  And then, I want to eat you whole because you are the best thing I have tasted in a lifetime.

4. For making the moment last

Another one of the fail-proof naughty things to say to your wife – I love it when you moan. Can I cum inside you?

Rest assured, you’re in for a treat of louder moans and some serious groping.

Alice in wonderland-erotic conversations

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5. Kink things up with erotic conversations

Tired of the same old boring sex routine? Try to spice it up with some kinky indulgences and let your plans be known to your partner beforehand.

‘Which flavour of edible panties would you like? ‘How do you feel about licking chocolate body paint off my body?

More on spice it up

6. Whisper some sweet nothings

Thinking of naughty things to say to your wife? We recommend you give sweet nothings a chance too.

‘I love the way you kiss me.’

‘I love the feeling of being inside you.’

A right balance of loving and horny is sure to get your girl rearing to go.

l am locked out-erotic conversations

7. Share some fantasies

‘I want to take you in the back of my car.’

‘Have you ever wondered what’d it’d be like for us to do it in your office cabinet.’

‘I want to make love to you under the stars.’

‘Imagine, your body on top of mine on a beach.’

Sexual fantasies are the holy grail of erotic conversations that will turn your partner on.

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8. Talk your way to make-up sex

Had a nasty fight and can’t find a way to cut the tension? Well, use those erotic words to get your partner in the mood and follow it up with some great make-up sex. Fight? What fight?

spank on me-erotic conversations

9. Make those drunken moments count

Drunk sex is truly one of the best sex, as long as you’re not on the verge of throwing up or passing out. Your guard is down and you’re ready to push the envelope of experimenting in bed.

Use this moment to cash in on erotic conversations that will turn your partner on.

‘I want you to spank me tonight.’

‘Let’s try that position you’ve always wanted to.’

‘I’m going down on you and how!’

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10. Roleplay, baby!

Roleplay is truly the pinnacle of erotic conversations. It makes a fun sex game every couple should play. With time and practice, you’ll get there and when you do, you’ll discover a whole new meaning of sexual pleasure.

Do you want to be my Johnny Bravo? Can I be your hot dog?
Do you want to be my Iron Man? Can I be Miss Potts?

Do you want to the Jamie to my Cersei?

Naughty student and professor. Hooker and policeman. Strangers in a bar. The hot neighbour who has just moved in.

Knock yourself out!

hot and sassy-erotic conversations

11. The punny one (get it?)

If you’re one of those couples that get off intellectual conversations and cerebral stimulation, try incorporating puns when using erotic words to get your partner in the mood.  It’ll get their juices flowing, creative and otherwise.

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12. Make your hobbies part of erotic conversations

Does your partner love books? Or may they enjoy gaming? Use references from each other’s hobbies to make your sex chats and dirty talking more engaging (and rewarding).

‘Can you read me a book in bed tonight? Or even better maybe read me?’


‘I want to play with that joystick tonight.’

13. Throw body language in the mix

Another great way to strike erotic conversations that will turn your partner on is to pick the signs of that your bodies send out and put them into words:

‘I want you to look into my eyes when we make love.’

‘The way your hair caresses your breasts really turns me on.’

‘The way your ass moves when you dance is irresistible.’

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14. The TV show references

Is there any TV shows that you and your partner love? Is watching them together, curled up on a couch, your thing? Incorporate those reference in your erotic talks to ramp up the excitement between sheets.

things I do for love-erotic conversations

15. The BDSM specialist

Take things to the next level by throwing in a few BDSM references.

‘I want to tie you up to the bed and make love to you.’
‘Melt those candles on my belly, like you’ve melted my heart.’

Dirty talk can be a great way to reinvent your sex life and bring you and your partner closer. So, embrace the art of erotic conversations that will turn your partner on.

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