5 tips for great makeup sex after a nasty fight

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
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Is it true that sex is better after a fight?

Oh! The notorious reputation of makeup sex that can even make beavers blush. What is more passionate than anger? Well, sex after anger, I believe. Back in the day, sometimes it was worth getting into a heated argument just to have terrific makeup sex that followed. I would just step on his foot to get the spice high in the bed. Okay, let us scoot away from the tales of my debauchery because we don’t have all day. Let’s get down to business and suggest five little tips to make your “Sorry darling, I did not mean that” sex more meaningful.

1. Say sorry

Yes, why don’t we start with the basics? Let’s make the more popular avoidance sex into makeup sex. Try and feel the rush of admittance transform into submission. It is just a matter of letting your ego walls down and falling into each other’s arms. That definitely vouches for a good time in the sack.

2. Let off steam

My hot-headed tigress, why don’t you try diverting that anger towards the bed? I do not mean abusive sex. Nope, nada, negative! I meant hot passionate sex as you battle with words, as it is only natural to get aroused by his arguments and infallible logic. The sapiosexual in me is in absolute empathy with you when you feel like landing a hot kiss to shut down his winning argument and tumble into bed/floor/whatever catches your fancy.

Passionate love make
Passionate love make

3. Losing it

When you clearly see you are losing the argument or in a moment of absolute incredulity, break into laughter. Nothing works better than a bipolar flip to end the confusion in a good amount of old fashioned exercise. If anything, your partner could commit a crime to see you laugh and finds it sexy when you are a sport about an argument. Take that route and you will be more than laughing in mere seconds. Mark my words.

Laugh in argue

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4. Quick break

Some arguments can last for a while. As you both pause for a breather and line up your defence, use that space to utilise the tension that has been created. Have a light-hearted round of playful sex, maybe a good make-out session before one of you remembers a crucial point and returns to the argument. But remember to go back to the argument and close it, because no matter how good the sex is, it never settles the dispute that started it.

Playful break
Playful break

5. Game up

If indeed you both have a nose for healthy arguments and squabbles more than often, then make a ritual out of your makeup sex. The losing team gives in to the requests and fancies, of course, nothing untoward. It can only be in good humour and will make your arguments a little more fun when the prize is rather delectable. So good people of Planet Earth, remember to douse your anger with a little bit of passion, no matter how contradictory that sounds – it is worth it!

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Sexy love couple hugging have fun in bedroom
Sexy love couple hugging have fun in bedroom

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Readers Comments On “5 tips for great makeup sex after a nasty fight”

  1. Great tips!

    Arguments may be bad for a relationship, but not if you end it with passionate sex. You surely should take advantage of the surges of hormones and adrenaline pumping through your body, and put it to good use!

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