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5 tips for great makeup sex after a nasty fight

While a scream fest or argument is never fun, the sex that comes after a fight can be great, and we have some tips to make it even more fun
Make up sex

Is it true that sex is better after a fight?

Oh! The notorious reputation of makeup sex that can even make beavers blush. What is more passionate than anger? Well, sex after anger, I believe. Back in the day, sometimes it was worth getting into a heated argument just to have terrific makeup sex that followed. I would just step on his foot to get the spice high in the bed. Okay, let us scoot away from the tales of my debauchery, because we don’t have all day. Let’s get down to business and suggest five little tips to make your “Sorry darling, I did not mean that” sex more meaningful.

1. Say sorry

Yes, why don’t we start with the basics? Let’s make the more popular avoidance sex into makeup sex. Try and feel the rush of admittance transform into submission. It is just a matter of letting your ego walls down and falling into each other’s arms. That definitely vouches for a good time in the sack.

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  1. Great tips!

    Arguments may be bad for a relationship, but not if you end it with passionate sex. You surely should take advantage of the surges of hormones and adrenaline pumping through your body, and put it to good use!

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