How To Tell If Your Guy Is Falling In Love With You

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What are the guy in love signs? You have been seeing each other a little while. But you are not hundred percent sure how the guy feels about you and suddenly you sense a change in your guy. You feel he is as smitten with you as you are with him. These are the absolute guy in love signs. Well! How does a man act when he’s falling in love? He does a whole lot of things to get your attention and tell you that you are special to him. 

10 Guy In Love Signs You Cannot Miss

Life might have changed, we might have progressed, technology might have taken over our life but there are some age old ways that men follow when they are head-over-heels in love. How will you know a man loves you? Umm…don’t be surprised if you spot him taking a stroll below your balcony. Yes, this is the age old thing we are talking about. Before you label him as a stalker ask your grandmom she will tell you your grandpa did the same, ask your mom she will tell you the college guy madly in love with her, had done it, and now this guy who just wants to catch a glimpse of your flowing hair when you come to the balcony, is doing it. If you are looking for true signs that he loves you here are 10 guy in love signs that you should not miss. 

1. He goes that extra mile

Does he go out of his way for you? Sure, he could always take a shortcut, but does he go that extra mile just because it is something that will make you happy? If so, then this is a sure sign that your guy is falling for you.

You could have told him that it was your dream to dine on a river cruise and surprises you with one.

If you are unwell he stays up whole night checking on you and if your Wi-Fi is down he rushes to your place with his Hotspot so that you can work uninterrupted. He goes the extra mile to show he cares for you.  

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2. He passionately makes love to you

Girls, you might have noticed that there is a difference between having sex and making love. When someone makes love to you, you actually feel connected to their soul. Intimacy is about emotional bonding and if he makes an effort to conquer your soul then it’s a true sign that he loves you with all his heart.  

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3. He often says “We”

He believes you are a vital part of his life and doesn’t see him anymore, he sees both of you together. There is always “We” in his phrases and sentences and trust me when he says “We” you will automatically feel that bond.

The  guy in love signs show when he tells you, “Where do WE have our next holiday?” Your heart melts hearing that. He tells you, “WE should go shopping to this new place.” That’s like music to your ears. This “We” on his lips sounds so loving, so overwhelming. 

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4. He makes future plans with you

His future has you in it and he isn’t shy about letting you know that. He always sets his plans keeping you in mind. A guy who is smitten will never have a problem talking about his future plans with you. Don’t let your love go!

And he always includes you in his plans. If he wants to move cities in future he would ask you what you think about it or how you feel about it. He would want you to hang out with his friends and he makes you feel absolutely special in front of them.  


5. He willingly spends his free or leisure time with you

Not only he spends his time with you but you will notice it will be his idea. He also tries and monopolizes his weekends for you. Instead of making plans with his buddies, he loves spending time with you. Instead of doing his favourite hobbies, he prefers shopping with you. Watch out girl, he is falling for you and these are absolute guy in love signs. 

6. He always tries to make you happy

How does a man act when he is falling in love? Whether you are giving a speech in front of the office people or attempting your first game of beer pong, he is your biggest fan. He likes to see you win. He really cares about your happiness and surrounds you with extra care and cheerfulness.

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7. He values your opinion

While making any decision, he always thinks about you and makes a point that you are involved.

He always asks your views even if he needs to wear a shirt for his office party or something big about his new career opportunity because your opinion is incredibly important to him.

He has utmost trust and respect for you. This means he has fallen for you. 

8. He dresses up for you

From the time he started interacting with you his dressing sense has suddenly evolved. He has dumped his grey and white wardrobe and has become more experimental with colours and cuts. He takes you with him when he shops and buys what you like. This means he has fallen madly in love with you and it gives him immense pleasure to wear what you choose for him. He dresses up for you.

9. He wants you to fly

He is interested in your career and future plans. He listens intently when you talk animatedly about work. You feel he is involved when you make your plans and he is even attending Salsa classes with you because he wants to be a part of your passion. This is a guy in love sign that says that he is smitten by you.

10. He wants to introduce you to his friends and family 

This is an inevitable guy in love sign. He wants his family to know about you and he wants his friends to know how much he is in love. He invites you to family events and is very proud of your presence in his life. He just loves it when you are with him and revels in every moment of togetherness. If you are still thinking how to tell if a guy has fallen in love with you, then this is the sure shot sign. He is not afraid or unsure about his relationship with you. He feels happy with you and wants everyone to know about it. 

So, girls, if a guy is showing these signs it’s time to take the plunge. Never let him go. 

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