Sex and Passion

Why intimacy is as important as the act itself

While sex can be exciting and fulfilling, it's not the only thing that can bring couples closer. Try sexual intimacy without going the whole way
Sexual intimacy

He thinks good sex is enough to keep her happy. She thinks he should stop depending on sex all the time to make her feel sexually intimate. He is totally confused and classifies this as yet another side of her enigmatic personality. She cannot make him understand that he can avoid being lustful and horny to show his loving and passionate side. The same body he uses to assert his manhood can also be used to spread the wings of warmth around her.

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Is he tuned in?

When he lets his skin get deeper into all her pores instead of limiting his pleasure-giving capacity to a bout of lovemaking lasting for some minutes, he is able to experience what she is trying to explain through sexual intimacy. Is your man already enlightened to distinguish along similar lines?

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  1. True, Agree with @Sneha Gupta.

    What leaves the couple satisfied both emotionally and physically and that creates a bond between the two? It is the level of intimacy while having sex. Intimacy creates that closeness and togetherness between the couples.

  2. Sexual intimacy leaves the couples satisfied both emotionally and physically. With intimacy, there is a stronger bond between the couples. You and your partner will get along better. Not because you have a ton of sex but because the type of sex you are having helps to make you and your partner truly connected!

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