I’m unhappy in my arranged marriage and live a fake life on social media

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Q: I had a bad breakup a year ago and my parents decided to get me married. As my own choice had failed, every inch of my marriage when I questioned the qualities of my then to-be husband, my parents told me that I knew nothing about this either. The initial days of my married life were spent on noting down the adjustments I had to make – from my clothes to how I addressed him. Each day I felt that I was living a nasty life, because I had no say in it. I tried talking to my parents but they told me ‘adjustment’ is the only way a marriage works. The only solution I found was on social media; there I created a happy image of my husband and me. I live a fake identity; the acknowledgement it gets online calms my stress. While I continue to struggle with reality, this fictional life is keeping me sane. Do you think I need to see a psychiatrist? Can I have an e-counselling session, please, because I cannot be physically present? I feel the need to share this truth with someone. 

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A: Seeking help is always a good idea when we feel overwhelmed and a clearer path of thoughts and action is not evident to us. And yes, many online counselling options are available. As somebody who regularly counsels people online,

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I’m happily married but I like to pretend I’m single

He was gay but happily married to his wife!

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