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A committed relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like to explore different beverages before they settle on one. You don’t need to invest time and energy in a person if you are not prepared. A no-strings-attached relationship works just fine. Just like the Ashton Kutcher movie called No Strings Attached, sex can be enjoyable with a friendly partnership and without the hassles of love. It may work for you, it may not. But you can only know that if you try it out.

In today’s world of dating, casual and open relationships are not an anomaly. It allows you to explore your sexuality, see what you like and what you don’t like before you are ready to settle down. Being in a relationship with no strings attached has its pros and cons. But you have to navigate this very carefully.

What Is A No-Strings-Attached Relationship? 

What do no strings attached mean? A no-strings-attached relationship is one in which two people have a solely physical interaction with each other and have no emotional attachment to one another. In other words, a no-strings-attached relationship suggests that you’re sexually acquainted with each other, but that’s it. You’re not committed to each other in any manner. To sum it, it is sex with no strings.

No-strings-attached dating is all about 3 am booty calls followed by absolutely no obligation to get breakfast together the next morning. Jenna, 19, broke up with her high school boyfriend of 5 years. Fresh out of a relationship, she did not want to get back into the dating pool but also wanted to have a physical relationship. She explored the no-strings-attached relationship with a guy she met at a party.

When asked what her experience was like, she said, “ People have a wrong notion about no-strings-attached relations. It is wonderful and exciting. No-strings-attached sex allows you to be intimate with someone but without the need for emotional bonding. The purpose is defined and clear, and there are no hidden expectations.” 

How To Go About No Strings Attached

Here’s the thing with no-strings-attached dating, you need to have a clear set of rules. Human emotions are very complex. You never know when you get attached. In order to protect yourself and your emotions while in no-strings-attached relationships, you must define your terms and be clear about what you want and where you draw the line. Here are a few things to be mindful of before you indulge in no-strings-attached sex: 

1. Clarity is key in a no-strings-attached relationship

Before jumping into an NSA relationship, the first step is to get clarity about what you want. When you meet someone who catches your eye, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. Do you just want to be in bed with him, or are you looking for more than that?

Love is confusing that way and it may take a while to truly understand the complexity of emotions. You may be falling in love too fast or are just horny and in need of some fun. Either way, having clarity is key especially when indulging in sex with no strings.

sex with no strings
No strings attached is all about keeping it light-hearted and fun

2. Break the ice with a pinch of honesty

The second step would be to express what you want to your partner. As the two of you break the ice by discussing movies, music, exes, etc., you should never forget to mention what your priorities are at the moment, and what you will be looking for in a potential union. One of the biggest relationship tips is to inform the person and be honest from the get-go! 

Don’t confuse him or lead him on by giving him ideas of a completely different kind of relationship. If you want a no-strings-attached relationship, that is more than fine. Just let him know. If he’s looking for the same, lucky you. But if not, then that’s alright too. At least you aren’t caught off guard. Congratulations, you may have dodged potential heartbreak.

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3. Be careful while engaging in sex with no strings

In an NSA relationship, the no-strings-attached sex can come at a cost. If your partner is involved with multiple people, ensure that he is healthy and not a carrier of STIs. A thumb rule is to always use contraception or protection and never let your passion get the best of you.

When indulging in sex with no strings, being careful is imperative. An NSA relationship in no way means that the person has the liberty to have sex with you whenever they want. It has to be consensual and you have all the right to refuse or end the relationship when you want. 

4. Choose the right person 

In a no-strings-attached relationship,  you don’t want to get connected with an emotional psychopath. When indulging in no strings attached dating, it’s all about being at ease with casual sex in NSA. Find someone who is sexually open-minded, which might be a man or a woman. Men can also be emotionally clingy, possessive, or insecure, particularly if they believe monogamy is preferable. So look for someone progressive and like-minded. 

5. Don’t hangout 

When in an NSA relationship, don’t hang out with each other. Dinners and movies should not be shared. The equation shifts the instant you start hanging out. You begin to become friends, and then you develop an emotional attachment. You’ll want to be together all the time if you start enjoying each other’s company. What good is a no-strings-attached relationship if you have to hang out with each other like partners?

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Are There Really No Strings Attached?

No strings attached sex or casual sex is great, but you have to be sure that it is totally casual. What does NSA sexually mean? It means that you and your NSA partner are in it for the sex. You both are not committed to each other and thus can have multiple partners. Neither of you owes each other anything (except complete honesty about boundaries) 

However, there is a scenario you should brace yourself for: the one where everything starts as a no-strings-attached dating, but after a while, you realize that you like him.

While this is entirely possible, you have to also be careful about it because it makes things a little bit complicated. It may change your friendship, change how you look at each other and even change the way you have sex. Be sure of what your feelings are morphing into before making some major grand gestures. No strings attached dating can become complicated if one of you develops emotions or attachment. It is a risk you will have to take before you begin a no-strings-attached relationship.

You might or might not be an NSA relationship person. Having clarity about “what does NSA sexually mean?” can save you from getting into something you are not prepared for.

no strings attached dating

Pros And Cons Of A No-Strings-Attached Relationship

Now that you know what a no-strings-attached relationship means, it is also important to know what are its pros and cons. Any kind of human relationship can become complicated and it’s not always roses and sunshine. To avoid getting hurt, have a look at this list of pros and cons of a no-strings-attached relationship: 


  • Widen your horizons: An NSA relationship can help you open up as a person and discover your personality
  • Explore sexuality: Sex with no strings can allow you to discover your sexual preferences and fulfill all your desires
  • New experiences: No-strings-attached dating can expand your horizon and expose you to new perspectives because it allows you to meet different people


  • No expectations: In a no-strings-attached relationship, you can’t expect the person to be there for you when you are in a crisis
  • No Loyalty: In no strings attached dating, there is no loyalty and your partner can be seeing other people 
  • Risk of one-sided feelings: When indulging in sex with no strings, you might get emotionally attached to your partner, and he or she might not  
  • Emotional toll: It can take an emotional toll on you if you are not clear about your feelings 

No-strings-attached relationships can be a lot of fun when you are careful and have defined your terms. Knowing what a no-strings-attached relationship means and having absolute clarity about what NSA sexually means are the essentials. It is okay if you are not an open relationship kind of person. Feel no pressure and do what feels right for you. 


1. How to be in an open relationship?

Being in an open relationship is not tough at all. All you have to do is talk it out with your partner and get them on board that you two are allowed to see other people while you also see each other. You can do this when the relationship is not that serious and you are looking for a chance to explore opportunities with new people.

2. What is a no-strings-attached relationship?

A no-strings-attached relationship is one where love is not the basis for commitment. It means that you are free to be with whoever you want and can be in multiple casual relationships. No strings are going to bog you down to one person.

3. Do open relationships work?

They certainly can. It depends on how you define the terms of it and where it takes you. Some people are often very happy about being in open relationships because it lets them unleash their true self and they feel like better people because of it.

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