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20 signs he wants more than your friendship and not a casual relationship

Do you think friends make good lovers? Signs he wants to cross to the other side.
Sometimes a casual relationship can turn serious

Have you fallen for some guy who has been an amazing friend and companion to you? Do you think he is Mr Right for you? Are you wondering if he likes you more than a friend? If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you get acquainted with the signs a guy exhibits when he is romantically interested in a friend. Look for these signs in your guy, and if he shows most of them he definitely wants more than your friendship. He isn’t there for a casual relationship.

20 signs he wants more than a casual relationship

Perhaps you have known the guy for many years and you actually feel deeply for him. You keep thinking about him day and night and when he is around everything seems perfect in your life. But keep in mind that these are just your feelings. In order to begin a relationship with the guy, you have to be sure of his feelings as well. Therefore, here are the 20 signs a friend likes you romantically. Go through these to exactly pinpoint his feelings towards you then you will know it is not a casual relationship anymore.

There is no formality in a casual relationship
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1. He tries to know you inside and out

A normal friend will just know a few minor details about you and your life. But a friend who genuinely likes you will make all efforts to know you inside and out.

He will take keen interest in both your professional and private life. You will feel weird yet special when he actually approaches you and wants to know more about your past, present and future.

If he truly wishes to develop a relationship with you, then he will try to understand you as a person and accept you the way you are. He wouldn’t want a casual relationship.

2. Hanging out with you is his best pastime

The guy will probably do all in his power to ensure that you both get to spend some quality time together. He will always be the one who will make plans to go out with you (and only you), even if you both have other mutual friends. By spending time with you, he will try to get to know you better and will try to reveal his best side to you as well. It is just his way of showing that you are an important part in his life.

So even if he is busy, he will take out time for you, because you might be helping him to release his stress and become relaxed.

3. He exhibits the signs of jealousy that doesn’t happen in a casual relationship

Whenever you seem interested in any other guy or are planning to go on a date with someone, your friend will obviously be against the whole idea and show streaks of jealousy. In addition, he will surely feel uncomfortable when other men try to flirt with you. He wants you to be his girl; that is why he will not be happy with the prospect of you being with someone else. He is not in a casual relationship with you.

4. Your family and other friends adore him

The rapport he shares with your family and other friends is excellent. More than you, your family adores him, because he has made an effort to win their hearts.

He makes it a point to spend time with the people who are closest to you so that he can give you the indication that they matter to him as well. He wants to show your friendship is really intimate.

5. Plus, he loves it when you hang out with his family and friends

You will notice that he will make excuses to invite you to his family gatherings and outings with friends. He does this so that you can get acquainted with the people who matter to him. On the other hand, whenever you take the initiative to hang out with his family or his bunch of friends, he becomes very excited and elated about it. It’s a sign he is not thinking of a casual relationship.

A casual relationship is very comfortable
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6. You have meaningful conversations with him

Conversations with him have deep meaning and you both are able to share your thoughts with each other frankly. The guy respects your opinions and is always ready to give you advice on important matters. He opens up to you in such a manner that you both are able to understand each other well and it is not a casual relationship anymore. It becomes an absolute intimate friendship. When he really tries to initiate conversations with you and have serious discussions about your life and his life, then it means he wants to be more than friends with you.

7. He shows physical signs of romantic interest

When your friend does not feel embarrassed to stare at you for long periods of time; makes direct eye contact with you; faces or leans towards you while talking to you and is not afraid of touching you or you touching him, then you should get the signal it is not a casual relationship. He likes you and wants more than your friendship and that is why he is showing these physical signs of romantic interest.

8. Makes an effort to transform himself

If you have been complaining about any of his bad habits or qualities for a very long time, then you will see that he will make it a point to transform himself.

Remember, guys find it very difficult to change their habits, especially if someone is insisting they should change those habits. But if your friend is showing a willingness to do so at your request, then he definitely likes you.

9. He celebrates your special days with much enthusiasm

Instead of just calling you and wishing you on your birthday like normal friends do, he will go a extra mile and make elaborate arrangements to make your day special. He will show such enthusiasm not only on your birthday, but on any memorable day of your life, because your special days matter to him as well. His surprises and his efforts always bring you immense joy and happiness.

We can freely express our feeling in a casual relationship
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10. He never shows interest in other girls

Even if a beautiful and sexy girl passes by and he is with you, he will not notice her at all. It is because the woman who has stolen his heart is you and he is not romantically interested in any other girl whatsoever. No matter how hard another girl tries to flirt with him, he will not be perturbed by it but show absolute loyalty to you.

11. Your social media profiles are often visited by him

By visiting your social media profiles often he will try to stay updated about what is happening in your life. He will keep liking your posts, will post compliments on your pictures and keep a check on your statuses/stories. Sometime in person, he will mention something that you had posted on your social media profile to let you know that he follows you diligently. This should be enough to convince you that you matter to him.

12. It becomes his priority to keep you safe

To a certain extent, most male friends make an effort to keep their female friends safe. But if your friend goes out of his way to keep you safe and well-protected, then he probably wants more than your friendship. It is not like he will become possessive about you and not give you your personal space. However, he will always be there for you without any complaints when you get stuck in any troubled situation. This shows he isn’t casual about the friendship.

13. He shows interest in the activities that you like

You both are friends in the first place because you both have something common for sure. But if your friend is trying hard to show interest in the activities that you prefer to do and like, then pay heed to this sign of romantic interest. It becomes his way of letting you know that your wavelengths match and you both are meant for one another.

The casual relationship gave us pleasure
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14. Complimenting you comes naturally to him

Unlike most of your other friends, complimenting you comes naturally to him, because he genuinely notices every change in you and gives you his honest opinion. He knows exactly how to make you happy with his compliments. A small change in your apparel and appearance and your friend will be the first one to compliment you on it.

15. When you do something for him, he becomes extremely happy

Any effort that you put in to develop your friendship with him and perhaps take it to the next level is enough to make him feel extremely happy and blessed. He will always appreciate you for your efforts. Even if it is something small like calling him back when you are free or taking out time to visit him, he will be grateful to you, because these gestures mean a lot to him.

16. He loves surprising you with gifts

Friends exchange gifts with each other only when there is some special occasion. But if your friend loves surprising you with gifts too often, then he is just trying to let you know about his feelings. He knows that this gesture of gifting you things that you like or prefer will matter to you and will make you feel pampered.

17. You can count on him without any doubt

Whenever you are caught up in any difficult situation, the first person who will lend you a helping hand is that guy.

You want to vent your anger; then you can conveniently call him, as he is there to listen to your complains. If you ever need company for anything, then he will always be ready to accompany you.

When a man is able to uphold your trust and confidence, it means he is the right guy for you.

18. He talks to you with a changed voice

The tone he uses while talking to you and while talking to his other friends is quite different. When he talks to you, he becomes more conscious of his voice tone and makes it sensual, romantic and softer so that you can get the idea that you are unique and have an essential role to play in his life.

The casual relationship gave us internal satisfaction
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19. People around you notice his interest in you

Perhaps you are so involved in maintaining the friendship that you are unable to know that he is romantically interested in you. But if people around the two of you, especially your family and close friends/colleagues, give you the indication that your friend likes you, then please think about it. Someone outside the friendship you share with him will be better equipped to notice his feelings towards you.

20. You get a strong feeling that he likes you

As a woman, your intuitive power is very strong. Thus, you will know very conveniently when your friend is interested in more than friendship with you. When your gut feeling tells you that he likes you, you must crosscheck it by paying attention to the other signs so that you can confirm your intuition.

Once you are able to observe carefully and find these signs being exhibited by your friend, then you have to decide what to do. Before you decide to start a romantic relationship with him, make sure you like him to that level as well and are ready to make a serious commitment to the relationship. Do not get into the relationship if you are unsure about your feelings, as it will end up ruining your friendship with him as well. So think about this entire situation carefully before you take the plunge from a casual to a romantic relationship.


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