Attention-Seeking Behaviours Of Women That Make Other Women Roll Their Eyes

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Updated On: July 26, 2023
Attention seeking behavior is to act in a way that is likely to elicit attention, usually to elicit validation from others

Look at me! Look at me! Seems to be the cry of the day. Especially in women, the need for approval is rampant. We have attention-seeking women in all spheres of life now! Well, after spending a couple of thousands, and many hours on their faces, hair and bodies it seems justified to crave attention.

A loud voice, physical display of affection, use of swear words and a flashing cleavage is sure attention-seeking behaviour. This invariably causes others to roll their eyes or snicker and sometimes causes peals of giggles in women who don’t resort to such cheap tricks.

Types Of Attention-Seeking Women

Let us look at the varied methods of how some women choose to grab the eyeballs of all and sundry. In my 33 years of work-life, I have encountered several such “samples” of attention-seeking behaviour. I have met and acquainted myself with many attention-seeking women till now, and the list just gets longer with every passing day.

There is a disclaimer here; this is certainly not the case with introverts or of dignified well-behaved women. This is the trademark of those women who want the maximum exposure and attention usually of the men in the group. Attention-seeking women do certain things that puts them apart from the rest and that is what I am going to focus on right now. A woman can swear a lot to get all the attention not realising how crass it makes her look. But that’s how it is there are certain behaviours that women who are seeking attention always indulge in.

1. Loud raucous laughter

We had many women who would burst into loud chatter accompanied by peals of laughter; sure enough she would be in the company of the Management or the CEO. We would exchange glances and head out to get some coffee and gossip. Strangely these women were successful in climbing the corporate ladder.

So there you go loud laughter does help in grabbing the attention of the right people in the right places and getting you what you want ultimately. So next time you hear that loud laugh next to you don’t smirk that you are sitting next to an attention-seeking lady. You are actually sitting next to a social climber.

Women Laughing

2. Excessive display of affection

There was a young married woman in the call-center I worked at some decades ago. She insisted on sitting on her team leader’s lap in between calls, and smooching him or ruffling his hair. I guess no one would have paid any heed, had the guy been responsive too. He was clearly uncomfortable and all the girls had their hearts go out to him. Then there are also women who indulge in kissing and hugging way beyond appropriate affection.

The greeting hug or the “Hello” hug is rampant these days but women do use it to do some PDA with the people they want attention from. Whether this is right or wrong I don’t really know but using physical touch is a way of getting attention I have seen.

3. Display of cleavage

When buxom women make sure that their well-developed cleavages are flashed around just to watch the guys drooling all over them. We had a Mrs. Khatri, wife of a retired colonel in our MBA class. We had several classmates who had joined after several years of work experience. Mrs. K. would display all of her assets, by carrying her sari pallu on her elbow, while ascending the spiral staircase, knowing fully well that all the guys were all eyes. Of course, the younger smaller-busted women would roll their eyes and make snide remarks.

Women do use the cleavage to attract attention. This has been there for ages. Be it through the dropping pallu or a low-cut top cleave show does get the attention that they are craving for. While men love this I have seen women hate other women’s cleavage show and always make their disgust apparent.

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4. The red lipstick pout

It’s not enough to just pout. It has to be a red lipstick pout, and the larger the lower lip the better. If it is a combination of large eyes and the pout, it is a sure arousal for most men – Angelina Jolie style. In the hospitality industry it is mandatory for women to wear make-up and lipstick. So we were in the company of many a pouts, but the ones that got our eyes rolling with mirth were the ones made in an attempt to attract a mate. The guys just loved them, encouraging or trolling them on. Pouting in red-lipstick is no doubt another female attention-seeking behaviour that men love and other women hate.

Red Lipstick Pout

5. The Miss Sulky

Of course she has her reasons to sulk, her boyfriend has paid a little too much attention to her best friend and she is miffed. Instead of taking it in her stride, she will mope and shed tears or pick up a fight with the said boyfriend and make it known to all and sundry. Then there is the woman scorned, who will make a big show of being the victim, when the whole world knows that is not the case. Resulting in many eye-rolls amongst the rest of the gang. But this could be great entertainment. As a woman I could absolutely swear to that.

6. Asking to pick up her tab

These are truly notorious women who cooingly ask the man next to her to pick up her share of the bill. As students we had an unwritten law that everyone goes Dutch and pays their share. Invariably there would be one woman who would make eyes at the most vulnerable guy and ask him to pay for her, hinting at rewards in the kind. And the rest of us would sigh and roll our eyes, quite futile. Some women really know how to get attention and also do things their way.

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7. The intellectual lover

I find these in prestigious institutions like the IIMs where there would be professors who could make genuinely intellectual conversations whether it was economics or philosophy. Invariably there would be female victims who would swoon over the said professor even if they couldn’t contribute to the conversation. Also in these cases the beauties did not care for the looks of the intellectuals they were victims of. The winner was usually a scraggly bearded professor.

8. The foul-mouthed bitch

These were preciously hilarious; girls who would sit on the fence walls of colleges and swear all the most notorious of bad words that were normally reserved for men. The men loved them and counted them in as one of their kind. They were gutsy and provocative and the genteel among us would cower away, while rolling our eyes at this behaviour.

But these attention-seeking women stayed put on the wall with the men, their language getting filthier by the day. Well! Worse the language the more attention they got I guess.

9. The obsessive selfie taker

The obsessive girl who at the drop of hat would fish out her mobile for a selfie that instantly was transported to Instagram. We would count the seconds in between each selfie and end up rolling our eyes or rolling in laughter. We would just wait and count the seconds before she fished out her mobile. Well!! You get to toss your hair to one side, pout, work on your expression and in the process you get all the attention you want from people around you. Attention-seeking women do know how to rinse out all the attention from a selfie.

Selfie Taker

10. The man-hopper

There are guys and girls who go pub hopping and have a whale of a time, but the man hopper takes the cake. She is a super horny woman, who needs the novelty of a new guy every now and then. The lesser women roll their eyes, more a case of sour grapes!

You may have come across more types of attention seeking women, share with us in the comments and let’s keep this thread in attention!

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  1. Attention-seeking girls: it’s important to get this behaviour on lock because it’s leaving you feeling like you aren’t good enough as you are. Seriously. The more you seek attention, the more you put your truth to the side.

    So,why such attention?

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