How to say “I love you” in 10 different languages

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10 ways to say “I love you”

At this moment, there are about 6909 living languages in the world, and each one, we’re certain, has its own way to help us pledge love for our dear ones. Thanks to our diverse culture, most of us know how to say those magical words in more than one language. But take a moment and think of a language spoken in some obscure village in some obscure part of the world – they, too, must have a way to say, “I love you”. And once you learn it, you’ll be spreading love yourself with no more than a few motions of the lips and tongue; and voila – your positivity will have made the world a slightly better place!

Some versions are easy; some are tricky; and some are much deeper than “I love you”; but all of them refer to the same pure sentiment that we earthlings encounter! For the sake of an emotion that seems to have spread like wildfire, it only makes sense to learn how people around the country – and people all over the globe – confess to loving another! If a few years down the line, you fall in love with someone speaking any of these 10 languages, you wouldn’t want the cat to get your tongue in your most intimate moment!


A language very close to the country, Hindi is spoken by a vast number of people and is the rudder that Bollywood relies on. Main tumse pyaar karta/karti hoon may seem too hackneyed a dialogue, but don’t be fooled! It’s so powerful a phrase that countless Shah Rukh Khan fans are floored every time the legend utters it in his movies.


Admit it. You’ve always wanted to learn the language. And when it’s a language this beautiful, who wouldn’t? But if, for some reason, you haven’t managed to start off yet, here’s a snippet to charm your beloved – Je t’aime. Paris is the heart of all love, and this wonderful phrase is as French as it gets.


Another of the Romance languages, Spanish brings to mind the hot summers of the country and lends a distinct sexual appeal to anyone who speaks it correctly. Thanks to Dum Maaro Dum (2011), a lot of Bollywood fans are familiar with Te Amo– the Spanish way of doing things that speaks of raw passion and innocent love.


Closer home, Bengali is a language spoken by, but not restricted to, a substantial chunk of India. That’s right. The land of roshogollas knows how to keep it sweet when it comes to love. “I love you” translates to Ami tomakey bhalobashi in Bengali. Bengalis are all over the world, and if you ever find yourself with one, these three words will work wonders!

karan and bipasha


Repeat a pretty word too many times and it loses its charm! “Love” is a rather strong word when it comes to Japanese culture and they don’t exactly throw it around all the time. But don’t feel bad! This only means that they’re dead serious when they say Aishiteru. Now you have reason to get excited every time you hear the word on your favourite anime show!


In spite of being a conservative lot, they’re very conscious of the culture’s room for love! In addition to Ana Bahebak, their version of “I love you”, the language features beautiful phrases to address one’s beloved. While Enta Habibi means “You are my love” and Ya Amar means “My moon”, our favourite is Ya Rouhi which translates to “You are my soul”.


Ani ohev otakh (if you’re a man)and Ani ohevet otkha (if you’re a woman) are the magic words that you’re looking for! It might have looked like a difficult language, but now you’re equipped to pledge your love to your beloved in their tongue. You’re welcome!


Scrap your stereotypes! Beer, blonde hair, and tall and angry people are not all there is to this beautiful country. Trust us when we say that the Germans have a very soft corner for love! Ich liebe Dich is how you secure your hold over a German’s heart.


Oh, what would our favourite Bollywood quotes be without the Urdu words? Intensely lyrical and poetic, Urdu – a brother of Hindi — would make you fall in love with it in an instant. Watch her blush as you whisper Mujhey aap se mohabbat hai in her ears.


We saved this for the end. It might take a bit of practice, but if you can master it, few phrases are as meaningful to the Russians as Ya tebya liubliu. A country known for its severe winters, Russia sure knows the words to keep their loved ones warm.

Since we believe that you should never stop spreading love, tell someone you love them today, and tell them in the language you find the warmest!

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