Top 10 International Dating Sites To Find Love Around The World

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7 billion people in this world and you really think your options for finding love are within a 5-mile radius? At this point your options are probably Dante from down the street, Billy who works at Walmart or your high school buddy Seth who’s been pining for you ever since you took that anatomy class together. Take our advice, do yourself a favor and give international dating sites a chance. 

We’re not saying that Dante is no fun or that Billy isn’t boyfriend material or that Seth absolutely cannot be the love of your life. But in a small town – where everyone knows everyone, it can be hard to venture out into the dating scene and meet the kind of men you didn’t even know existed. 

Life, and even dating to an extent, is all about taking chances and being willing to explore all that is around you. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll be surprised and delighted by what you find. But since buying round trip tickets to find dates in exotic countries isn’t exactly pocket-friendly or feasible, why not bring the date home to you? That’s right, an exotic foreigner awaits…let your fingertips lead you to him.

Top 10 International Dating Sites To Find Love Around The World 

Even if you’re not looking for a boyfriend or a woman who you want to settle down with, using international dating sites can still open your mind and your horizons in many ways. At the very least, you’ll make friends who will have lots to teach you about a whole other culture and way of life. And if you fall in love and start dating a foreigner? Then that’s going to kickstart a thrilling chapter of your life you didn’t see coming. 

Virtual dating in itself can be an incredible experience of its own and with these top international dating sites, that experience can be yours right from today. Do you want to find an interesting woman who lives in a small town near Buenos Aires or have you always wanted to meet a man from Tokyo? Or have you been trying your luck for years and now want to find a good international dating site for seniors where you can also meet foreigners? Well, now you can. And here’s how. 

1. Asia Me – one of the leading international dating sites 

Have you ever wondered if your soulmate could actually be an Asian? Well, with Asia Me, you can take that chance today and start dating a foreigner. As one of the leading international dating sites, Asia Me is mostly for Asian women who are looking for a Western man. One never has to ask the question, “How can I meet someone from another country?” ever again! With Asia Me, it’s possible right here and right now. 

With a great in-house messaging and video system, one can use the credit functions of Asia Me to purchase credits and get talking to users. Things such as registration, sending winks and viewing the photos of members are all free. But to really start finding love in far off places, you will have to use your credit card/PayPal to interact with others. 

Available on: The web, App Store, Google Play 

Paid or free: Free to download but has a paid credit system 

2. Latin Feels for dating a foreigner 

latin feels
Use Latin Feels to start dating a foreigner

With over 800,000 users from the US, one can say Latin Feels is one of the more popular international dating sites. The site is straightforward and not confusing in the slightest, so registration is a breeze. With a lot of filters from height to background to a particular country, you can narrow down your match very easily. 

There’s also a ‘Faces’ feature that lets you flip through dozens of profiles at once making this a quick and efficient experience. People from all different cultures can be found here and this is just the app for you if you are looking to start dating a foreigner. And if you want to start dating for marriage, then this is a great place to look.

Available on: The web

Paid or free: Free to download but has a paid credit system

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3. Seeking – An international dating site for seniors 

Seeking is a premium international dating site

One of the more popular international dating sites among a very specific sub-group of relationships. Seeking is mainly for those who are interested in a sugar daddy and baby relationship. If this is the relationship structure you are specifically looking for, then Seeking is the right one for you. It is very successful as the people who come here know exactly what they are looking for. 

With a really quick sign-up process, Seeking can quickly get you mingling with those around you who are also looking for an arrangement similar to you. Seeking is also considered to be one of the top free international dating sites for marriage for those who are looking to settle down in this kind of an arrangement. 

Available on: The web

Paid or free: Free but has a premium membership 

4. AmourFeel to start dating someone from another country 

The average age group of people finding love in far off places is 25-27 which makes it a site for relatively young couples looking to hopefully settle down soon. The site boasts mostly Russian singles, but has a lot of Ukrainian and Slavic women as well. 

Very decently priced, AmourFeel is quite the hit amongst youngsters. The only real drawback is that the website does not allow any kind of video communication. Despite that, one can say that AmourFeel is still very much one of the top international dating sites. 

Available On: The App Store and Google Play 

Paid or free: Free but with varying levels of paid membership 

5. How can I meet someone from another country? Use BravoDate 

bravo date
Use Bravo Date to meet a foreigner

If you’re hell-bent on finding a serious relationship or you’re looking to date for marriage, then look no further because BravoDate is the perfect dating site for your needs. Hosting a buzzing, international community, BravoDate ensures that human interaction is limitless and fruitful. 

The interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly and interactive which is what makes it one of the best free international dating sites for marriage. Sending emails, requesting real meetings, winks and game-faces are all features that one can use. Some of these features are paid while some basic ones can be used on a free account. 

Available On: The Web 

Paid or free: Free to join but one can buy credit packages

6. Lover Whirl – one of the top international dating sites

online dating

Slightly on the higher end of the price factor, Lover Whirl might be one of the  more expensive international dating sites, but it has a charm of it’s own that makes it completely worth it. Catering to a mostly Asian market, if you’ve always fantasized about somebody from Japan or Korea – then now is your time to download Lover Whirl. No need to ever ask yourself again, ‘Will I ever find love?

With a modern, fresh and clean design – this website is really simple and easy to use. The only drawback is that Lover Whirl does not have an app as of now so you’ll have to continue using it on your mobile browser. 

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Available on: The Web

Paid or free: Free to download but has a paid credit system 

7. EHarmony 

EHarmony is one of the top international dating sites

Definitely popular for being one of the oldest international dating sites, EHarmony has millions of members all across the world. According to their website, ‘Every 14 minutes, someone finds love on EHarmony’. I suppose you like those odds. So then what’s stopping you from downloading it today? 

You can download it for free and avail the free trial at first, but then again, you can also purchase a premium membership and get access to a big pool of other perks as well. 

Available On: The App Store and Google Play 

Paid or free: Free but with varying levels of paid membership 

8. LoveFort 

love fort
LoveFort for the hopeless romantic in you

Looking for quality communication across continents and dating someone from another country? Then LoveFort is one of the perfect international dating sites for seniors and youngsters alike. This Latin American dating platform is popular among the age group of 35-44. With a search filter, a brilliant pairing algorithm and great quality profiles, we highly doubt you will be disappointed after using this one. 

The only drawback of LoveFort is that there is no video call feature and the dating pool isn’t all that large but what with its great pricing and user base, it is certainly worth a try. How can I meet someone from another country and start a conversation with them from the comfort of my home? Do it on LoveFort. 

Available On: The web

Paid or free: Free (initially one gets 20 free credits) but with a paid credit system

9. Dream Singles 

dream singles
Try Dream Singles today

This international online dating portal comes with lots of perks so read closely if you are serious about finding love in far off places. From their own database, Dream Single uses your information to find you the best matches among Slavic women. What brings people to this site the most is that Dream Singles has a 7-1 women to men ratio. 

The ‘Serious Dater’ feature is also helpful for those looking for meaningful relationships based on mutual attraction which makes it one of the perfect free dating sites for marriage. Additionally, Dream Singles is very well known for its safety and protection policies. They routinely delete spam or fake accounts so the possibility of running into a romance scammer here, is very low. 

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Available On: The web and Google Play

Paid or free: Free to join but has a silver membership 

10. Jolly Romance for dating someone from another country 

Changing the face of intercultural communication like never before, this website has a minimum scam risk, a tight knit circle of users and various safety procedures in place to provide you with the best experience. Mostly for dating those in Russia and Ukraine, the best thing about this website is that it has a ‘Real-gift delivery’ system where you can send a present to the woman you want to date! So think of all the gift ideas that you can come up with!

With three different search options for you to really pin down the woman/man of your dreams, Jolly Romance is easy to use, popular among a decent sized number of people and extremely effective. Sadly, we’re still waiting for their mobile app to launch but you can use the website to start dating a foreigner today!

Available On: The web 

Paid or free: Free to join but with a paid credit system 

So with that, we end this fabulous list of the top international dating sites! Based on your preferences, your style and your budget, you’ll hopefully find something here that suits you. Happy long-distance dating! We hope your search for finding love in far off places ends soon and you find the partner of your dreams.

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