13 Telling Signs You Are Dating An Old Soul

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What happens when two old souls meet

Do you have a partner who is awfully calm and beautifully restrained? If you answered yes to this question in your mind, there is a high possibility that you are dating an old soul. These are magnetic people, who revel in their silence, but have a strong moral and emotional core. This composure of old souls is what sets them apart. 

Dating an old soul could be as easy as breathing. They are uncomplicated people whose love for life is so admirable that one could write poems about it. Read on as we tell you about signs you’re dating an old soul. We really hope you are dating these beautiful people, by the way!

What It Actually Means To Have An Old Soul 

To put it quite simply, an old soul is a person who feels older than their age. They are empathetic, intelligent, intuitive, and have a good insight about humans. Moreover, the term ‘old soul’ has found its way to daily usage thanks to social media. There are many famous old souls, whose attitude toward life has made headlines. A great example of this is climate activist Greta Thunberg. She seems wiser beyond her years and the world knows it. 

One wonders about the kind of experience it would be to date an old soul. I would suggest thinking of it as a vintage deal – once in a lifetime and of value. There is more to gain by dating an old soul personality than to lose. Moreover, there are often encouraging early signs when entering into a relationship with old souls.  

13 Telling Signs You Are Dating An Old Soul

If you are still wondering what old souls are, or have questions like “what is it like dating an old soul personality?” or “what happens when two old souls meet?”, we will help you out. They may be comfort-lovers, simple, and keen learners. These are only a few of the several signs. We have listed for you 13 definitive parameters so that you can finally figure out if you are dating an old soul. 

1. Old souls love simplicity

Old soul personalities are simple – they love and understand those pleasures of life that are away from exuberance. An old soul understands the simplest truth, that the most valuable things are the little ones that we often take for granted. So, if  you are dating an old soul, remember that they will appreciate all the little things that make your bond stronger

They surely won’t expect a fancy dinner at a posh restaurant or an expensive gift. An old soul will probably want to just chill with you while watching a movie, or take a walk and have a conversation. If you have found someone like this, you are truly dating someone with an old soul.

old soul personality
A person with an old soul will love spending time at home

2. They find comfort inside homes

If your partner loves staying indoors and takes joy in doing small nothings, these are signs you’re dating an old soul. They will rather engage in banter with you over a home-ordered pizza rather than going to a flamboyant party. They will coax you into sitting on the porch and sip a beer or coffee, rather than joining their friends at a posh club. Old soul love is like that – it seeks comfort within the walls of their home. So, if you are dating an old soul, ensure you cozy up your home because you may be spending a lot of time there.

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3. Old soul personalities love classic literature

Famous old souls like actors Tom Hanks and Stephen Fry have often expressed their love for classic literature and classic love stories. They love indulging in the world of fiction that is simple and at times, idyllically romantic. If you are dating an old soul, don’t be too surprised when your partner spouts lines from Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice. Their way of romance will also be like the classic novels. Understated gestures are signs that you are dating an old soul.

4. Old souls love to meet new people

An old soul will be far removed from social media. They would rather meet people over a cup of coffee – for them it is enriching and adds to their experiences. If you are dating an old soul personality, they might actually be annoyed if you are too glued to your phone or want everything to go on social media. But, a few others may not be bothered by it at all.

Another sign of dating an old soul lies in the way they greet you. Since they have met many people, they can immediately exude warmth and comfort with a simple hello. Their old soul eyes are smoldering with a silent kind of happiness.

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 5. They value deep connections

An old soul is on the constant lookout for meaning – meaningful relationships and small, purposeful things that make life. This quest makes old souls love differently. They would want to meet you in intimate settings and connect on a deeper level, instead of just mechanically going out on a sparkly date. If you have started dating an old soul, you may find yourself indulging in talks about philosophies and long-drawn interactions. An old soul will ensure that your bond is thick. 

I would say, be ready to experience old soul love that touches those corners of your emotional core that have never been tapped. Also, an ultimate, profound connection is what happens when two old souls meet. Their bond with you would be so deep that you both would live in a practical-romantic microcosm of your own.

6. Love for learning among old souls is constant

Is your partner intensely curious? It is a sign you are dating an old soul.

They take a lot of joy in learning new things or just in general, learning. If your partner shows keen interest in hobbies and often coaxes you into joining them – these are signs that you are dating an old soul. 

For the old souls, learning is equivalent to growth, and growth and change are constant parts of our lives. If you accompany your old soul love(r) to their hobbies, you will realize that they do it for a sense of accomplishment and not for certificates. I believe this feeling is greater than the retail value of material things that only bring temporary pleasure. By doing things together you may find deep soul connection with them.

7. They are not materialistic

If you are dating an old soul, you may find that they have very few possessions and almost no enthusiasm for shopping (but they are nice people, so they may come along with you for your shopping needs without complaints. Don’t chide them for their lack of enthusiasm to own things. Instead, understand their ability to just be content in being around you. 

Moreover, if you have been dating an old soul, you may have realized that while they work hard, money is not everything to them. They would rather be content in meaningful conversation about love and life than splurging what they earned at the end of the day. I believe by now, it is clear that your old soul partner loves banter. 

8. An old soul personality values freedom

An old soul is exceptionally free and gives a lot of freedom. If you are dating someone with an old soul, they will let you do your thing without hindrance.  They won’t control or restrict you from being yourself. The old soul love will let you blossom in the comfort of what you like. Similarly, they will expect you to understand as well when they want to have their alone time, or wish to do their own thing.

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9. They don’t keep up with trends

Your reference to the latest Instagram and TikTok trend in a conversation may not be understood by your old soul partner. Moreover, they might be on Facebook or Twitter but rarely use them. They know about the new iPhone or a sports car, but these things do not excite them. While their peers may be finding ways to own shiny items, the old soul personality will perhaps indulge in a poetry book. So, if you are dating an old soul, know that material things and social media shenanigans are not their concerns. To put it shortly, social media does not affect their relationship

10. Old souls love differently 

Old soul love is unconditional – an old soul lover will use their own simple way to express their feelings. While they can be romantic, their love is perhaps more evident, or expressed, when they are constantly there for you in your time of need. 

When you need a shoulder to lean on, they’re always listening, giving you a ear to vent your fears and deepest worries. It would not be wrong to say that old souls love differently – that they value your well-being over romantic gestures. But there is one thing that may be constant – in their old soul eyes, you will never find the lack of admiration for you.

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11. They are wise beyond years

An old soul personality is the one crafted by experience. So naturally, they will have a lot of stories to tell. If you are dating someone with an old soul, you will realize that they will make great decisions since their experiences in life have been vivid. They are wise – a quality that is understated and attractive. 

12. They are calm

An old soul personality is a steadfast one – they handle crises and common problems in a relationship with admirable expertise. This calmness is a huge advantage of dating an old soul. If you ever land in a problem, they will guide you out of it adeptly. They will help you get a grip. Sometimes, their calmness may make them appear disconnected. But, they are actually at work – just working differently. Their minds are filled with a thousand thoughts that they are untangling and addressing.

13. Lovers with old souls love giving

If you are dating an old soul, you will never feel sidelined. People with old souls are givers – they give their whole, and invest their being in you. If your partner gives you extra attention and pampers you to the fullest – these are signs that you are dating an old soul. For an old soul personality, giving is the purest act of love. 

It is safe to say that dating an old soul personality could turn out to be a rewarding experience. An old soul partner perhaps guarantees security that makes up the foundation of a relationship. But also, if you have read this and feel you are an old soul – there’s truly nothing like it. 

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