6 Signs He Is Losing Interest In You

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Updated On: May 4, 2022
signs he is losing interest in you
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For every relationship, there is a honeymoon period. Every moment with them jostles crates of butterflies in your stomach. The feeling is unparalleled but only until you start noticing signs he is losing interest in you. And that’s when all your hopes and dreams come crashing down.

After the honeymoon period, the next stage gets you to the comfortable stage, where the phone calls are as frequent without too much mush. This is the more mature stage. But there comes a stage when you could be leading quite separate lives and you start feeling that he does not like you the same way anymore and perhaps your romance is on a decline. This is indeed a difficult phase.

Your Man Is Losing Interest in You

But how to know he is losing interest in you? And more importantly, what do you do when things take a turn for the worse? There might or might not be definite signs that your man is losing interest in you. Phone calls do not get returned; plans are delayed or even cancelled. You are left to speculate the reason he might be acting this way. You even ask if he is losing interest in the relationship. The signs may come all at once or they may come slowly. But there is a palpable shift that you cannot quite put your finger on.

You wonder if there are changes you can bring to the relationship that might make the situation better. However, there are times when the wisest thing to do is to recognize and acknowledge the fact that he might not be into you anymore. He might be showing signs he is losing interest in you and we can tell you what some of them are.

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1. Dwindling romance

Your morning kisses or texts don’t come anymore. If you initiate it, they show the minimum effort just enough to keep you on the hook. Your man has suddenly turned cold, making no efforts on his own. You feel his hands are always cold, doesn’t linger for more than a few seconds.

Now, he does not even have any more romantic things to say to you. Your conversations are often dull and bland. Previously, he would bring you your favorite lilies every Sunday but the vase has no flowers in it anymore. This dwindling of romance and lack of effort is one of the signs a man is losing interest.

2. Too busy all the time

While earlier it was all about being with you, now he comes up with crappy excuses – he has a really late meeting, he is going to have dinner with his parents, he has to get up early for an early meeting, it’s raining outside and he doesn’t have a raincoat (that’s still legit).

How to know he is losing interest? While earlier he would run miles to take you out, now he has started using excuses to avoid seeing you. When someone provides an elaborate excuse why they cannot do something, it’s because they genuinely don’t want to do it.

how to know he is losing interest
One of the signs he is losing interest in you is when he never makes the effort to see you

3. No sex or just sex

Are you unable to tell what a guy wants from you? Let’s break it down. A man, who genuinely likes you, won’t just want you there to warm his bed at night. If a man is uninterested in engaging in sex, it’s high time you realize there’s something he is not at all interested in. If a man shows interest in you only when he is horny or drunk-horny or is in a mood to have sex, it’s only sex he is looking for from you.

Anything more simply doesn’t perk his interests anymore. Why not say it out loud to you, you ask? You think he is stupid enough to let go of getting sex whenever he wants? This is one of the classic signs a man is losing interest.

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4. Awkwardness in the air

You used to talk or chat with your partner for hours. Now you have to look for topics to have a real conversation, mostly because all he does is sit back and answer your queries without taking an initiative to know about your day.

Even in public, you can feel a sort of tension and awkwardness hover in the air around you both. He remains unresponsive to your humor, which, previously, he used to find super cute. Now you are the only one laughing at your jokes and there is a clear lack of respect too.

5. No talk of the future

One of the most important signs that he is losing interest in you is his choice to not commit to anything more than a month in advance. The ‘we’ in the relationship has dwindled down to a more solo ‘I’. Really makes you wonder if he even wants you in his life anymore.

6. Change in priorities

When I say his priorities have changed, it means you feel like you are not even a priority anymore. He prefers hanging out with his colleagues and friends more than spending time with you. What’s even worse is that he refuses to even hold a dinner party together where you get to meet his friends.

The moment he prioritizes his friends over you, you have moved a lot farther away from his close circle. Men tend to only introduce you to their buddies when their interest in you is stable. If he isn’t doing that, it is one of the signs he’s losing interest in you.

If you read these signs in your man, know that things are on a rocky path. So step up your game and make him miss you and commit to you all over again. Or it’s time for you to run for the hills and find a better partner, this one may not be worth the effort.

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1. How do you know when your boyfriend is losing interest in you?

He will become distant and start avoiding you. He might not call you and talk to you the same way anymore, the sex might become awkward and things in general will not be as romantic or warm anymore.

2. How can you tell if someone is losing interest in you?

Usually they will start ignoring you, your calls and not make any efforts in the relationship anymore. The relationship feels more like a chore to them and they are only hanging on for the sake of it.

3. Why do men lose interest?

Maybe they just do not feel satisfied anymore, have bigger things to worry about or they might be falling for someone else. There can be many reasons for the same.

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