5 reasons why women should pleasure themselves often

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Updated On: July 18, 2023
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As Priyanka Chopra said is a certain scooter company advertisement, “Why should boys have all the fun?” The punch line has really stuck and is often used by women to counter the barrage of sexist comments and narratives. While the modern woman has come a long way in carving her identity and owning the ‘my life, my rules’ mantra, there is one area where women, especially in India, haven’t been able to shed their inhibitions – the art of self-pleasuring. In fact, the taboo around masturbation remains so prevalent even that today that most women would feign total ignorance about self-pleasure meaning, let alone openly exchange self-pleasure idea. But that’s now how it should. After all, masturbation is just another ‘nature’s call’ we must attend to for a relaxed, calm and happy mind.

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Why Masturbation For Women Is A Good Idea

You know the age-old words of wisdom – love thyself.  Well, let’s just say the elusive self-pleasure meaning is hidden in these wise words and this as close as you’d come to making love to yourself, literally. Jokes aside, masturbation is one of the first steps toward embracing your sexuality and acknowledging that your body has its own needs. Trust us when we tell you that goes a long way in helping you have a fulfilling sex life that focuses on your own gratification and not just being subservient to the needs of your partner.

Still not convinced? We have 5 good reasons to back up the argument that masturbation for women is always a good idea:

1. It makes you happy

If you are one of those who shy away from exploring self-pleasure ideas out of shame or hesitance, you may want to start now for the sake of your happiness.  When you masturbate, you orgasm and that leads to the release of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in your bloodstream.

These are the “feel good” hormones that activate your brain’s reward circuit, boost your satisfaction level and lift your spirits. Think of it as biting into that chocolate bar when your sweet craving at peaking.  You’re pleasing your mind and body, heart and soul.

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2. You’re in charge of your gratification

When that desire builds up and blazes inside of you, you neither need to brush it under the carpet and pretend as if nothing happened and try to sleep nor long for a partner, who may be miles away or snoring right next to you. Hell, you don’t even need to respond to a random dude’s booty call on Tinder just because you need to get some. Look up some masturbation tips for women, explore your body and you’ll soon figure out what makes that big-O happen for you. As you keep trying new things, you’ll learn the way to blow your mind with a seemingly nerve-shattering orgasm.

3. Do one to teach one

Have you ever felt frustrated by not being able to orgasm when in bed with a partner? Have you faked orgasms? Do you know what an orgasm feels like? Or are you just getting on with sex because it’s one of the things you’ve got to do and settling for whatever pleasure that comes your way?

Well, we’ve all been there. Sadly! That’s one more reason masturbation for women is a must. A woman who knows her way around her body definitely has an edge in helping her man pleasure her the right way too. That’s a win-win you just cannot let pass.

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4. It’s a blockbuster stressbuster

Stress is an unavoidable reality of the modern world. From relationship issues to bad bosses, prying neighbour and family pressures, we all go through the daily grind with a load full of baggage weighing us down. Another reason to start looking for self-pleasure ideas is that masturbation is the freaking “Khaleesi” of the stressbuster techniques.

Once again, you have all the feel-good hormones that the act get going in your body to thank for it. With a rush of dopamine and oxytocin, you can feel your mind calm down and the weight of the world life from your shoulders.

Oh and, if you have trouble falling asleep at night, have a go at yourself and you’ll sleep like a baby. Now, if that doesn’t send you looking for household objects for self-pleasure, we don’t know what will.

5. A Friend in Need, Period!

While we are discussing taboos and all things considered not-so-nice, let’s talk about another rarely addressed topic – period orgasms. Those nasty cramps, bloating and tenderness that knock the wind out of you month after month are another good reason for masturbation for women.

Orgasms can release certain hormones which help to reduce the menstrual pain and also eases to relax the cramped muscles and helps to reduce body aches. While we’re on the topic of period orgasms, we’d also like to strongly argue in favour of period sex. Mainly for the same reasons as masturbating during your period, but also because it’ll make you cum in ways you cannot even imagine. Don’t take our word for it, try for yourself!

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5 Masturbation Tips for Women

It’d be unfair to make such a strong case for masturbation for women, and then, abandon you mid-way without a detailed low down on self-pleasure ideas. You know what they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. To make sure you not only understand self-pleasure meaning but also know how to practice it, here are some masturbation tips for women to swear by:

1. There are more than one ways to self-pleasure

If the mention of the word masturbation brings to your mind the image of self-penetration we want you to think again. There are many different self-pleasure ideas you can toy with. From a handjob to the clit to dildos, vibrators and even household objects for self-pleasure, the world is your oyster really.

2. Watch and learn

While most women figure out what works for them and what doesn’t with a bit of hit and trial, some need more than that to get a hang of things. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate in turning to the experts for self-pleasure ideas. From porn to how-to videos and articles, there is a lot ‘educational’ material out there to get you started.

3. Bring your fantasies to life

Masturbation for women is a lot more than just sliding your hand (or whatever your tool of choice) down there and start shaking things up. You need more than just the stimuli of touch to experience that gratifying sexual release in your every pore. What better way to do that than play out your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies in your mind.

Fancy a threesome or wonder what it’d be like to do it with a girl, have the hots for a married man or a co-worker? Live those scenarios in your mind as you pleasure yourself for a fulfilling experience.

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4. Set the mood

Sliding under your comforter with a finger in your panties doesn’t always work. Sticking to a set routine can get stale and unexciting quickly. This is true for self-pleasuring as much as it is for sex. So, if you tried and tested ways aren’t working out for you anymore, set the mood with the right lighting, aromatic candles, a satin robe perhaps. Go, seduce yourself!

5. Get yourself a toy

Experiment with sex toys to take your self-pleasure game to the next level. After all, there is only so much you can do with your hands or by using household objects for self-pleasure. Grab that vibrator, dildo or fancy lube – whatever it takes for you to knock yourself out.

Embrace the idea of masturbation for women, enjoy it and pass on the wisdom with shame or hesitation.

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