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5 reasons why women should please themselves often

Read this article and don’t be apologetic the next time you want to please yourself or even talk about it
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Once, Priyanka Chopra said the magic words “Why should boys have all the fun?” for an advertisement of a certain scooter company. Today numerous women use that punch line as a shield to block the sexist arguments that the “boys” throw up. But on a very serious note, when guys are asked that if they please themselves or how often they do so, most of them answer very openly without a sense of discomfort, contrary to the girls, who mostly become uncomfortable when asked the same. But why is this discomfort? It is not a crime to please yourself. It is just another kind of “Nature’s Call”, like hunger or sleep or poop. It is noticed often, that in this male dominated world when a girl raises the topic of sex, she is instantly tagged as a “slut”, but as you know the song “Kuchh Toh Log Kehenge, Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna…” Who are they to stop you from pleasing yourself? Masturbation is a healthy activity which does not make a guy, a hunk and a girl, a slut. Rather it helps you to keep your life in a synchronous harmony like the good old Hindi songs. So here are FIVE reasons why you should do it.

1. It Makes You Happy

Masturbation makes you feel happy. You don’t need to dope when you have dopamine and oxytocin! If you’re baffled with those names then you should know that those are the “feel good” hormones, which makes you extremely happy when released through masturbation. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the biological terms don’t you think it is very much similar to the bite of a chocolate bar when your sweet craving has reached its peak! You are pleasing yourself, your “mind and body, heart and soul”.

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