15 Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

signs of female attraction
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A friend of yours has a crush on you. Or, a colleague that you meet every day is really into you. But you have not been able to ascertain if she is attracted to you, or it’s all in your head. So you keep hunting for obvious physical signs a woman is interested in you. You often feel positive signals coming from her, but you do not want to misinterpret them. 

The physical signs a woman is interested in you are far from revealing. They are subtle and graceful. Women drop these hints quite often – that is, if they are interested in you. However, we often tend to skip this, especially if we are love-struck too. Men, especially, are often silly when Cupid strikes – almost borderline awkward. No one, regardless of gender, fares well when it comes to crushing on a gorgeous woman. We all need help in identifying the signs of her liking us back.

What Are Physical Signs Of Attraction? 

Signs of female attraction toward you are often encased in subtle, non-verbal cues and minimalistic gestures. Since these clues are shrouded, how can you tell if a woman is interested in you? What are the physical signs a woman is interested in you asking her out? Not to worry. I have an answer to your predicament. 

Firstly, you may want to be more attentive to her verbal cues. Is the woman being extra nice to you? Do you think she is finding more and more reasons to strike a conversation with you? If yes, then she could be interested in you. However, don’t rip these signs from the context. Because body language does not always mean an invitation.

15 Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

Does she talk to you differently than she does with others? Does she fidget, or appear shy but curious? These could be some of the physical signs a woman is interested in you. Some of these signs are subtle, while others you can figure out easily. Let me help you in decoding some signs of female attraction that have puzzled you. I aim to make you more confident and not creepy. 

1. She fiddles with things 

When people are nervous or uncomfortable, they fidget. For instance, some men play with their collars and some women brush their hair with their hands. So, when a woman fidgets with things when she is around you – it is one of the clear signs of female attraction. She may gently caress things or even steal glances while doing so. However, it is not necessary that fidgeting and clumsiness are physical signs a woman is interested in you. She could simply be in the habit of fiddling. 

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2. She makes an effort to look great in front of you

When you are trying to figure out physical signs that indicate attraction, you may want to pay attention to how she dresses up. Has she suddenly started putting more thought into her outfits – maybe even wearing slightly revealing ones? Is she dressing according to the trend? Does she remove her jacket when you are around? If yes, it means she is comfortable around you. If yes, you may want to step up your game too.

signs of female attraction
She will dress up for you if she likes you

3. She will sit next to you

This will mostly happen if you have a colleague who is crushing on you at work. If the woman likes you, she will come and sit next to you. And if she has been doing that often, like even rushing a little ahead so that she can reserve a seat for you, you may want to give her a little attention too. It is definitely among the physical signs a woman is interested in you.

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4. She will lean toward you if she is fond of you

If she is interested in you, she will lean toward you while talking to you. Leaning in is often considered a subconscious sign of female attraction. By tilting slightly forward, a woman denotes that she is comfortable in your personal space and, at the same time, respects it. Do not miss these physical signs that indicate attraction if you want to ask out that beautiful woman.

5. Twirling of hair is among physical signs she is interested in you 

Sometimes, physical signs a woman is interested in you are obvious – like twirling her hair. Playing with the locks is a part of fidgeting. However, some women may do it out of nervousness or shyness in a person’s presence, making them subconscious signs of female attraction. So yes, if your presence has set off the twirling and curling, you may want to ask the woman if she likes you.

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6. Physical signs a woman is interested in you: She maintains eye contact 

This is one of the most common physical signs a woman is interested in you. If she has a crush on you, you will find her looking at you a little too often. During conversations, she will engage in intense eye contact, but not to the extent of gawking. She may, of course, feel a little shy and may look away after maintaining eye contact for a while. When not talking, she will certainly steal glances at you. These glances are indeed physical signs that indicate attraction.

7. She will blush around you if you make her heart flutter

Blushing and coyness are clear signs of female attraction. If a woman blushes every time she sees you – gets a rosy flush on her face or just smiles shyly – it could mean that she likes you. Blushing is among the physical signs a woman is interested in you because it is an involuntary response of the body to a situation. Nervousness could set it off. It is possible that she feels nervous around you and therefore, blushes. You may also want to learn how to make someone blush (wink!).

8. She makes an effort in conversations 

A girl who is into you will actively indulge in conversations with you. She won’t just nod her head or send monosyllabic texts, but will instead ask informed questions and may even give her input – she will have found topics for deep coversations. Her efforts to keep the conversations going will be quite obvious. This effort and curiosity make for clear signs of female attraction. If you notice these signs, you may want to reciprocate her feelings. No harm done in taking a step forward – just saying! 

9. Complimenting is among the physical signs a woman is interested in you

How can you tell if a woman is interested in you? The answer: her compliments. Who does not like compliments? They are a quick and easy way of gratification. Everyone likes compliments. And if it comes from a woman you like – that too as a surprise – you feel good instantly. A woman may adorn you with compliments when she likes you. She has been observing you, your dressing style, and your grooming. In short, she is paying attention to you – one of the physical signs a woman is interested in you.

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10. She will let you know that she is single 

Mentions of singlehood in your conversations could be subconscious signs of female attraction. She might talk about how she has been unable to find the right person. You could use this information to figure out if she is interested in you. If she mentions that she needs a date to a wedding or some other event – take the hint. Don’t ignore these physical signs a woman is interested in you.

11. She is dorky around you 

A woman who likes your company may start showing her dorky side. She will act silly or goofy and won’t be afraid of being judged. This dorkiness, stemming from comfort, is one of the clear female body language signs of attraction. She is not inhibited around you, she feels free. Allowing her to feel liberated can create a window for you to ask her out on a date.

how to keep him interested

12. She copies your movements 

When a person tries to mirror the movements of another person, they may be trying to connect subconsciously. Mirroring could also mean that a woman is into you. You could try this while sitting at a cafe or on a date. Do some things deliberately, like sipping your drink and leaning to your side. If she mirrors these movements, it means that she likes you. You could also observe if she has picked up a catchphrase that you often use. At your job, there will be subtle signs your coworker likes you – for instance smiling or accidental touches.

13. She will blink more

Rapid blinking is linked to psychological arousal. It means you have the person’s attention or they fancy you in a naughty way (wink!). Thus, eye fluttering is among the obvious body language signs she’s attracted to you. However, don’t jump to conclusions simply based on a woman batting her eyelashes. She could do it out of irritation, sarcasm, or just because she likes a little drama. 

14. Her voice will change 

When men are around people they like, they groom themselves well and even get a baritone to their voice. The opposite is true with women. If you notice her talking to you in a high-pitched voice and smiling a lot, these are physical signs a woman is interested in you. Do observe if she speaks in the same voice with others. If you notice a difference, you have a clue on your hands. And if you’re both women, and you both like each other, I wish you an evening of high-pitched voices.

15. She bites or licks her lips

Biting lips and touching the neck are among big physical signs a woman is interested in you. Biting lips is a subconscious way to express physical interest in someone. The same goes for touching the neck. These actions are not teasing or vulgar, but rather, playful. So, do perceive these signs lightly and not as an invitation to her bed.

All of these hints that we just discussed are to be analyzed with a little bit of introspection. These are all clues and not direct invitations. Liking is just the first phase of a union, it is not a ticket to a whirlwind affair. So tread carefully, friends. If you think a woman is interested in you, treat her kindly and reciprocate with coyness.

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