4 rashis/star signs with the worst temper

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Each sign comes with different baggage and they come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Take the example of Virgo. They can swallow their emotions and do not let their feelings take ugly forms in front of people. But once they have had enough, they slam doors, cry and are hard to control. On the other hand, Gemini prefers to cut off communication when they are angry.

Expression of anger is a healthy thing. But these Zodiac signs definitely have the worst of temper.

1. Aries

Aries is an impulsive sign and little matters can rattle them. They get fired up by little things – like a long traffic line or long lines at the counter. They are the boldest of the signs but with the deadliest temper. When faced with frustration, they get easily angry and abuse without a feeling of remorse. The good thing about them is that they realise their temper tantrum was uncalled for and they are often the first to apologise for their behaviour.

2. Leo

They are the proudest of the signs and are not known for their diplomacy. They say what they feel which might rub people the wrong way. They are known to be cool under situations but like the proud lion, can turn the entire room silent when they get angry. They are loud and very intense.

When they are angry, they do not measure words. Their rage can be alarmingly scary. But then a lion’s roar is supposed to turn the forest quiet.

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3. Cancer

Cancerians are nurturing and are known to be loving. They have outbursts, the worst of all, after bottling it in for a long time.

Their anger develops in stages. They don’t fly off the handle immediately. Since they tend to others’ feelings more than their own, they tend to keep a lot of pent-up emotions inside. First comes the sulking. If the sulking goes unnoticed then comes the passive aggressiveness where they withdraw into their shell. The anger builds up through all these stages. And because they are emotional, the final angry outburst is damning for those close to them. They feel so much that they might even start crying during their outbursts.

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4. Scorpio

They do not go by the ‘forgive and forget’ motto. They are not the kind to let go of their grudges and are assertive and fierce. Vengeance is a dish served really, really cold for a Scorpio. And because they cannot let go of people who do them wrong, the anger builds up and when they lash out, they sting like a scorpion. Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs and if you have messed with a Scorpio, prepare to be stung!

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