6 Rashis/Star Signs With The Worst Temper

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Updated On: July 17, 2023
Signs With The Worst Temper

There are some Zodiac signs that exhibit the worst temper. There is no doubt each sign comes with different baggage and they come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Take the example of Virgo. They can swallow their emotions and do not let their feelings take ugly forms in front of people. But once they have had enough, they slam doors, cry and are hard to control. On the other hand, Gemini often prefers to cut off communication when they are angry.

Everyone gets angry, even the Dalai Lama does. In an interview he had said, “You never stop getting angry about small things. In my case, it’s when my staff do something carelessly, then my voice goes high. But after a few minutes, it passes.” But that is the difference, for some people anger isn’t a fleeting emotion. The most hot tempered Zodiac signs have to show their anger and it does often get scary when they are angry.

6 Rashis/Star Signs With The Worst Temper

Some people have the worst temper and they can really lose it when they are angry. We are not denying the fact that expression of anger is a healthy thing but with some people belonging to some particular star signs it can go out of hand. There are some Zodiac Signs that have temper issues. And we must tell you these Zodiac signs definitely have the worst of temper.

1. Aries – They get angry with little things

Aries is an impulsive sign and little matters can rattle them. They get fired up by little things – like a long traffic line or long lines at the counter. They are the boldest of the signs but with the deadliest temper.

When faced with frustration, they get easily angry and abuse without a feeling of remorse. The good thing about them is that they realise their temper tantrum was uncalled for and they are often the first to apologise for their behaviour.

The Aries sign could have the worst temper among all Zodiac signs but they are not the kind who would hold on to a grudge forever. Their temper comes and goes like a Norwester but there are some things that really irritate them. For instance if you have an Aries boss, God help you. You could be the one who believes doing every job meticulously and devoting time to that. Be sure you will be at loggerheads with your Aries superior because they hate any work getting done slowly. They want things done fast. You could be at the firing line frequently but that does not mean your boss would deny you a promotion.

Warning: Don’t ever try to control or insult an Aries you have had it then. They also can’t tolerate others around them being disrespected. So if a cabbie is fighting with an old lady over change and an Aries gets to see that then the cabbie’s had it. And if the Aries sign ever finds out you are trying to cheat or scam them then our advice would be to keep safe distance. Aries is actually the angriest Zodiac Sign.  And never dare to compare an Aries to other people.

2. Leo – They are not at all diplomatic

Leo people, the proudest of the signs and are not known for their diplomacy. They say what they feel which might rub people the wrong way. They are known to be cool under situations but like the proud lion, can turn the entire room silent when they get angry. They are loud and very intense.

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When they are angry, they do not measure words. Their rage can be alarmingly scary. But then a lion’s roar is supposed to turn the forest quiet.

Like the lion the Leo likes to dominate and hog the limelight. If they see anyone trying to get into that space they would shout, scream and show temper tantrums to put them back in place and restore their own limelight. Anger is a way of showing Leo dominance.

Leos not only have the worst temper they can be vindictive too. You could have told a Leo in all honesty that they have started to show a bald pate, they won’t ever forget that. And if by any chance you have a Leo colleague you are competing with, then you could be at the receiving end of their temper tantrums because they hate you for being as good as them.

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3. Gemini – Their anger is from anxiety

Geminis are people who get anxious easily because they want things to be in their control. But as soon they find themselves in a situation from which they do not know how to get out they cover their anxiety with irritation and a raised voice.

You can’t say that Geminis are the angriest Zodiac signs nor do they show temper tantrums at the drop of a hat but they do get aggressive when things don’t go according to their plan and they are not confident about the situation. If there is a flight delay you could find a Gemini person shouting the most at the service desk at the airport.

Geminis want to be heard. They might know something or might not know it at all but that will not stop them from having a POV or even arguing about that. They would always try to prove they know it all and they could even show anger just to prove that they are right. They love to just argue and debate without actually realising why they are doing it.

They always want to prove that they are the intellectuals but in reality they might have very little knowledge on the subject. They do get really, really angry if you try to prove them stupid.

Geminis could have the Worst Temper
Anxiety turns into anger

4. Cancer – Their anger develops in stages

Cancerians are nurturing and are known to be loving. They have outbursts, the worst of all, after bottling it up for a long time.

Their anger develops in stages. They don’t fly off the handle immediately. Since they take note of others’ feelings more than their own, they tend to keep a lot of pent-up emotions inside. For them first comes the sulking.

If the sulking goes unnoticed then comes the passive aggressiveness where they withdraw into their shell. The anger builds up through all these stages.

And because they are emotional, the final angry outburst is damning for those close to them. They feel so much that they might even start crying during their outbursts. But Cancers are also vindictive and the worst part is they are generally such kind and caring people that it is hard to fathom that inside they are getting angry and upset.

Cancers have this tendency to keep sulking and finally when they will have an outburst you will never know. They are one of the angriest Zodiac signs.

The Sun Signs With The Worst Temper
Cancerians start by sulking

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5. Scorpio – Are hurtful with their words

Scorpios do not go by the ‘forgive and forget’ motto. They are not the kind to let go of their grudges and are assertive and fierce. Vengeance is a dish served really, really cold for a Scorpio. And because they cannot let go of people who do them wrong, the anger builds up and when they lash out, they sting like a scorpion. Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs and if you have messed with a Scorpio, prepare to be stung!

Be it quick outbursts or anger gathering like the clouds, it’s best to stay away from these Zodiac signs when they are heading for an episode of rage.

Scorpios are not extremely expressive people and they usually keep their feelings under wraps but when they get angry they are unlikely to shout and scream but they could burn you down with their eyes. They would be sarcastic and use extremely hurtful words. Their episodes last for a long time and those who have to face their anger often feel that it never ends. When angry they could turn manipulative and sadistic. They often like to see others suffering so they manipulate their anger accordingly. It’s not a good idea to rub them the wrong way because they can be vengeful.

6. Sagittarius – They get angry if you don’t get their point

Which are the zodiac signs with The Worst Temper
Sagittarians can lose it completely when angry

This zodiac sign has strong opinions and get really argumentative. They don’t take criticism kindly and could get back to you very angry if you try to prove to them that they are wrong. Sagittarians are basically very friendly and cheerful people but thy are also capable of losing it completely when they are angry.

They could throw things, show uncontrollable temper tantrums and bring the neighbourhood down with their shouting. When they are angry their personality undergoes a complete change. They could grit their teeth and even get physically abusive.

Its hard to get a Sagittarius back to their senses but when they do get back, be assured that they won’t have an episode in the next 6 months because usually they are patient and they try to look at the positive side of things.

Every Zodiac sign has a good side and a dark side and a certain level of aggression is normal in most. But some Zodiac signs are more short tempered than others and now you know why.

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