Falling In Love With A Married Man? Here’s How You Lie To Yourself!

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Updated On: December 15, 2023
falling in love with a married man
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“Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls… because they can,” Samantha in Sex and the City-2 said these words. Trust me, this is the quote that best suits the mood for this article. While men keep lying, women find themselves falling in love with a married man, hopelessly.

There are fathers who say men must sow wild oats but omit mentioning when they could stop doing so. Indulgent moms who will say “oh boys will be boys” and the saga goes on of several unwitting ‘other women’ getting disillusioned and disappointed, not to mention very hurt. Meanwhile they concoct several lies that holds up the illusion of “love” for this married man who has so bewitched her.

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Why Married Men Lie?

If you are deeply in love with a married man then the signs will be there that the married man is using you. My advice to all single women indulging in this fantasy of falling in love with a married man is to put yourself in the shoes of his existing, real wife. You may see the light.

Then enjoy the sex, use protection, and say goodbye or (and get out). But most women who get into the sordidness of screwing a married man don’t realise 2 things:
1. That all men, married or not, are just trying to get into her panties. No romance here baby!
2. All he wants is to let off some steam and get some novelty – he doesn’t want another marriage.

When a woman is falling in love with a married man she should remember that it’s the boredom and stress of marriage that makes a man want to look for pleasure outside the marriage.

If you think that they would get into another long-term relationship, take the trouble of divorce and get into yet another marriage then you are wrong. Men lie to get what they want and not to give you what you want.

5 Lies Women Tell Themselves When In Love With A Married Man

It’s a whole web of lies that is built by the man to convince the woman and the lies the woman tells herself to justify what she is doing is not wrong. She agreed to be the man’s dirty little secret hoping that one day the relationship will be acknowledged and there will be a happily ever after.

The woman keeps dealing with her guilt and convincing herself in every way that she is not being a home breaker. So here are some lies the famed other woman tells herself while holding on to the illusion that this is a good thing. When a woman is falling in love with a married man this is what she does.

1. There must be something wrong with the wife

People at large, most commonly hold this belief, and the one who consoles oneself with this lie is the notorious “other woman”. She has already crossed the invisible line of integrity.

She rationalizes in her mind all the questions she has for her married lover. Why does he make love to me if all is well in the marriage? She must be old, ugly, passive or boring…all the parameters she justifies she compensates for. It never crosses her mind that the answer to her question is a simple shrug and “because – you were available.”

Women justify their affair by believing something is wrong with the wife
Women justify their affair by believing something is wrong with the wife

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2. I am doing nothing wrong, he is responsible for his marriage

“I am not the married one – he is.” she says emphatically “I am not cheating anyone, he should be worried, he is cheating. I am not answerable to anyone,” argues the single other woman.

It’s like the cat who squeezes his eyes shut tightly, hoping that in doing so, the rest of the world won’t catch him stealing a drink of milk, from the neighbour’s kitchen.

But is that really so? The affair is as much a woman’s responsibility as much it is a man’s. When two adult people get into an extramarital affair they know what they are up to and what the consequences are. So looking the other way does not absolve the woman.

3. I am sure he will divorce her and we will live happily ever after

Falling in love is by itself an addictive state of mind – the neural networks that light up in the brain are the same as those triggered by narcotics, alcohol and chocolate.

And just as in the case of drugs, the brain needs more to get to the next level of ecstasy. So, in that frenzy for ‘more’ the other woman delves into her nesting instincts and starts building her own love nest.

Blinded by her own hormonal thrust, she fails to realise that he has already ‘been there and done that’ – with his wife. In this vicious cycle of lies and self-deception, some women avidly desire to destroy one happy family, just to be able to start her own

4. I am sure he will never cheat on me, after all, he says he loves me

Somewhere, in moments of lucidity the other woman suffers anxiety in the form of clarity – he does love me so he may not cheat on me?

Affair with a married man
If he is cheating on his wife he could cheat on you too

And a little voice inside chirps “but he did cheat on his wife, so you could be next.” Which is the truth nearly always.

Like the ostrich that hides his head under the sand every time he senses danger, she deludes herself that she would have his undying loyalty. Poor delusional other woman. This never happens. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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5. I want to have his baby, now that we are in love

Most single men find it extremely hard to say the words “I love you”. However, the minute a married man starts cheating on his wife, the other woman gets dollops of I-love-you almost as if he has discovered he glue to keep his infidelities afloat. These are absolute signs a married man is in love with you. 

Meanwhile Ms. Other woman is flying high on the promise of a new life with her married man. This is particularly manipulative on the part of the other woman, she will go off her contraception and insist on ditching the condom, because he loves his own children so much, he couldn’t refuse hers.

Right? Wrong! This lie is the true reason why extra-marital affairs rarely last. The married man runs scared.

More on Infidelity

Some affairs do last, some men do come out of their marriages to find a new life with their new love. But these are rare stories. And sometimes the complications are endless. They get forever stuck in the divorce battle where the wife keeps demanding custody and a humongous alimony.

But a woman falling for a married man should be aware that most often men are in an affair just for the thrills. Usually they are not looking beyond it.

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  1. Ayushi Vaidya

    One of my friends actually started off with a married man coz she thought its demands less commitment and that she could just leave the relationship whenever she felt like!

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