13 Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

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signs your girlfriend likes another guy
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Relationships are not always rainbows and sunshine, are they? We go through ups and downs and that is what makes it a wild beautiful ride. One of the most terrifying lows, however, would be to find out that our partner likes someone else, isn’t it? Even the slightest of doubts opens the doors for deep insecurities and then the quest to follow the signs your girlfriend likes another guy begins.

The image of a girlfriend with another guy, even though unjustified, is enough to make any man tremble in his shoes. Say, you notice some unusual changes in your girl and you suspect the existence of another guy in the picture. But how can you be sure? How can you tell if your girlfriend has a crush on another guy? What to do if your girlfriend likes another guy? How to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy? Let us try and find some answers.

13 Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Even the healthiest of relationships go through their fair share of doubts, misunderstandings, and problems of lack of communication. If you have been stressing over the fact that things have been weird between you guys and your mind blames her infidelity for it, it is time you buckle up and pay more attention.

Problems don’t necessarily mean that she is cheating or has developed feelings for someone else, but that can surely be the case too. It is very important to make sure that your suspicions are justified before you act on them. We have listed 13 signs that can help determine if your girlfriend is flirting with another guy.

Over the course of a relationship, it is natural for people to be attracted to someone other than their partners. But there is a line between having an innocent crush and actually considering cheating. This line should not be crossed. Paying attention to the signs your girlfriend likes another guy may help you come to a solid conclusion about the course of action you need to take. These signs could be the indicators for relationship red flags or false alarms.

1. A sudden change in her routine

Once you have spent an ample amount of time with your girlfriend, you know what her daily routine looks like. Any abnormal disruption of this routine should be a warning enough for you to start paying attention. Abrupt changes are sufficient evidence that she is going through some internal conflict. This could be one of the signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

If you see other signs mentioned below accompanying this change in routine, there is a strong possibility that there has been a wild card entry of a third someone in your relationship. People tend to alter their mundane routines to accommodate someone they want to impress or want to spend more time with.

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2. Turning a cold shoulder on you

Has your girlfriend made you feel undervalued and insignificant lately? If yes, her ignorance can be either because she is pissed about something or she is hiding a dirty little secret. If your girlfriend is flirting with another guy, she will likely start turning cold on you to hide from the guilt.

We often find ways to justify our actions, especially when we are in the wrong. A classic way to do this is to escape reality. Her ignoring you could be because any conversation with you will remind her of that wrong, so why not avoid you altogether.

3. The physical intimacy has taken a toll

Physical intimacy is about trust. If the dynamics here change suddenly, it is important to dig deeper into the issue. You see, apart from sex, little things like holding hands, forehead kisses, and cuddles are all subtle signs that you guys are at an ultimate level of comfort with each other.

If she has someone else on her mind, it is natural that the sense of comfort will be lost whilst indulging in physical intimacy. If it feels awkward and unnatural, it can be one of the signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

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4. She is being distant

Even the strongest of relationships go through phases of distance. But the point to note here is that this doesn’t happen overnight in healthy relationships. It is a gradual process where some unresolved issues go unaddressed and you start growing apart. But if it has happened overnight, a massive alarm should go off inside your head. Sharing expenses in your relationship is how you grow as a couple but if the sharing has become rare, you need to do something about it.

It could be simple things like not sitting next to you on the couch anymore, or not being around to listen to you talk about your day. If you are sure that nothing has been unresolved and still feel that she has been acting distant, it could be because your girlfriend has a crush on another guy.

Infographic of the 13 signs your girlfriend likes another guy
Signs your girlfriend likes another guy

5. Sudden obsessive interest in someone else’s relationship

When you are happy in your relationship, you tend not to look into what other people are doing with theirs. Of course, you would have opinions about the relationships of your close friends and family. But if your girlfriend has been showing an abnormal amount of interest in someone’s relationship, something has to be fishy.

The guy she has taken an interest in is likely in a relationship that she is obsessing over. You can test the waters by asking her why she is suddenly taking a magnifying glass on the guy’s relationship. If you don’t get a reasonable answer, it could be one of the signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

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6. She makes it seem that she is always busy

Another tactic for avoiding someone is simply portraying that you are way too busy to spare any time. In the modern age, your girlfriend can get too busy with her work. But the factor to consider here is intent. Relationships are built on conscious investments which are not always convenient. If there is no time, you make time or make up for the lost time eventually.

If she has been spending way more time at work than she used to and you see the intent lacking, it is a clear sign that your girlfriend is flirting with another guy at work, or she has simply lost interest in the relationship with you.

7. A newfound interest in things she used to avoid

When you are in a relationship, you get a fair idea of what your girlfriend enjoys and what she absolutely loathes. If she suddenly starts to show interest in an activity that she used to avoid, you’ll notice it, right? We are not saying she is all out guilty of cheating on you just because she has found interest in things she didn’t enjoy, but we would suggest you pay attention.

It is possible that her newfound interest in the ‘I don’t do that kinda thing’ could be because of a new guy she has her eye on. We tend to indulge in activities that please the people we want to impress or spend time with. ‘Signs your girlfriend likes another guy’ bell ringing quite aggressively.

8. She is stalking someone on social media

Social media is the new home. It is the best background check there is. We all generally check out profiles that we find interesting. But going on a cyberstalking spree has to be for someone we want to know everything about.

If you have found your girlfriend spending an awful lot of her time on social media, something is surely up. It is time you find ways to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy. Social media is the easiest place to check someone out, it is better you check out who she is checking out.

9. Whining and complaining are at an all-time high

When we are unhappy about something, our mind automatically starts to look for faults to reinforce that feeling. We all nag about something or the other in our relationships. But if it is all that she has been doing lately, there is something that is bothering her. It could be the fact that she is fostering feelings for someone else and is having a hard time wrapping her head around it.

Even if that is not the case, there is something wrong and it needs to be addressed. You can just sit back and wait for things to settle on their own. If you find yourself wondering about what to do if your girlfriend likes another guy, you need to have that difficult conversation with her.

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10. Dressing up differently

When it comes to dressing up, women surely lead the way in style. Even though they have way too many options to clothe themselves in, eventually you will notice a pattern. Being her boyfriend, we are sure you would know when she prefers to wear a nice dress and when she prefers casuals.

Even though we’ve all been following a set style, we tend to push our boundaries for people we want to impress. That could exactly be the case if you see your girlfriend’s style change suddenly. If she starts wearing skirts instead of her usual pants to work, you’d notice, right?

11. You caught her lying

There is a very thin line between the white lies and the dark ones. There is no place for dishonesty in a relationship. If there is a lie, there is something to hide. It can be a very messy thing to catch your partner lying. And if it is complemented by some of the other signs mentioned in this article, something has to give.

Lying about things like whereabouts, texts or conversations, especially when a third guy is involved, are major signs your girlfriend likes another guy. Lying is one of the classic tell-tale signs of manipulation. Some major steps have to be taken so that things do not get messier.

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12. She talks a lot about some guy

In most conversations, we talk about other people. Someone did something good, someone looked weird, someone is a pain in the back, etc, are things we usually talk about. But when your partner starts to mention someone in a specific way more than they usually do, your alpha male spidey sense should tingle.

Either she hates the guy or she likes him. Either way, you have to find out which one it is and be honest about how it makes you feel. No one likes to hear about some other guy from a girlfriend anyway.

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13. She has been spending a lot of her time on the phone

We and our phones have become one entity in the modern age. Like with everything, we tend to have patterns with our phone usage too. Often, our partners notice such patterns more than we do. And we are sure that you’d notice changes too. You see Cellphone and relationship problems go hand in hand.

So, how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy? If she blushes at texts, she doesn’t let you near her phone, she steps out to take her calls, etc are all signs that something is fishy. We wouldn’t suggest you spy on her phone behind her back, but a mature conversation should surely take place between the two of you.

We’d like to point out one very important thing though. All of the above-mentioned signs don’t necessarily point toward infidelity, but they surely expose some holes in your relationships. Your best guide is your gut feelings and if the signs and your gut are aligned, only then should you pursue this matter.

If and when you pursue this, we would urge you to take a mature route because an all-out blame game will yield no results. It will likely make it worse. You need to think carefully about the course of action. Find a way to communicate your feelings without blaming her character. Point out specific actions that made you feel a certain way. Make her feel safe so that she can be honest. If the worst is to follow, it is better you guys end it maturely after a thorough conversation.

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