13 Simple Ways To Win A Woman’s Heart

way to a woman's heart
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Courtship is a law of nature followed by animals and humans alike. An enthusiastic male has to go all the way out – singing and dancing – to woo the female he likes. He has to know how to win a woman’s heart. Even though not all human males can cavort, they are certainly eager and want to know more about courting women the right way. 

Perhaps courtship was a more suitable term in the colonial and romantic eras when women would have suitors. Dressed like dandies (picture Bridgeton) they would know how to win a woman’s heart – ask her out, pamper and then propose to her. The times have changed and so have the ways to win a woman’s heart. 

Courtship is now known as wooing. It is an important dating ritual with endless possibilities. The wooing goes beyond the nonchalant pampering in this woke era. Men have to be careful of the emotional quotient if they want to make a woman’s heart melt. The wooing has to be well-thought.

At the same time, a man must ensure that he is not the vile dandy, like the annoying Barney (played by the much-loved Neil Patrick Harris) from How I Met Your Mother. A love for material things and an affinity for attention is not the answer to how to win a woman’s heart.  

Then, a question may have trickled into your mind by now, what is the best way to win a woman’s heart? Only if there was one, the world would have been a happier place today. But, there are several ways to win a woman’s heart. Let us deliberate on a few.

How To Win A Woman’s Heart – 13 Simple Ways

Before we discuss tips to win over a woman’s heart, let us talk about grooming. Grooming does not count as a “way” to win a woman’s heart, it is a basic necessity. Men must take care of their hair – in all parts – smell good and dress neatly. No, I am not asking you to wear a well-finished suit with a matte waistcoat inside (or a top hat), but choose well-ironed, unalarming clothes. 

When I say unalarming, I draw your focus to softer and cleaner colors. There is no harm in experimenting with wardrobe or hairstyles of course. But look out for stains on clothes and don’t end up looking like a plucked chicken after a haircut or a shave. Now that we’ve covered the basics of presenting your most presentable version to the one you’re trying to win over, let us refocus on how to win a woman’s heart.

1. Be a good listener

win a woman's heart
You need to show that you are involved in a conversation with her

Whether you want to woo a woman you are interested in or are in a precarious situation that has led you to frantically look for answers to how to win a woman’s heart back after you have messed up, you need to listen to her first. Show her that you are involved in the conversation by asking relevant questions. If you have messed up, you may want to listen to the problems she has with you or the relationship. It may help you come up with solutions to the things that have gone awry between you folks.

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2. Become her friend 

If you want to win a woman’s heart forever, become her friend. Friendships are like warm comforters on a cold night. Friends can hang out and can be emotional hangers. So, go ahead and become her friend. However, you may want your romantic desires to take a backseat when you make the sacred, unconditional vow of friendship. When I say unconditional, I mean it. Don’t use friendship to manipulate her romantic feelings. Let the feelings develop naturally. I can assure you that if you guys ever get into a relationship, your friendship will make it last.  

3. How to win a woman’s heart without money: Be creative

Is it the end of the month with salary yet to be credited in your bank accounts but you see a window to impress her? It is time to think outside the box. You could woo her by actually finding out about your common interests. For instance, if you both like hiking, you could embark on a nature trail (provided she agrees) and strike a deep conversation at the pinnacle of the hill. It will be the one to remember.

4. Take her to your favorite spots 

Ah! Those childhood haunts. When I was a teenager, I would drive inside my town’s university campus to sit by a lake just to read. I have devoured Harry Potter books here and read Agatha Christie mysteries avidly. The spot evokes many memories even today for it was the beginning of my love for reading. So, when I dated a special someone I took them to this spot and took them on a trip down memory lane to that special experience. It struck an unspoken warm note between the both of us at that moment.

5. Let her know you are thinking about her

You could send her a friendly text in the middle of a frantic workday or call her to say hello. But don’t be obvious by having a boring conversation when you text or call. Politely enquire about her day and maybe crack a joke to make her laugh. Keep the conversation short and sweet as a long tirade may be perceived as an interruption. Don’t underestimate the power of small nothings – like a text or a call – as it could be a veritable answer to the looming question of how to win a woman’s heart.

6. How to win a woman’s heart with words: Share secrets 

Ever wondered, “What can I say to get close to a girl and win her heart?” Well, share your secrets or some experiences and memories that are deeply personal to you. If she gives you advice or recommends solutions to your problems, tell her that you appreciate her for taking out time to think about your issues. Be courteous and gentle because that is how you win a woman’s heart.  

7. Make eye contact while talking

make a woman's heart melt
Maintaining eye contact will make you feel confident

A date of mine once told me that I don’t make enough eye contact – my gaze wanders to my surroundings. She said that in such a scenario, any person would come across as uninteresting even if they knew how to win a woman’s heart with words. I told her I would work on it and so I did. I felt a lot more confident while talking. Also, eyes can often convey a lot of emotions that you are willing to show. If you are talking to the woman of your dreams, remember to smile with your eyes. That said, a note of caution: there is a thin line between admiring and gawking. Try not to cross it, please.

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8. What can I say to win a woman’s heart? Pay her compliments

If you want to win a woman’s heart with words, choose your compliments carefully. For instance, “Hey beautiful!” sounds like you are teasing. It may not hit the right notes if you’re trying to figure out how to win a woman’s heart. “You look great today” is a better alternative. 

Say it with a smile and in a gentle tone. Another way of wooing a woman with compliments is to include the good talk about her in casual conversation. For instance, if you want to woo her in a social setting and remember something admirable about her, mention it to the people around.

9. Customize a gift

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We have already established that you can certainly win a woman’s heart without money. But, if you do want to exercise your wallet, you can avoid stretching it too far. Instead, think well about the gift you want to give her – let it be unique and meaningful. If you want to make a grand gesture, you could actually pick up a skill, like pottery for instance, and give her your first product.

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10. Plan a memorable date

Well, if you really want to spend some cash, plan a complete date. It could comprise dinner and a movie, or a stroll in a beautiful park – make it memorable. If you are taking her out to dinner, ensure that the menu is of her liking. If you are a man who is trying to win a woman’s heart after you messed up, a good idea would be to recreate the first date or any other date from your happier times. 

11. How to win a woman’s heart online? Engage with her

If you have met a lady you like and added her on social media or connected with her on a dating app, you may want to know how to win a woman’s heart online. Start by getting your meme game on point. Tag her in funny, relevant memes. Like her pictures. If she has posted a pensive status, comment your thoughts without sounding cheesy. 

These tips, however, only apply if you know the woman you have added on social media. If you have formed a relationship online exclusively, I would recommend that you do not go out of your way to woo her. There is a chance you may get catfished by a man who is pretending to be a lovely lady just to squeeze expensive gifts out of you.

12. Be open to meeting her friends 

Friends are family you need to impress if you want to melt a woman’s heart. A person – be it a man or a woman – is the most comfortable around their friends. Their friends’ approval of you may matter. While impressing the entourage of friends, you don’t need to play a different person. Start a little shy, gauge the friend circle’s vibe and eventually, blend with it. A good conversation with them is also how you win a woman’s heart with words. 

13. Be yourself

“Be yourself” is a difficult, subjective statement! It is meant to be interpreted slightly differently. Being yourself actually means do not pull the shroud of a different personality if you want to win a woman’s heart forever. Refrain from lying about things that do not exist in your life. It is all right to accept your limitations. 

Now that we have discussed some simple approaches, you may want to ask what is the best way to win a woman’s heart? Or how to win a woman’s heart back if that is the scenario. The best way to woo a woman is to be patient. Courtship takes time, folks!

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