Taurus Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Relationships

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taurus man and Virgo woman

Are you a Taurus man who finds himself irrevocably in love with a Virgo woman? Or a Virgo woman who can’t help but feel her heart skip a beat for a Taurus man? If you believe in astrology and the power of stars to govern our fates, you may have found yourself wondering, “Is the Taurus man and Virgo woman compatibility good enough to sustain a happy relationship?” Or perhaps, you’re wondering whether you should be in a Virgo-Taurus relationship. 

Well, turns out, you’re in luck. Great luck actually because most astrologers out there describe these two astrological signs as a match made in heaven. Now, this match is deemed heavenly on several grounds: romantically, intellectually, and oh yes, sexually too! And why is that? Let’s dive into the details of Taurus man and Virgo woman love compatibility in consultation with astrologer and Vastu consultant Kreena Desai.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Traits In Love

Ruled by Venus and depicted by the bull, a Taurus man does not always welcome change. Taurus males like routine and prefer to do things the way they deem right. But they are also known for their patience, strength of character, and infectious energy. Caring, understanding, and an impeccable listener, a Taurus man in love is sensual and loves to make sure their partner is satisfied and comfortable. 

Now let’s look at a Virgo woman’s traits. Ruled by Mercury and depicted by the virgin woman, a Virgo woman is very dependable, affectionate, and caring. She does not detest change but prefers it when change occurs within their area of understanding. A Virgo woman is also the poster girl of love and care. Once she comes to trust you, which may take some time, she will stay by your side, come hell or high water. 

Kreena says, “When these two earth signs come together, emotions take precedence and you watch the unfolding of a balanced, loving, and nurturing relationship.” 

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Taurus Man And Virgo Woman Sexual Compatibility

Are there any fireworks when a Taurus man and Virgo woman are in bed together? What is the physical intimacy between the two like? Well, the sex life of a Taurus man-Virgo woman couple is quite literally lit. Since they’re both earth signs, the sex between them can be very sensual and rhythmic. 

A Taurus man has a great gift for connecting with a sexual partner. A Taurus is an earth person who can make their partner feel relaxed by giving them attention and focusing on their pleasure. This is helpful because a Virgo woman may be shy between the sheets at first. With a Taurus partner, she can have a satisfying and smooth sexual experience. 

Speaking of Virgo and Taurus compatibility sexually, Kreena says, “A Taurus man appreciates a Virgo woman’s intelligence. While a Taurus is bolder, they can help a Virgo get more comfortable with expressing their desires and experimenting. A Virgo, on the other hand, can add to the experience by being the more subdued yet encouraging partner. It is best if neither of them has high expectations from the other.”

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus and people born under this sign perceive sex differently. They tend to explain what tenderness and passion mean to them. A Taurus man will explain to their Virgo partner the tender, carefree, and beautiful aspect of sex. If a Virgo woman understands this, these zodiac signs will make one hell of a power couple.

Overall, a Taurus man and a Virgo woman are both fond of approaching their partner with sensuality. They also love hugging and cuddling their partners. This inherent proclivity toward physical touch can heighten the passion and sexual chemistry between Virgo and Taurus.

taurus man and virgo woman sexual compatibility
Taurus man and Virgo woman sexual compatibility

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Emotional Compatibility

Cassie, a musician from Manhattan, shared her experience with us, “My boyfriend is a Taurus and I’m a Virgo female. He is a hard-working man. We’re both earth signs and throughout these five years we’ve been together, I have seen that we balance each other out. He loves my music and my humor. I love how passionate he is and how much safety and warmth he brings to our relationship. I’ve heard a lot of Virgo-Taurus soulmate stories and now, after dating Matt, I know why it’s truly magical. What adds to this magic in our relationship is that we’re always best friends before lovers.”

That special ingredient that makes a love affair go from being functional to boundlessly happy – like Cassie and Matt’s – is nothing but a foundation of friendship. This is where the Taurus- Virgo emotional compatibility is rooted because they make the best of friends. Explaining why a Taurus man and Virgo woman can have incredible friendship within their romantic relationship, Kreena gives us the following reasons:

  • They are very honest with each other about their flaws 
  • They both are lovers of the finer things in life
  • They love spending quality time together and being romantic with each other  
  • They unitedly value structure and have a growth mindset

Now, in a romantic scenario, a Virgo may not recognize their feelings right at first. They require some time to build trust and invest in a long-lasting relationship. A Taurus can show brilliant patience when they fall in love and help to build that trust and love. If a Taurus and Virgo are not too afraid to fall in love and are not very hesitant with each other, they can build a deep and meaningful relationship based on a strong emotional bond. 

Chris, a bookstore owner who lives with his Virgo girlfriend and their dog in Los Angeles, says, “Sarah loves stability and makes me feel at home. With her, I don’t feel anxious and insecure about whether our relationship will last a month or a year. And why is that so significant to me? Well, I’m a Taurus male and change isn’t my strong suit, you know. I love how stable and nurturing our love is. 

“Since she’s come into my life, I’ve also learned to appreciate the little things on a deeper level. We’ve learned about the fundamentals of support in a relationship and it has impacted our love life positively. Her skills rub off on me and I feel encouraged to approach things with that same vigor. With Sarah, my pug, Buddy, and my books, my life has changed all for the better.” What Chris has experienced with his girlfriend can be seen in most Taurus-Virgo relationships, especially the ones where the man is Taurus and the woman a Virgo. 

Kreena explains, “Virgo females are hard workers and they try everything they can to keep their emotions stable. The same is true of Taurus males as well. They both are very reliable in being there for one another and patient in dealing with each other’s mood swings. These two signs love the comfort of being there with each other and truly spending time one-on-one to grow and develop.”

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Taurus Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Sure, a Taurus man and Virgo woman check a lot of boxes in what would be a dream relationship checklist, but how do they build a relationship that’s compatible, healthy, and loving?

Kreena answers, “A Taurus man will provide the stability the Virgo woman craves. He can be her true love and the encouraging element in a Virgo woman’s life and she can help him calm down. He can match up to her harshness or need for perfection. A Virgo woman, on the other hand, can ground the Taurus man. She is loyal and can also handle his strong views. If these elements are present, I’ve seen that it makes a Taurus man and Virgo woman compatible in building a wonderfully romantic and healthy relationship.”

Jimmy, a Virgo man, and Nancy, a Taurus woman, first met when Jimmy was filming with Drew Barrymore. Yes, we’re talking about Jimmy Fallon and his rendezvous with the love of his life during this Saturday Night Live stint. Sometime later, the pair came together for a project and started dating. Sparks flew, he proposed, they got married, and later welcomed two beautiful daughters into their lives. 

You may have heard a lot about such Taurus and Virgo celebrity couples. There are several stories where a Taurus woman and a Virgo man have created their version of a fairytale. Of course, there are problems every couple faces, but, in most cases, these couples do find a way to weather the storms. Kreena explains why that is. She says, “Their relationship could work out well in the following ways:

  • Virgo woman can patiently and tactfully deal with Taurus stubbornness
  • Taurus males can give Virgo women the push they need to get things done
  • Virgo women can help Taurus men let go of grudges by making them see reason
  • Taurus can convincingly divert Virgo’s mind and attention from wanting to have everything a particular way

Moreover, what stands out here is that both are very open in discussing their problems and finding solutions.”

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Taurus And Virgo Relationship Problems 

As dreamy as this relationship sounds, like any other, it doesn’t come without its share of hurdles and shortcomings. So, let’s also take a look at what happens in a Virgo-Taurus fight. What causes these fights and how do these get resolved? Does it get resolved at all? Kreena offers some insight into Taurus men and Virgo women’s relationship red flags and problems:

  • Both are equally stubborn
  • A Virgo can get very critical of a Taurus partner’s flaws and the Taurus may take a long time to get over it because they don’t usually let go of things 
  • Both do not change their point of view quickly and can get stuck in their way of doing things 
  • A Taurus can get stuck in the monotony of routine because of not being able to adapt too quickly and this may be suffocating for a Virgo partner
  • A Virgo may not know how to properly express their discomfort to their partner without being harsh
  • Both can get very carried away by society and people’s expectations of what needs to be done

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Kreena suggests some unique astrological remedies to improve the compatibility in a Taurus man and Virgo woman relationship. She says, “A Taurus-Virgo couple can use any creative activity like dancing or painting as a way to improve their bond. It can help if the Virgo woman writes down what’s bothering them about their partner before sharing these concerns with her partner. Likewise, a Taurus man should not bottle up emotions. It can also help if these couples avoid serious or difficult conversations at night. These are a few tips that have helped my clients go a long way.”

Key Pointers

  • Taurus man and Virgo woman have a soulmate connection and can be considered a match made in heaven
  • Since they’re both earth signs, a relationship between them can be very sensual, nurturing, balanced, and rhythmic
  • In a Taurus-Virgo relationship, stubbornness, constant criticism, rigidity, and strong views can lead to multiple fights
  • Their shared view of the importance of structure, growth, and quality time, combined with their emotional maturity and communication skills, can build a perfect match

Finally, Kreena says, “Overall, they are a 9/10 in terms of compatibility. In a relationship between a Taurus and Virgo, their emotional maturity is their biggest strength. Also, their ability to communicate with each other and will to fulfill each other’s needs really stand out.” What else do you need to build a happy, healthy, and passionate love life? So, take a leap of faith and follow your heart in pursuing that Taurus man or Virgo woman you can’t stop thinking about. Your perfect love story is waiting to unfold. 

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