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The latest trend in the world of relationships – A Divorce Party!

Divorce is still treated as a taboo and far from being an occasion of celebration.Not anymore..

We Indians live in a society where once we attain a certain age; we tend to hear the word ‘marriage’ a lot. How marriages are God’s will since it is ‘He’ who is the divine matchmaker. How every man and woman’s ultimate destination is to tie the knot. But hey, for Hindus the knot remains tied for seven birth and death cycles! So imagine the moral, religious and social weight put upon this word and progressively needled into our minds.

If marriage is the altar of hope, love, happiness, social status and well being then its ugly sibling is divorce. It is everything marriage is not. Divorcees are treated as disrupters of the balance of society and are ostracised as bad influences on others. In fact, once you cease to be in marriage, you cease to have an identity, you cease to be human, and you cease to have feelings.

But there is one person who gave a thought about the jilted feelings of a divorcee. Her name is Christine Gallagher and yes, she is a Divorce Party Planner. Christine was devastated to see her friend so depressed after her fiancé left her, broken, for his ex-wife. It was as if everything she had put into came into nought. Christine wanted to simply boost the self-confidence of her friend once again and make her laugh. And what better method than to throw a party? And since then Christine has helped organise 200 parties, helping women take that little step into their new life. She is based in Los Angeles, California and is now receiving calls from Saudi Arabia and India as well.

As much as we Indians love parties, this party theme is certainly going to be a bold and unorthodox move for us. As much as a marriage is a cause for celebration, an equal cause for abhorrence is divorce. I recall the time when my cousin got a divorce earlier this year. She said she can feel the contempt in the expressions of people even when they are trying hard to be compassionate. And around four years ago, when my other cousin had his divorce, we were all asked to erase every form of evidence of his marriage including pictures on our cell phones.

So, divorce is still treated as a taboo and far from being an occasion of celebration. We traditionalists are yet to accept that marriage far from being divine or holy, marriage is a human choice. No one can predict if the events, people, personalities, families and life will turn out perfectly, even after putting every possible effort. And the only thing divorcees need from us is not our jeers and mockery but a little push to help them laugh and love once again.

And don’t you think that the lightest and the most fun way would be to throw them a party?

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