8 Things Cheating Says About A Person

Sukanya Majumdar
Things Cheating Says About a Person

It is almost an impossible thing to have one fine glance or one close look at an individual and determine whether you are looking at a chronic cheater or someone who is essentially a cheater in the making. Chances are that even if you get into a casual or serious relationship with someone, or in some cases social marriage takes place, the very fact that the other person is a cheater, has been cheating on you consistently in the present, or has cheated in the past might,` come into light much later during the course of the relationship. There are things cheating says about a person and if you realise a person is cheating on you at a time in a relationship when there is a possibility of getting out of it, then don’t ignore these facts.

8 Things Cheating Says About a Person

What does cheating say about a person? Generally, the act of cheating is considered to be unforgivable in case of a committed relationship or a marriage and there are certain giveaways about the person who has been involved in cheating consistently or has cheated once in the due course of the relationship. Either way, it is a deal-breaker for most couples. Here are some of the things that the act of cheating says about a person.

1. They lack decisiveness

need strong will power

Cheaters have no will power Image source

Being decisive and coming to a concrete decision requires strong will power that these people simply just lack. They cannot make up their mind on their choice of an individual as their partner or companion who will be constant in their life. These people are certainly not trustworthy when it comes to maintaining long-term, committed relationships. “It was just a ONE-time incident,” this is one of the very common things people say when they cheat and after their partner finds this out some way or the other. In most cases, cheating manifests in the form of physical intimacy with someone else outside the relationship. Of course, without the partner having any knowledge about it.

2. They are not mentally strong

Cheating also depicts this vital fact about an individual: they just are not mentally strong enough to remain loyal and committed to one individual in their life, who on the other hand, has placed enough trust on them to remain in their life as a faithful partner for so long.

One of the common excuses for cheating that cheaters make up is the emotional distance that has come about between the two partners who are in the relationship. They might even start completely blaming the person on the other end that they were not attentive enough or caring enough. These are the excuses for cheating that they give, just to gain the upper hand in the situation. These people need to ask themselves, was it lack of emotional intimacy, or simply craving for attention that led to the cheating in the first place?

3. They are pros at lying

Remember, a cheater will go to any extent to cover up their lies and they will not feel one bit of regret for lying, or for playing with your emotions. They will plan extensively beforehand, for backing up the lies that they tell you.

They cover up their lies Image source

They will cancel plans and makeup with believable excuses like they have had a long hard day at work and that they feel extremely tired and want to rest in your arms, while they are aware of the fact that they are lying and have been with someone else all this while. They will do this when they have been away from you, perhaps after having cancelled plans of an outing with you.

And more often than not, the other person totally believes in their lies and it becomes too late before they can look at all the warning signs, which ironically have been there all this while but fiercely kept private and guarded by the cheater, to protect themselves.

4. They make impulsive decisions

Why do people cheat in relationships? Is it the high, the adrenaline rush that comes with the risk that one takes while cheating on their partner/spouse?

Some say it is the daring and impulsive choice that makes the cheaters feel like they are the most invincible people on the planet and they go about their way. They are completely oblivious as to how their actions would mentally and emotionally affect the other one in the relationship.

5. They are secretive

Cheaters are very secretive Image source

A cheater’s basic instinct is to keep every single minute detail of their personal life private and always keeping his privacy closely guarded. This is one of the most common things that cheaters say and do, simply because they do not want to get caught and leave any trails of their actions behind.

Hiding is a common part of almost every cheater’s behavioural pattern. Most of them do not have any social media presence, or even if they do, their social media account is usually created under a different fake name. This is done because a cheater is very much aware that today, with Google tracking down even the most minute details of our personal life, more so with the help of social media, it is very easy to leave a trace of your action behind.

In addition to this, it is very normal for them to be carrying around two or more cellphones, each one with some intense privacy settings, passwords and private picture galleries. They just won’t let themselves get caught that easily.

6. They are always ready with excuses

A cheater always has excuses to put forward for their actions. One of the most common excuses for cheating that cheaters put up is that they were not physically and emotionally satisfied in the relationship, hence making a desperate attempt to justify their actions.

They might even say that it was a ‘one-time thing’ after their partner finds out about their actions and questions them. They never let themselves take full responsibility for their actions and instead try to put rose-coloured glasses on the other person’s eyes.

7. They are good in diverting

They are great at diverting topics Image source

They always divert the topic of conversation to something else whenever they are questioned. Ever asked your partner about that office colleague (usually the opposite gender) who happens to be their close friend and get smug replies in return or a complete change in the topic of discussion.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that they have been consistently fooling around or getting cosy with their “friend” in and around the office. Changing the topic suddenly and drifting off suddenly to something completely different is one of the most common predictors.

8. Cheaters repeat the actions

Cheaters who have once broken your trust are very much likely to do the same by repeating their actions: Statistics scream, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. Therefore, you must be wary when you give someone another chance in the relationship/marriage, especially when the person has cheated multiple times previously. You must be well-aware that you are taking a chance here yourself as well, for you stand the risk of getting badly hurt here if they cheat again.

Cheaters do change their ways, in a few cases, this has been witnessed. They go back to being completely committed to their partner, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. In some cases, it has also been seen that the bond in the marriage becomes strong after cheating has happened, although a lot of work is put into this as well. Whether you choose to stick with them, or not, is completely up to you.

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