How can touch spice up your chemistry with your man?

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Updated On: May 4, 2022
Touch spices up chemistry between couples

Touch is a more powerful love language than words. Even when the words can be articulated in love ballads and poetic expressions, still they cannot match the magic of the experience called touch. This ‘touchy’ superpower can establish a bonding between two lovers and strengthen their romantic relationship. More than that, it can help you refine your chemistry with him and make him yours forever. Wondering how? Tactile gestures like holding his hand or hugging can help you express your true love to him and touch his soul like no other way. And of course, touch can work wonders when you are in a seductive mood for your man.

As we all know, every man too likes to be touched and sees it as a next-level advancement to a romantic relationship. But there is more to this ‘skin-sense’ that you can imagine.

Don’t believe this? Then you need to learn the science of secret touch dynamics and implement them to spice up your chemistry.

The science of touch

Touch is the first sense we develop as humans, much before any other senses. So, in a way, it is a pure and heartfelt way of bonding that helps us communicate our feelings precisely. This science of human touch is much more nuanced, advanced and elaborate than we can perceive. It has the roots to all the human goodness in life. As per studies, we can channelise this power to express our multiple positive emotions like joy, happiness, gratitude, triumph, and even love.

When the one you love is in deep pain, you hold his hand and assure him of your support. That energy transmitted through touch is palpable. In such emotional situations, you are expressing your feelings accurately, that too without any use of words. That’s the power of touch. Not only that, we can decode the emotions of our fellow human beings via touch alone. So, it would be right to say ‘What we feel is how we touch’.

But as we evolved, we became refined and articulate in our ways of expression and somehow lost touch with this super sense. But worry not! We all are naturally blessed with this secret superpower. All we need is to reconnect with it and enjoy its intuitive power, even in romantic relationships. So, here we are presenting how ‘touch’ can transform your equation with the man and make him yours forever.

Believe it or not, the ‘Science of touch’ can make you happier and more positive as a couple. The foundation of human relationships, this tactile communication can deepen your connection with him. If you know the right ways of touching your man, all we can say is ‘he is all yours’.

Now, when we talk about touch, there is physical touch, which is a non-verbal gesture, and a heartfelt touch, which is intangible. In couple relationships, we explore the sense of touch through non-verbal cues and deepen the soulful connections. With the genuine physical connection, you can express your affection, flirt with him and express your intimacy. For your guidance, let us give you the right ‘touch’ ways with which you can woo your man and build chemistry with him at different stages of your relationship.

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Touch a man to flirt

You enjoy his company and see it as a great sign to start flirting with him. At that point, you can easily use the sense of touch in the initial levels of flirting. Tap his shoulder in a friendly manner as you encourage his participation in a leisure activity like dancing or a live performance. Notice his way of dressing and compliment him. Guys also love compliments but are reticent in accepting them. Comment if he is wearing a new jacket; tell him the colour suits him a lot while feeling the material. If he is taking some time to respond and smiles at it, chances are he is enjoying your excuses for touching him.

Hang around casually like buddies by putting your hand gently on his shoulder while telling a joke or laughing. Don’t go intense at the initial levels of flirting. Use it as a way to gauge his interest in you and avoid the advances if you feel a cold response from his end. As you walk next to him, touch him subtly using your hands. Don’t make it look quite obvious. Do it casually like a slight brush of fingers with his hands. If he notices and smiles at you, take it as a go-ahead signal and hold his hand.

While on a dinner date, remove your shoe and tease him with your foot. Make it look like you are stretching and notice his reaction. If he smiles back, then he is definitely into you. Or you may start playing footsie with him for a fun, teasing time. These initial ways of subtle flirting can fire up an intense and passionate romance between you both.

How to arouse a man with touch?

After wooing him through subtle flirting, it’s time to charge up your relationship physically. Yes, we are talking about intimacy and how the power of touch can help you plan your moves further and indulge deeper in this relationship. Ladies, here you have this superpower that can guarantee you great intimacy and empower you with the love. You can easily make a man yours with this love-language. Let us explore it precisely in this section.

  1. Hugs: A simple hug can present a superbly arousing opportunity for men and women alike. Make eye contact with him, spread your arms and hug him around his neck. You will not just be showing your affection through this intense hug, but also wrapping him in a passionate embrace.
    Or hug him from back and surprise him. Let him feel your intense breath on the back of his neck and he will take no time to turn around and shower you with kisses
  2. Running the fingers on the face: Usually, it’s the guys who explore the beauty of your face gently with their fingers. But did you know girls can also replicate this sensory experience for their partners? You are in love with the man, and caressing the facial features gives him a strong hint of it. Make him feel at ease in your company while using your hands to massage his forehead and temples in a slow and sensual way. Not only he will be freed of the accumulated stress, but also be turned on in no time. Don’t miss tracing his facial bones with your fingertips. Explore his face slowly and he will like it for sure. His lips are a Cupid’s bow for some reason. Caressing around the lip line and lips triggers the numerous sensory nerves and releases a relaxing love hormone called oxytocin. This will give an eclectic response to your chemistry and you can lead up the action with a kiss on his lips and/or all over the face
  3. Backrubs/massages: Relaxing is an important part of arousing any man. So, when it comes to touch, make sure he is comfortable and relaxed. Backrubs and massages around shoulder area are a sensual turn-on ways that express greater love and caring and help him get rid of any stress. Just let him close his eyes and experience relief from accumulated strain and muscle tension. For a more relaxing effect, use your elbows gently around his shoulder blades for him to feel casually relaxed. Gradually, you will end up arousing a man sexually as well
  4. Caresses: Sensitive spots around the whole body where you can’t massage can be explored intimately via caressing and stroking. Ladies, with this form of touch, you can stimulate the sensitive spots and make him yearn for you more and more. Couple it with kissing your man and start by caressing his body parts softly, leading to passionate love-making. If you don’t know the super-sensitive spots to caress in a man’s body, then start from the back of his head, neck, ears, cheeks, inner thighs and turn him on like crazy

Now you’ve got a clue on how to arouse a man and make him feel wanted just by using your hands. So ladies, use that ‘touchy-superpower’ to your advantage and spice up your chemistry with him.

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