When I Find My Husband Irresistible – 5 Women Confess

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Updated On: August 23, 2023

Sometimes in life we lose sight of why we fell in love with our partners in the first place. But then they do something that melts our heart and reminds us of all the good times. Marriage is an institution where you could feel that you cannot tolerate your husband at one moment and then it takes just a cuddle from him or an enticing whisper in your ears that instantly makes your husband desirable and you feel your husband is irresistible.

Why I Find My Husband Irresistible

Differences are inevitable in a marriage, you could be like chalk and cheese and as the years go by you could find that you are fighting all the more. But is it the making up part that you look forward to? Does he sneak up behind you and give you a tight bear hug? These are are some irresistible things that guys do. Your husband could be really sexy or good looking and you just can’t take your eyes off him even after years of marriage. You keep stealing glances at him when you are together at a party or social do. This is because you find your husband irresistible. Here are some women recounting how and why they find their husband irresistible from time to time.

1. “When he finds my things”

Google can take a step back when it comes to the things I’m looking for. I sometimes feel that I’ll lose my head if it was not attached to my shoulders. Me and my daughter Mira are of the same kind. We leave everything where we sit and then move to the next location. My watch, my glasses, my purse, and everything that I disperse around magically find their way back to the place they should be. Tuhin is the greatest magician I’ve ever seen. In the morning when I’m in a hurry and I can’t even remember what I’m looking for, Tuhin is always there with the right object at hand. And moreover, he always does it with a smile. In that moment I feel he is the most irresistible man in the whole universe.”

2. “When he is proud of me”

“Yes, I know I suffer from a complex. I come from a small town and Vikram is from the city. I used to feel stupid all the time. But I love the moments when Vikram is proud of me. He makes me realise that I am special, unique among the collection of his acquaintances. When he mentions me to his friends with pride in his voice about something I’ve said or done, I feel like I’m up in the clouds. He never looks at me as though I am lacking something. He gives me the courage to carry on and make my mark in this great city. His pride and belief in me makes me go weak in my knees. I just find my husband irresistible. ”

When he is proud of me
When he is proud of me

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3. “I find my husband irresistible when he understands me”

“Hi, I’m Lili and I suffer from chronic depression. Deep and I have been together for so long, but I was scared of getting married because I knew that my depression will obviously be a bother if we started living together. You know, I asked Deep, ‘You have seen me at my worst, why do you still love me?’ He just smiled and said, ‘Now that I’ve seen you at your worst, I know that the best is yet to come.’ Nights that I feel particularly bad, Deep just lets me cuddle up to him and lets me rest my head on his chest and sleep. He never asks for an explanation or reason. Can you tell me, is there a better person than Deep for me? Why wouldn’t I find my husband irresistible?”

4. “He takes over all responsibility when he is around”

“You have heard me complain about how Soumen is out at sea almost all the year, but have I told you that whenever he’s back, he makes everything about me? It is supposed to be his holidays but he takes on most of the work. He gives me breakfast in bed, pampers me…spoils me actually. It’s not just all mushy stuff. He takes responsibility of parents too. Not just his but mine too. All that I do when he’s here is put my legs up and relax. That is why I feel so lazy just after he leaves. Nothing feels the same without him. My life has two distinct parts: Being happy and being without Soumen. Seriously, the irresistible things guys can do.”

He takes over all responsibility when he is around
He takes over all responsibility when he is around

5. “When he stands up for me”

“I married a Bengali guy. I left my city, my friends and family and settled down in Kolkata with him. And I never regret it: You know why? Because Abhro is the best guy you could find anywhere. I would go with him anywhere he leads me. I faced a lot of problems, from my family and his. But Abhro always stood up for me. It was always us against the world. I knew it when he stood up for me against his whole family. I remember him standing there, holding my hand and saying, ‘If my wife is not accepted in this house, I can’t stay here either. I’ll follow her wherever she’s respected.’ He’s my knight in shining armour, who will defend me even against his own family. I can always win the day with his support and love. He is and will always be my one true hero.”

When he stands up for me
When he stands up for me

Now you know why these wives find their husbands irresistible. It’s not only about being sexy or good looking it’s about doing the things that make their wives feel special.

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