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6 things to whisper in his ears and make him blush

Do you want to make your man blush? Here's a few things that might bring the colour to his face
Blushing man

Is making a man blush, a tough trick to pull off?

Nope. Not really.

Men are more susceptible to feeling scandalised than you can imagine.

Brothers from the same and other mothers discuss anything and everything under the sun, that too in explicit detail. The men represented in films and storybooks are lit with a masculine confidence that makes the shy damsel blush, not the other way around.

Well, there is a way around. Let us narrow it down to six things you can whisper in his ears to make him blush, for a change.

1. “I am going commando”

Voila! That gets you a whopping shade of crimson feathering his cheeks and ears. Be gentle and gauge your victim well, because opening your date night with this comment might result into a quick run to the Emergency Room.

Though taught to fancy a woman without her underwear in a formal situation, your man was not prepared to be in that particular place himself.

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  1. Whoa!!! I would definitely like to try out these 😛

    Sounds really interesting!

    I know making your guy smile is one of the sexiest things in a relationship! There is something about the way his entire face lights up with happiness as he looks adoringly at you!

    Let’s try out!

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