6 Things To Whisper in His Ears and Make Him Blush

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Updated On: August 31, 2021
Sensuous things to say to your guy to make him blush

‘You have beautiful eyes.’ She whispered in his ears and though he was not fair enough for the cheeks to redden, the slight smile on his lips and the quick gulp of his throat meant she had won the bet from her friend that she could make him blush. Men seem to have a monopoly on making their girls blush but with the new millennials dating what is good for the goose is good for the gander. And yes, the couple we spoke about above are now dating. What started as a casual bet is now a full-fledged relationship, because let’s agree that men love to be complimented and too and if you know the art of the sweet things to whisper in his ears you will floor him and find him grinning long after you have left.

The men in Bollywood, in chick flick novels, in advertisements, are packed with masculine confidence who get their shy damsels to blush and make them fall in love with the heroes. Here we are offering you some tips- romantic, naughty and fun to whisper in his ears and make him blush and make him fall in love with you. Close your eyes and imagine someone whispering in your ears, softly, seductively, lightly almost like a feather touching your nape, remember how it sent those good shivers down your body, how it made your cheeks redden, we will now use this on the men!

What causes a guy to blush?

What does blushing really mean? In one simple term, it means that you are self-conscious! Physiologically, blushing occurs when an emotional trigger causes your glands to release the hormone adrenaline in your body. Most of the time it is because the person you are attracted to has put you on a spot, a sweet spot. Maybe she has flirted or teased you or paid a compliment. Or just made deep eye contact. Women, since this is a new territory you have to work a little hard to see their blush, also do not forget about those damn beards which are so much in fashion these days. How on earth do you see those tanned cheeks colour beneath all that facial hair? Not easy, but you can. The face expresses all emotions.

So what causes a guy to blush? Here are a few reasons:-

  • He is shy, an introvert and when he finds this woman he likes, speak something to him directly, especially with eye contact, the man can literally go weak in his knees and that will make him blush.
  • He knows that you know that he likes you. You have just complimented him, ‘Nice work on the project today’ and you will find him blush. This is awkward for him and his response is turn beet red!
  • He is thinking about you and you turn around and look at him and smile, he will blush.
  • You have put him on a spot and all he can think of is that you are seeing him right then and there. He blushes!

Concentration, praise, and sudden attention all also can spark the slow-burning pink glow. Make your man feel pampered, tease him, be sift and gentle as he is with you. Whisper sweet things in his ears and play with the redness that emerges.

Is making a man blush, a tough trick to pull off?

Well, there is a way around. Let us narrow it down to six things you can whisper in his ears to make him blush, for a change.

1. “I am going commando”

Lean into him with the wine glass and whisper, ‘I am going commando’  Voila! That gets you a whopping shade of crimson feathering his cheeks and ears. Going commando means you are not wearing any underwear. Be gentle and gauge your victim well, because opening your date night with this comment might result in a quick run to the Emergency Room.

Though taught to fancy a woman without her underwear in a formal situation, your man was not prepared to be in that particular place himself.

You, girl, have got his attention.

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2. “Meet me in five”

Men can blush easily you just have to know the things to tell them
Meet me in five

Drop something under the table and ask him to look for it, seductively. As he bends under inch closer to him and whispers in his ears, ‘meet me in five’. Maintain eye contact and see him blush. Wait, that’s not it. Let me illustrate the scene: A dinner date at a restaurant it still is. Now leaning over the table, you whisper this much; then stand up and meaningfully walk towards the washroom. His colour might give you guys a way to the watchful eyes of the waiter, nothing that cannot be fixed with a sensible tip amount. But your blushing man sitting at the table looking frazzled is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. The rest of the course will be between you, him and the washroom.

3. “Dessert at my place?”

A lovely conversation over a full-course meal. Now comes the moment of ordering something sweet. What could be a sweeter offer than to invite him to your apartment for a nightcap? Or you could also literally have dessert back at your place but with a dirty twist. Yes, your man has reached these conclusions and a couple more in his mind the moment you whispered this. Your man will find it hard to keep his thoughts to himself, as his colour is going to betray him.

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4. “Do you want to stay over?”

Men can blush easily you just have to know the things to tell them
Stay over

He is dropping you home and as you open the car door lean into him and whisper softly ‘do you want to stay over’, watch him blush. Your coy lover blushes again as he realises your parents are not home and that you, and not him, are making all the sexual advances. His colour will rise as he realises that chickening out is not an option anymore. Enjoy his awkward blush as he finds a place to make himself comfortable in your house. Till that time go make a sandwich for him to balance things out, maybe?

5. “I want you to lie still”

Yes, domination can make him blush. I agree he can just be blushing at the embarrassment of being dominated by a woman, but after the initial male entitlement passes, the colour staining his cheeks will be that of excitement and anticipation.

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6. “Is this your first?”

Men can blush easily you just have to know the things to tell them
Your first

I don’t blame you for asking, as he has persistently blushed through the evening as you repeated advances after advances. This blush will need your attention: it could be the virginal blush of your sweet man or a red flush of hurt ego. Be prepared to handle either situation. My job is to inform you about the techniques of ‘how-to’; now I shall take my leave.

Things to whisper in his ear in public

One sure shot trick is to tease your guy when in a public space. It is thrilling to do something hidden from the people right in front of you. It could be like a secret just between the two of you, in a room full of friends, and that can be extremely alluring.

Is there an ear which is better for this? According to new research, the key to capturing the attention of a lover could be boosted massively by whispering into the left ear. The logic is simple left ear is controlled by the right brain which is the emotional brain as against the other side which is the practical brain. So make sure you are on his left, make sure you have worn his favourite perfume lean into him gently and whisper in full public view. Make it quick and short but seductive. Here are some to start you with.

    • Damn you’re sexy
    • You smell so good, I am glad you are not wearing any cologne
    • You make me feel safe
    • You make me happy as no one else can
    •  Your eyes are so pretty
    • I am so tempted to brush my hands over your arms
    • Are you thinking what I am
    • Why is everything so beautiful these days
    • Your smile makes me go dizzy

Flirting with your eyes is extremely attractive and alluring to men, you can try this especially in public spaces.

A study from the University of California, Berkeley, found that people who blush not only appear more generous and trustworthy but actually may be more generous and trustworthy. Make your man blush and fall in love with each other over and over again!

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