8 reasons why you must block your ex right away

Priya Chaphekar
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There’s always that one person in our life we keep blocking during the day and unblocking in the night (just to take a peek at his profile picture). It’s utterly relieving to see that he’s gained a little weight or he’s still single, innit? But sugar, that ain’t healthy. Here’s a fool-proof list of eight reasons why it’s important to block that guy who broke your heart.

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It’ll drain your energy

Trust me, it’s exhausting, heart-wrenching and devastating to see who your ex is following, who’s following him and liking his post-gym selfies. And then you suddenly spot this one pea-brained @cutiegal with bunny filter ‘loving’ all his pictures. The collywobbles set in – “Such a coquette. Does she pick her clothes up from the kids’ section?” – you’re already having a bitchfest with your BFF in London, who starts stalking her profile. And then before you know it, it’s already midnight and the chances of you waking up for your 6 am run are reduced to a tiny sliver. Do you really need all this unnecessary fluff?

The game of comparison

Want to portray a perfect life? Well there’s no better place than social media. If you haven’t blocked your ex yet, you’ll see his check-ins at exotic places and stories bursting with colours (and hormones?). “Eh, I have a better life,” you’ll smirk and book a posh villa ASAP. God forbid it’s your salary day. There’s nothing wrong with going out with your friends and having a good time, but it’s important that you do it for yourself and not to make your ex go green with jealousy.

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It’s easier to move on

Remember those casual dates you went out for in the early 2000s? Do you really think about those guys any more? Of course you don’t. Also because they’re now fat and bald. But seriously, those breakups didn’t affect us so much. We healed over time. We healed because we didn’t keep reopening our wounds. Our exes hang around all the time now. We also have mutual friends; and that somehow makes it so difficult to move on. Once you block him, you won’t miss him so much. It’ll take time, but you’ll move on eventually.

Don’t make excuses

“He’ll think I hate him”, “That’ll seem so rude” – all these excuses are a mask. The real deal is that you just don’t want to block him. Because once you do, you won’t have access to his whereabouts. You’re just not ready to relocate to another camp, because this one has offered comfort for far too long. You’re just trying to dodge the truth in favour of the feel-good fantasy.

Free up some space

Whether it’s your wardrobe or your life – everything needs a revamp. On our journey, we tend to lose out on so many friends and we accept the fact that our journey with them was supposed to be a short one. Then why not our exes?

On our journey, we tend to lose out on so many friends and we accept the fact that our journey with them was supposed to be a short one. Then why not our exes?

Blocking the ex will free up a lot of space – you won’t have to fret about your display pictures or your status updates. Plus, you’ll open new horizons and get attention from the right people.

Banish the ‘oops’ moment

When your ex is on your contact list, there’s a good chance you’ll drunk dial or butt dial him on a drunken night. It’s bad if he’s awake – you’ll drunk text and won’t remember anything the next morning. It’s worse if he has slept – he’ll see your messages the next morning and want to have a conversation. You’ll begin a brand new day by digging harder into your past, playing blame games and feeling miserable at the end of it all – why?

Start from scratch

Never forget the reason why you broke up – it could be a breach of trust, irreconcilable differences or lack of interest. Whatever it is, remind yourself that you are enough; that you don’t need to cling on to someone who doesn’t see your true value. Start fresh. Delete old chats and emails. Delete his phone number. Get busy.

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The PMS disaster

Your ex has to be the first person you think of when you’re on one of those notorious mood swings. You’ll abuse him all the time, but there’ll be this sudden surge of emotion just before your period. And if you haven’t blocked him yet, you’ll creep into bed with a tub of ice cream and act all needy. You’ll throw out old memories and paint those vivid pictures for him all over again – the time he made hot chocolate and relieved your cramps with a hot water bag. He’ll think you want to get back together, but you’ll also feel nothing after your period arrives. Block him. Better.

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