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8 reasons why you must block your ex right away

What harm can it do? You ask. Trust us, there are very good reasons why you should block your ex on social media once you've broken up
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There’s always that one person in our life we keep blocking during the day and unblocking in the night (just to take a peek at his profile picture). It’s utterly relieving to see that he’s gained a little weight or he’s still single, innit? But sugar, that ain’t healthy. Here’s a fool-proof list of eight reasons why it’s important to block that guy who broke your heart.

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It’ll drain your energy

Trust me, it’s exhausting, heart-wrenching and devastating to see who your ex is following, who’s following him and liking his post-gym selfies. And then you suddenly spot this one pea-brained @cutiegal with bunny filter ‘loving’ all his pictures. The collywobbles set in – “Such a coquette. Does she pick her clothes up from the kids’ section?” – you’re already having a bitchfest with your BFF in London, who starts stalking her profile. And then before you know it, it’s already midnight and the chances of you waking up for your 6 am run are reduced to a tiny sliver. Do you really need all this unnecessary fluff?

The game of comparison

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