8 things that straight and gay couples do differently

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Updated On: June 8, 2023

I think we’re all different flavours in the stirring pot of life, and we do things differently. That’s what makes us unique and builds us up as humanity. It’s funny to see how different we are as men and women, and how gay and straight couples do things differently.

1. Exes as friends

Ask any guy about his ex, and he’ll say – oh I miss her, or oh I loved her she broke my heart. But if you think about it, gay couples have the advantage of actually being same-sex friends, which is what all straight guys and girls have in the first place. Gay couples are generally cooler about exes, as the community is so tightly knit and bonded together. So the next time someone says, “Bro I just met your ex”. Don’t be surprised if they say, “Yeah I just met him a minute ago. We’re still friends.” Straight men and women might never experience this platonic love for an ex.

2. Renting anywhere

It’s next to impossible for a straight couple to get an apartment anywhere. From eying aunties to strict uncles, it’s hard being straight. You can’t rent a house if you’re unmarried, but if you’re gay you can pretty much live anywhere anytime. Nobody will question you, because every aunty and uncle’s dream is to have two boys or twogirls living under one roof, as nothing ‘naughty’ will happen. Little do they know.

3. Practicality and love

You know how every movie ever made makes love out to be this seemingly impossible thing to grasp? Well, because there aren’t that many gay couples portrayed on the big screen, gay couples get to figure it out on their own. Men aren’t expected to buy flowers for other men, and women aren’t waiting to be seated in a restaurant. Practically speaking, gay couples have less baggage associated with the word ‘love’.

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4. Communication and pleasure

Who knows a man’s body better than a man? Same for women. Gay couples know what their partners like and can pick up cues and body language shifts to give them the pleasure they need. Straight couples? Well, we still need to figure our way out on that one.

5. Hobbies and events

Stereotypes aside, who better to hang out with than a ‘bro’ or a ‘BFF’? Straight couples have a huge problem in this area where we want to watch a cricket match, but our spouses want to watch Big Boss. Gay couples watch both! Problem solved.

Hobbies and events
They know how to party

6. No pressure of kids

What’s the one thing that all parents tell you when you’ve reached the age of 25 years or more? “Beta shaadi karle.” All this drama about marriage and kids puts immense pressure on straight couples and can fracture their relationship long-term. Straight couples have to go through expensive wedding and kids planning. Basically, they have to become ‘settled’. Gay couples get to ride through this journey called life with double the income and none of the kids.

7. Cooler parties

Cooler parties
Gay people work it on the dance floor.

Ever been to a straight party? Yeah, it’s boring, right? Same old night club, same old DJ, same old people. Gays and lesbians know all the best places, music and people in town, and they know how to party! Straight people have an 11 pm deadline because it’s a working weekend. Gay people work it on the dance floor.

8. Cooler parades

Ever been to a gay pride parade? I did, and it was amazing! The sights, the sounds, the colours, the fabulousness of it all was unbelievable. Straight people couldn’t throw a parade if their lives depending on it. We would just make a small banner and a small speaker. Being a gay couple and partying in a gay pride parade is a transformational experience for anyone!

We’re all in love, aren’t we? Men, women, gay or straight. But we all love differently!

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