13 Powerful Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

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Updated On: January 16, 2024
signs your ex is manifesting you

It’s not just your imagination. There are signs your ex is manifesting you. Even if your separation happened long ago or your break up was more recent, we understand, the feelings don’t just go away. Breakups are tough on everyone. You may find yourself wondering what went wrong or if there’s a chance of ever getting back together. Well, I have news for you. If you look and listen hard enough, the universe always communicates. It sends undeniable signs that repeat frequently. 

13 Powerful Signs Your Ex is Manifesting You

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you focus your energy on will be returned to you.This in turn can show up as signs your ex is manifesting you. If you focus on the positive, the positive will come back to you. Similarly, if you constantly think negative thoughts, don’t be surprised that “bad” things keep happening. Obviously it’s not as simple as this but if you pay attention to  what you want to accomplish or achieve in your life with a positive mindset, these things will automatically be attracted to you.  

Now how to know if your ex is manifesting you? The same rules of attraction apply to relationships as well. If your ex is constantly thinking of you and wants you back, believe me, there are undeniable signs and ways of knowing that this is happening. Even if you don’t want to be with them, your ex can still send out strong signals that he misses you or that she can’t stop thinking about you. Then the universe communicates these feelings to you in several ways. 

Do you think that your ex may want you back but are not sure? Would you like to give your relationship another chance? Are you wondering if your ex is still interested? These are normal feelings after a relationship has ended. If you need to know, look out for these 13 powerful signs your ex is manifesting you back into their lives. Once you realize what these signs mean and the implications behind them,  you can take the decision about whether to return or run in the opposite direction from your ex. Don’t believe me? Read on to know more…

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1. They keep popping up in your thoughts

Do you find yourself going through your day, minding your own business, when suddenly out of nowhere, you think of your ex? Well, that’s one of the most common signs your ex is manifesting you back into their life. Now mind you, this may happen even if you don’t want to be with them again. In fact that’s what makes these repetitive thoughts about an ex all the more surprising. However,  there’s no denying that they are suddenly occupying valuable mind space. 

People report that this usually happens most when they are doing some routine, mundane activity. This happens because your subconscious mind is more relaxed during boring chores or quiet activities, making it easier for memories to sneak back in. If you are constantly thinking about your ex more often than you would like them to, it’s a sign that you can’t escape from whatever unfinished business exists between the two of you. It’s time to bite the bullet, accept this as a problem that won’t go away until you deal with the situation. 

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2. You can’t stop dreaming about them 

Another sign someone is manifesting you is that you find yourself dreaming about them all the time. 

  • Do you wake up feeling disoriented and confused? 
  • Are your dreams intense and realistic? 
  • Can you remember facets of the dream in vivid detail? 
  • Do you get dreams about your ex?
  • Did you both exchange long, meaningful conversations that leave you exhausted? 

All this happens when your ex is channeling high vibrational energies to get you back into their lives. Do you want to make these dreams a reality is the real question at play here? 

3. You start to see them everywhere

There you are. Walking peacefully down the street. When who do you meet but your dear ex. Suddenly they seem to be turning up everywhere and anywhere you are. Even if you have not been thinking of them, it feels like you are conjuring them back into your life. If this is happening more and more regularly, don’t ignore your gut feeling. 

It’s true. People who appear at the same time and in the same place regularly are on the same energy plane. Your ex is waiting for you to come back and is channeling high vibrational energy and a strong desire to make it very apparent too. Now it’s up to you to decide whether these ‘chance’ meetings are part of the signs your ex is manifesting you and an opportunity to get back together again or not. 

4. Coincidences and repetitions keep turning up 

The Universe has a way of getting your attention. When things appear to repeat frequently, it’s the Universe’s way of saying, ‘yoo hoo, this message is for you!’ and this is how to know if your ex is manifesting you. Look for some of these signs that the Universe sends:

  • You start noticing number combinations such as 1111 or 33 or 4567 more often 
  • The radio could suddenly start playing that song your ex and you loved so much
  • Your friend called exactly when you thought about her
  • You start seeing the same car or color or book again and again
  • You may start regularly noticing feathers in your path 

These are not simple coincidences but messages from your higher self guiding you along the right path. They could also be signs that your soulmate is manifesting you and one of the signs your soulmate is thinking about you. When you start to notice these coincidences that seemingly suddenly pop up, you will be guided to make the correct decision. All you need to do is trust yourself – and the Universe. 

5. You have terrible mood swings 

A weird sign that someone is manifesting you back into their lives is that you experience major mood swings. One day you are up and happy and the next, sad and upset. You may also feel compelled to nap more often or be unusually anti-social. This is because the energy expended by your ex has the potential to physically and emotionally drain you. 

If you are especially intuitive or an empathetic person, these mood swings can be extra strong. This is the time to take care and nurture yourself. Understand that these are signs that your ex is manifesting you and that’s the reason you are feeling this way. This is the time to be compassionate. Relationships can be exhausting and it doesn’t help to add extra pressure on yourself while you find your way toward some sort of closure. 

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6. You feel like calling your ex 

If you have the sudden urge to contact your ex, don’t wonder if you are losing your mind. It only means that someone is manifesting you to text, call, or speak to them. Do you wonder what they are up to and want to reach out and connect once again? It’s a sign that you both are in the same energy place. But before you do, it may be worthwhile to take a step back. Pause. And think about the consequences of your actions. 

Is this something you voluntarily want to do or is it just because your ex is manifesting you to text them and trying to get into your life? That’s a weighty question to contemplate and it could mean the difference between making a new life or reverting to an old relationship. Do you want to get over your ex or do you want to get back together with them? You have to decide for yourself.

7. Your body tingles and shivers for no apparent reason

Our bodies react to energy in so many different ways. If a person is putting out high vibrations towards you or constantly thinking of you, the Law of Attraction states that you will soon feel this too. This can show up in a tingling feeling all over your body or a sudden shiver down your spine. It is a powerful sign that you are in someone’s thoughts.  

If this feeling comes up when you think of your ex, you can be sure it’s because he or she is thinking of you at the same time too. Keep a track of the frequency of these feelings and take a long, hard look at what needs to be addressed in your relationship. 

8. There’s a feeling in your gut that you can’t ignore

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach? That sudden urge when you know something feels off or doesn’t sit right? That gut feeling is telling you to pay attention and trust your instincts. When it comes to your ex manifesting you, your gut may feel clenched or even nauseous. Or it could be feeling jumpy and excitable. It is one of the signs from the universe that love is coming your way.

Your gut knows more than you may think. How your body reacts to a person can indicate more about the situation than the many complicated thoughts in your mind. Learn to recognize the ‘fight or flight’ signals from your body and honor your intuition. It can prevent you from making the same mistakes again. 

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9. They want to stay in touch 

Even though you recently broke up, your ex texts you unexpectedly, and now you can’t stop thinking about them. It could be an innocuous message but don’t be fooled – it always means more. 

  • You might think it’s normal to stay in touch, especially if it was a recent break. But, if you dig deeper, you will realize that there may be more at play here. 
  • When an ex repeatedly gets in touch over seemingly casual matters, it’s a surefire sign that he or she is obsessing about you and willing you back into their lives. The ball is now in your court about whether you want to reciprocate or not. 

10. Your ex is all over your social media

There may come a time when you just can’t seem to escape your ex. They seem to be everywhere. Is any of the following happening to you? 

  • You open Instagram and you see your ex
  • You switch to Facebook and your friends have commented on your ex’s post
  • You try TikTok, and ‘your song’ is trending

If you can’t escape your ex on social media, it’s basically a sign that you need to pay attention and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with. Either move on or move back but take that step either way. 

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11. There may be supernatural signs that your ex is manifesting you  

Now, don’t be spooked, but there are ways that your ex can be channeling high vibrational energies that may appear pretty scary. 

  • For example, you may hear whispers or voices around you
  • Or you just ‘feel’ a presence near you but there’s no one there. This is one of the things to describe true feelings of love
  • Some people report smelling a particular perfume or hearing a song when there is nothing or no one around

Don’t let these signs scare you. Once you realize that these are just signs your ex is manifesting you, you will be more accepting of these supernatural reminders. 

12. People don’t stop mentioning your ex around you 

There’s a term called ‘mentionitis’ in the book Bridget Jones’ Diary. It refers to the tendency to keep talking about your crush or loved one whenever you can. Slipping in his or her name into random conversations is a sign that you are catching feelings. Now, if you notice your friends, colleagues or family mentioning your ex all the time, it’s one of the signs that someone is manifesting you. 

Their energies are being felt even by the people close to you and they feel compelled to mention them in front of you. It’s not your imagination, just a very real sign that can’t be ignored. 

13. Your life feels like it’s been turned upside down

Chaos and confusion in your life can be upsetting and frightening. And rightfully so, But what if I told you that sometimes, when your world is turned upside down, it’s only because there is something better waiting for you. The Universe often shakes you out of complacency by putting you in situations that force you to change.

Big life changes or new opportunities can make you face your fears in relationships and come through stronger and wiser. And maybe at the end of the dark tunnel, there is that sign that your soulmate is manifesting you and is right there, waiting for you. 

Key Pointers

  • The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is attracted to you
  • Thus if your ex is thinking of you all the time, they are exhibiting a strong desire and want you back in their life
  • There are definite signs your ex is manifesting you. They may suddenly pop and start repeating until you won’t be able to ignore them
  • How you deal with these signs is ultimately up to you

Now that you know the 13 signs that someone is manifesting you in their lives, what do you do? No doubt, it feels reassuring to know that your ex still wants you. Apart from feeding your ego, the real question is do you want them back as well? You can either choose to contact them again and try to resolve your past issues. Or you can learn the importance of letting people go.

Whether you get back together again or not, please understand that unless you address the issue with a positive mindset, the signs just won’t stop coming. The Law of Attraction will keep throwing things your way and the Universe will communicate with you until you make a decision and choose a path. The next step is always up to you.

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