20 Examples To Reject Someone Nicely Via Text

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
how to reject someone nicely via text

It can be tough to reject someone. You don’t want to hurt their feelings, but sometimes, it is just not meant to be. When it comes to the art of declining someone’s romantic interest, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It can be tempting to beat around the bush and soften the blow, but this can often lead to more confusion. At the same time, if you’re planning how to reject someone nicely via text, avoid going into too much detail as to why you are not interested. 

Lori Gottlieb, psychotherapist and author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, says that our need for connection traces way back to when humans relied on being in groups to survive. “When somebody rejects us, it goes against everything we feel like we need for survival.”  This is why it’s important to figure out how to reject someone without hurting their feelings. And sometimes, a sweet, simple text does the trick. Let us see how.

20 Examples To Reject Someone Nicely Via Text 

Are you struggling to find the right words on how to reject someone nicely via text? We get it. It is important to be respectful, honest, and clear. And texting is the kindest way to reject someone as it eliminates awkward conversations and gives the person time to process the rejection in private. Here are the different situations in which you might find yourself refusing someone’s advances:

  • You might be planning to reject someone who finds you irresistible, but you don’t think they are a good match for you
  • You may have to savagely reject someone over text if you no longer feel safe around them
  • You might have to tell a guy you’re not interested through text when it’s a close friendship and you don’t want to mess it up
  • You may have to reject someone when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend by telling them that you are in a monogamous, committed relationship
  • You may need to withdraw from a relationship if you’ve lost interest or feelings for the other person
  • You might need to tell someone no if they are your colleague and you don’t want to date someone at work
  • You may even be rejecting someone you actually do like
  • You may have to reject a girl nicely via text if you’re not looking for a committed relationship right now

If it’s a safe situation, then instead of ghosting or being passive-aggressive, it’s better to be clear and direct in your response. Without being awkward, let them know that you appreciate their interest, but you are not available to date. 

However, it can still be tricky to know how to reject someone politely via text. Let’s go through the following 20 examples:

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  1. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should continue with anything romantic at this moment. And I don’t want to keep you waiting. Best of luck.”
  2. “Your interest in me is flattering, but I don’t believe we would be compatible as a couple. I’m sorry, I hope you know this has nothing to do with you.”
  3. “Thank you for your flattering interest in me. But at this time, I’m not looking for a relationship. I know you’ll understand. Can we please stay connected, though, if you’re okay with that?”
  4. “Hello, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, but I don’t think our political views on several important subjects are compatible. I wish you all the best in your search for a partner!”
  5. “I appreciate you telling me, but I have no idea what to do after the breakup because haven’t moved on from my ex yet. This won’t be fair to you, or anyone else. I sincerely hope you understand.”
  6. “Hey,  as colleagues, I think it’s best if we keep things professional. I appreciate your understanding.”
  7. “Hey, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the same way about you. I sincerely hope you find the person you deserve to be with.”
  8. “I’m sorry, but right now, I’m focused on my career. I don’t want to mislead you or give you false hope. I hope your search for that special someone goes well.”
  9. “I have to let you know that I’m not comfortable with how quickly our relationship is evolving. I’m hoping you’ll respect and understand my emotions. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a better fit.”
  10. “This is lovely, thank you. But I think of you only as a friend. I would love to see you in a relationship with the right person in the future. Let’s please continue being friends?”
  11. “Hey, I’m grateful for the time we’ve had together, but my feelings have changed. I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you.”
  12. “I know I’m the one who approached you months ago, but since then, I decided to move on. I didn’t expect you to ever reciprocate. I hope you understand.”
  13. “Hey, given my situation right now, I’m not interested in dating. I’m sending you my very best wishes.”
  14. “This is flattering but I don’t think we have any romantic chemistry. I’m looking for something else. Sorry, <insert name>, and best of luck.”
  15. “I’m sorry but I am looking for some other qualities in my future partner. Nothing against you. You are amazing and I wish you all the best.”
  16. “I don’t think we have enough interests and passions in common to move forward with this. I’m sorry if this hurts you.”
  17. “Thank you, I like you too, but I don’t think our career goals are compatible enough for us to be together. And that’s something I need to prioritize as well.”
  18. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe we would get along because of the differences in our temperament. I wish you luck in your search for the right person!”
  19. “I truly appreciate you telling me how you feel, but I believe it’s best if we continue to be friends. I’m hoping you understand. Do let me know if you need some space.”
  20.  “Just to let you know, I’m not in a good place right now to start a relationship. I need to focus on myself. I’ll take a polite step back from our conversations for some time.”

If you’re looking at how to reject someone nicely via text, the 20 examples above are a good place to start. You should be clear about your decision and why you’re making it. Remember, it’s not personal, it’s just a matter of not being a good fit.

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8 Things To Consider When Rejecting Someone

As per a study, initiators of unrequited romantic advances fail to appreciate the difficult position their targets occupy, both in terms of how uncomfortable it is for targets to reject an advance and how targets’ behavior is affected, professionally and otherwise, because of this discomfort. No wonder people wish to know how to reject someone nicely via text. Here are a few benefits of choosing this mode of communication when you have to reject someone who has a crush on you:

  • Perhaps you are too nervous to have a face-to-face conversation, and texting provides a more comfortable environment for both of you
  • You may want to take the time to carefully craft your response and avoid any potentially hurtful words or actions in the heat of the moment
  • Rejecting someone over text allows for a clear and concise message without the possibility of misinterpretation
  • It may be seen as a kinder and more considerate approach, as it allows for a thoughtful and respectful rejection

There could be many implications of your polite refusal to a date too, though. Hence, the following 8 points should be considered when rejecting someone:

1. Make sure you know your reasons for rejecting them

To reject someone without being rude, you must first know your reasons for saying no. Take a step back and examine your feelings. What are your true feelings toward this person? Are you not interested in them romantically, sexually, platonically, or at all?

  • Be truthful to yourself. Do you actually feel this way, or are you going with the opinions of your friends?
  • Make your intentions clear. Tell them if you don’t think your goals align, if you don’t sense any romantic chemistry, or if you’re not ready to start a new relationship right now
  • Don’t keep them in the dark. Leaving the other person hanging is unfair
  • This approach allows them to understand your decision clearly and move on without feeling too hurt or confused
  • Don’t confuse them by going back to them and retracting your rejection
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2. Be clear and concise

You can explain why things aren’t working out without hurting their feelings. Imagine realizing after a few weeks of seeing someone that you aren’t into the person. You can say “I don’t think we’re a good fit, but I wish you all the best” instead of “Let us see where things go.” 

Even though it might be difficult to hear, it’s much better than leading someone on. It enables the other person to go on and find someone who is a better fit for them.

  • Do not tiptoe around the subject or make your rejection vague. Be clear and direct so they understand your position
  • Do not give false hope. Don’t lead them on with hollow promises or vague responses if you’re not interested
  • Avoid ghosting. Ghosting is when someone disappears without any explanation. In addition to being hurtful, it is also not an appropriate way to reject someone

3. Be respectful

When you reject someone with respect, not only do you demonstrate your generosity and understanding for their feelings, but you also lay the groundwork for a civil future for both of you. Think for a moment about how you would like to be treated if the circumstances were reversed.

  • Always make sure they know that it is not personal and that you still respect them
  • Allow them time and space to process their emotions
  • Do not reject them in front of others. That is not a mature approach to address the situation and leaves the other person feeling low about themselves

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4. Take care of the timing

When it comes to rejection of love/feelings, the timing of it must be appropriate. For both of you. Here’s how:

  • It would be preferable to deliver the rejection when you’re not in a rush to get it over with
  • Wait for a less stressful period for the other person
  • Don’t rush the other person into being friends with you. Allow them time to absorb your rejection
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5. Be honest in your rejection toward someone’s feelings

Being honest is the best course of action when you have to reject someone who has a crush on you. Imagine receiving a message from a friend that they like you and want to date you. Unfortunately, you don’t feel the same way. In this case, it’s best to let them know that you simply see them as a friend and don’t have any other feelings for them. 

  • Tell the truth about your feelings. If you’re not interested in a romantic relationship, don’t mislead them
  • You are respecting another person’s emotions and being compassionate to them by being honest
  • Don’t make excuses or lie. On top of being inconsiderate, it could also have long-term negative effects
  • Being honest is the kindest thing to do because it gives the other a chance to move on

6. Choose the right setting 

Imagine yourself at a party with your friends, having a fantastic time. Someone you have been casually dating suddenly comes up to you and says they don’t want to see you anymore. How would you feel? Chances are, you would feel humiliated in front of everyone. Now imagine a similar situation, but this time, your date is telling you they no longer want to see you over the phone or during a one-on-one chat. Picking a private setting is a reasonable measure to take to minimize a person’s pain. 

  • A private setting allows you time and scope to gently explain your reasons for rejecting a person 
  • It also allows the other person the time and space to give their reaction
  • Although it may still be hard to hear, this allows for a more respectful and dignified rejection

7. Get it over with

Let’s say, you are out on a date. You had high hopes but the conversations are awkward, and you can’t wait for the night to be over. Instead of being honest with them, you choose to string them along and give them false hope for a second date. This is why, even though it may sound harsh, it’s best to get the rejection over with as quickly as possible. 

  • Rip off the band-aid. The longer you wait to deliver the rejection, the more time the other person has to build up hope
  • They will find it increasingly hard to accept/believe the rejection if you wait to tell them after some days
  • Waiting makes things more difficult for both of you. You’re deepening your distress and their disappointment at the same time
  • The sooner you reject someone, the sooner they can move on and find someone who is a better match for them

8. Thank them for their interest in you

When rejecting someone, it’s important to thank them without hurting their feelings. If you realized during your first date that the person isn’t quite what you’re looking for, thank them for their time and effort in co-organizing the date rather than just informing them you’re not interested. If he or she likes you more than a friend, this tiny gesture of appreciation can significantly alter how they feel about being rejected. Even though they may still be dissatisfied, they will value your consideration and regard for their sentiments. 

  • If you feel comfortable, let them know that you are open to being friends
  • The next time you find yourself in a situation where rejection is unavoidable, express your gratitude (but only if the other person is well-meaning and not creepy)

Key Pointers

  • When it comes to rejecting someone non-creepy, make sure that you use language and tone that conveys respect for the other person’s feelings
  • Even if the person is disappointed, you can still offer words of encouragement, such as wishing them the best in their search for a relationship
  • Instead of making up excuses, be honest with the person and explain why you are not interested in pursuing a relationship with them
  • Be straightforward with your rejection and avoid beating around the bush or sending mixed messages

I hope this article helped you learn how to reject someone nicely via text. In the end, remember that you don’t owe anything to anyone. You have the right to reject a person who doesn’t meet your needs or wants. Rejecting someone doesn’t have to be a negative experience, though. By following the tips outlined in this article, you no longer have to wonder how to savagely reject someone over text. You can choose to be respectful, direct, and honest. You might even end up maintaining a positive dynamic with them.


1. How do I reject someone nicely via text?

It can be difficult to reject someone’s advances via text, but be honest, kind, and respectful. Start by expressing your appreciation for the other person, but make it clear that you are not interested in pursuing a relationship. Consider using phrases such as “I appreciate your feelings, but I don’t feel that way about you” or “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re a match.” Leave the door open for friendship if that’s what you want.

2. What should I avoid when rejecting someone via text?

When rejecting someone via text, it is best to be gentle to avoid any unnecessary hurt feelings. Do not make any personal attacks or criticisms, and do not reject them in public. Try to be clear when expressing your feelings and avoid offering false hope. Don’t lie or make up excuses – that’s disrespectful.

3. What should I do to make sure the other person is not offended when I reject them via text?

You can’t really predict how the other person would react even if you’re nice, and it’s not your responsibility to walk them through the impact of your ‘no.’ Begin your rejection by expressing appreciation for their feelings and try to phrase your response in a way that is not confrontational. Let them know that you wish them the best. Rejecting someone requires tact, empathy, and respect. If done correctly, it can help you maintain a positive relationship with the other person. Unless they simply don’t take rejections well. But that’s not on you.

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