Does My Husband Love Me? 15 Adorable Signs He Loves You Deeply

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
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Special breakfast in bed. Romantic surprises on every anniversary. Your best friend and your partner in crime. These are some of the signs your husband loves you deeply. Of course, love doesn’t show itself in the same way with everyone. So if you are not sure, you might ask yourself, “Does my husband love me?” The first thing I want you to know is that it is absolutely natural to ask yourself this question, whether you are in the honeymoon phase of your marriage or your love is being tested. 

Is my husband still attracted to me? How do I know if my husband loves me even now? I’ll tell you how. But before that, let us quickly decode what makes a man love his wife. This will help you understand the next part of this article where we unravel the signs that your husband loves you deeply. 

What Makes A Man Love His Wife?

Do you like the old-school charm of love letters? You must have heard about F. Scott Fitzgerald, the renowned 20th-century American novelist. He once wrote a love letter to his wife Zelda Fitzgerald, saying that it was her courage, sincerity, and flaming self-respect that made him fall in love with her. 

Eleanor Lanahan, their granddaughter, writes in a moving introduction to their exceptional letters, “Scott and Zelda stayed in love until the day they died.” So the question that comes to your mind is: What makes a man fall in love with his wife? I’ll tell you what makes him fall in love and also stay in love with his wife. Read these points carefully to unravel the mystery! 

1. The feeling of ‘true love’

Remember the teenage love with racing hearts and butterflies in the stomach? Though this feeling can’t stay the same way, and it’s good that it doesn’t, it turns out that even adults crave that adrenaline rush in their marriage. A man is more likely to fall in love with you if he finds passion in the relationship. This feeling that he has found “the one” to be his life partner can lead to an exceptional bond with his wife.

In his Triangular Theory of Love, Robert Sternberg divided love and relationships into three components: intimacy, passion, and commitment. The theory states, “Passion refers to the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, sexual consummation, and related phenomena in loving relationships.” These three elements provide us a strong sense of attachment, security, and compatibility, making us fall head over heels in love with our partner. 

2. His wife’s independence and routine of self-care 

A man loves a woman who takes care of herself, has her individual goals and hobbies, and invests time in them. So respect your partner’s privacy, support his dreams, and meanwhile, remember to build your own. This creates a positive self-image and makes him realise your worth. This is how you inspire each other to be better versions of yourselves. Love will automatically come knocking at the door of your marriage.

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3. A wife who is a safe haven 

Human beings are wired to crave intimacy in a relationship. We cherish the feeling of safety and closeness. When a man has a wife with whom he can share his thoughts, emotions, and feelings every day, he falls in love with her. 

He wants to see her face first thing in the morning and share with her as soon as he hears any good or bad news. Therefore, consistent trust, transparency, and understanding between a man and woman can develop intimacy. This leads to a pure feeling of closeness and ultimately a loving marriage.

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4. The color red and all that’s hot in bed 

When your husband is sexually attracted to you, it makes him love you harder. Researchers have found that men are highly attracted to women wearing red. As compared to other colors, red makes a man view a woman as more attractive and sexually desirable. In fact, women also gravitate toward men wearing red clothes. Such factors can play a role in building a better sexual relationship between a wife and husband. 

5. Honest and clear communication

Several studies over the years have proved that effective communication builds the foundation of a strong marriage. Of course, there are different ways in which happy couples communicate. But the important part is, they communicate with each other and maintain honesty in the relationship.

A man is likely to be more attracted to a woman who is authentic and communicative. This gives him the idea that he can build a secure and stable relationship with her in the coming years. With such faith in the marriage and admiration for his wife, a man falls in love with her again and again.

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15 Adorable Signs Your Husband Loves You Deeply (Even If He Doesn’t Say It)

A Reddit user writes, “My husband told me he’s in love with me. We’ve been together for 9 years – he’s my high school sweetheart. Tonight we were putting up our Christmas tree, and the lights were up and the garland was on and we were hanging ornaments. He turned on some Christmas playlist on Spotify and The Grinch Song came on – this one is our favorite, just for the goofy lyrics. So we were kinda singing our favorite lines back and forth, and he just stopped and got this goofy smile on his face, so I stopped and laughed and asked if he was okay, and he was like “I’m in love with you.” And my heart melted.”

She adds, “And I see this on a daily basis in the way he calls me on his way home, and buys me the flowers at the checkout line because he can’t just walk past them because he knows they’d make me smile. And I’m in love with him, too. Through and through. Just what an amazing thing to hear after almost a decade together. And how lucky am I to have that?” If you’re wondering whether your husband loves you in a similar way, read this list: 

1. He plans romantic date nights with you

You just got home from work on a Tuesday evening. You are sipping some wine, wondering which series you should binge-watch on Netflix. Your husband enters the room. He kisses your neck and whispers into your ear, “May I take you out for dinner this weekend?” 

And just like that, you know the romance is still alive after all these years. Yes, when it comes to signs your husband loves you deeply, date nights can say it all. If your husband wants to make you smile, he will plan romantic date nights, order your favorite dish, and play that special song you both love. 

2. He checks in on you from time to time

Maybe your husband does not surprise you with a fancy bottle of perfume. Maybe he doesn’t tell you he loves you before falling asleep every night. But he does check in on you throughout the day. He cares about you deeply and it is visible through the little things he does for you.

He asks you about your day. He sends you a quick message at work to see if your migraine is gone. He tells you he is there to support you from time to time. Sometimes, these simple acts of love matter way more than grand gestures in a loving marriage.

3. He tries to spice it up in the bedroom 

A man who genuinely loves you will give importance to your pleasure and happiness. If your husband brings out those sex toys and lube to satisfy his woman in bed, it can make your relationship all the more fun. He wants to see you get excited and he is willing to put all his effort into it. In fact, research suggests that taboos regarding the use of sex toys are dissolving as more couples are embracing the idea of sex toys for mutual pleasure and a happier sex life.

Apart from spicing up your marriage, your husband may also initiate hugs and gently caress you to boost physical intimacy. It brings you both closer and shows that your husband loves you madly. And of course, these are also signs your husband is attracted to you no matter how long you’ve been together. 

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4. He loves to surprise you

Remember when Jim buys a house for him and Pam in The Office? He wanted to surprise his wife and she couldn’t hold back her tears. If your husband tries to surprise you like this and cheer you up, he is truly in love with you. He probably wonders from time to time, “How can I surprise my wife?” or “How can I make my wife happy?”

These surprises don’t have to be expensive gifts like a grand house or an exotic trip to Hawaii. They can be as simple and sweet as making your favorite dish for lunch, writing you a letter on your birthday, or picking up movie tickets. Such cute surprises for couples can light up your marriage in the blink of an eye.

5. Your hubby says your name during sex

Are you looking for signs your husband is attracted to you? Perhaps you and your husband call each other by sweet nicknames or the usual “babe” and “honey.” But when you are making love, he calls out your name. This is one of the signs your husband loves you deeply. He enjoys being intimate with you and is fully present in the moment.

6. He flirts with you and loves being intimate 

Does your husband make you feel like a teenager sometimes? Whether you are fixing the bedroom night bulb or reading a magazine, you catch your husband checking you out. What follows is a naughty smile or a quick wink. You know he wants you and he is soon all over you. These are clear signs your husband is attracted to you.

Dr. Justin Lehmiller writes for the Kinsey Institute, “Study after study has found that couples who touch each other more tend to be happier. From backrubs to gentle caresses to hand-holding to hugging, the more intimate contact couples have with one another, the more satisfied they tend to be with their relationships. This kind of touch promotes connection and relaxation, while also building intimacy.”

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7. He tries to win over your friends and family

“How do I know if my husband loves me?” Let me give you a quick tip. Notice if your husband wants to know the people who are important in your life. He shows up with you at their anniversary party and makes an effort to keep in touch with them. He enjoys listening to them talk about your childhood, prom night, or quirky habits. 

He makes them feel welcome when they visit you because he knows that the happiness of your loved ones matters to you. He respects your friendships and relationships outside this marriage. These are some undeniable signs your husband loves you deeply

8. He will always be there and you know it

There will be stupid fights over doing the laundry. There will be some bickering in private when the annoying guests show up uninvited. Something or the other will not fall into place at times. No marriage is perfect and you know it. But you also know that in these imperfect moments, your husband will never give up on you.

So what are the signs that a guy loves you deeply? No matter how busy he seems with his laptop or his hiking buddies, he will check in on you whenever he gets a break. He tries to resolve an argument and communicates with you. He will choose you every day and you are his priority. If you are smiling right now and finding these words relatable, rest assured that your husband truly loves you.

9. He is not glued to that phone

You know how irritating it is to go out with someone and watch them constantly tap on their phone, right? Instagramming your date night dinner. Sending their colleague the latest dog meme and then a few more. Being immersed in work calls and hardly paying any attention to you. Surely devices and technology can break out arguments in a marriage, and in the long run, even wreck it.

Your husband does not have to drop all his work and commitments the moment you arrive. But when he is on a date night or he is having a conversation with you, he needs to be present in the moment. This proves that he respects your time, listens to you, understands your needs, and values you. These are certainly some green flags in a relationship and signs your husband loves you deeply.

10. He takes care of you 

Does your husband help you relax when you feel anxious? Does he support you when times are difficult? Is he capable of understanding your needs and meeting them? Does he make you some hot broth when you’re burning up? A clear sign your spouse loves you is when they know how to take care of you.

Infographic on signs your husband loves you deeply
Signs your husband loves you deeply

11. He gives you sweet compliments 

He tells you how beautiful your artwork is. He posts a picture of your latest work achievement and captions it, “I’m so proud of my wife.” He gives you a cheesy compliment and you can’t stop smiling because you know he means it. Does this sound like your partner? 

If yes, these are signs your husband loves you deeply. He knows you deserve the sweetest compliments. He wants you to feel loved and remember that he really cherishes you and cares about you. This is his unique way of letting you know that your husband loves you madly without actually saying it.

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12. He remembers the little things

Here are some more signs your husband is in love with you. He knew you would forget to bring your diary to the meeting, so he packed it in your bag beforehand. He wished your mother on her birthday with a sugar-free muffin and a candle. You’re about to tell a funny vacation story to your friend and he nods along because he remembers every tiny detail. The point is, he never forgets the little things. He pays attention to you and loves to listen to your stories every day. 

13. He communicates with you through the difficulties

Just because you and your partner are married to each other does not mean you will have the same opinion on everything. You may be two peas in a pod, but there will be disagreements in a marriage and relationship arguments. Notice how your husband behaves in such a situation to decode signs your husband loves you deeply.

He will try to communicate with you and have vulnerable conversations if he trusts you and loves you. He will not try to run away from the problem and make the situation more complicated. He will be honest with you and even welcome difficult discussions to ensure there is clarity and compassion in your relationship.

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14. He celebrates you and feels proud of you

Are you wondering, “How do I know if my husband loves me?” You can certainly understand that your husband genuinely loves you if he is proud of you. He lovingly introduces you to his friends and colleagues. He flexes you on social media and does not try to hide you. These are clear signs that a guy loves you deeply. 

He also celebrates your small and big wins. He tells you how great you are at what you do. Whether you choose to quit your toxic job or plan to open your own cafe, you know the first person who would appreciate and support you. 

15. He talks about a future with you


A husband who truly loves you often talks about a future with you in it. It can be a serious topic of discussion such as whether you both want to adopt a pet in future. It can be something simple yet meaningful such as backpacking plans or growing a cute garden. These are signs your husband is in love with you. He is excited to grow with you, build with you, and love you along the way.

Key Pointers

  • Sweet compliments, flirty texts, a caring tone, and romantic surprises are some of the undeniable signs your husband is in love with you
  • If your husband celebrates you and feels proud of you, he loves you deeply
  • A man who truly loves you communicates with you through difficulties and maintains honesty in the relationship
  • When your husband talks about a future with you in it, it is a sign that he wants to grow with you and build a loving relationship

As your marriage gets older and older with the passing years, you may sometimes wonder if the love is still intact. Maybe your husband still makes you feel like a teenager. Maybe his ways of showing affection have changed. As long as he makes you feel happy and valued, know that he truly loves you. Even if he does not say it often, his sweet little gestures toward his wife can say it all.

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