How To Find The One? 13 Tried and Tested Tips

June 30, 2023 |
Updated On: June 30, 2023
Find the one
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What does it feel like when you find the one? I’ll give you an example. In The Notebook, Noah tells Allie, “So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. And we’re gonna have to work at this every day. But I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.” During another conversation, Allie asks Noah, “Do you think our love can create miracles?” Noah replies, “Yes, I do. That’s what brings you back to me each time.”

This makes their bond truly special while they transcend all boundaries – difficult parents, war, class conflicts, and old-age dementia. Noah and Allie show such an unwavering commitment and their love never fades over the years – and this is why it is one of the most heartwarming stories on finding the one. It’s a sweet reminder that true love can conquer all obstacles and finding “the one” can create an eternal love story.

What Does Finding The One Mean?

When you find the one, it means you have met that special someone who feels like a perfect match. It’s about discovering a person with whom you have a deep emotional connection, compatibility, and mutual understanding. This individual becomes your friend, lover, and companion – someone you can see yourself spending your life with.

In popular culture, we often see rom-coms and fairy tales portray the idea of “the one” as a flawless, idealized soulmate who checks all the boxes. But in real life, romantic relationships are more complex and nuanced. It’s not really about finding perfection, but rather finding someone who shares your values, complements your strengths and weaknesses, and accepts you with all your imperfections.

How To Find The One Without Waiting Forever? 13 Tried and Tested Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are tired of swiping on dating apps, have been through a recent heartbreak, or just found your way out of an unhappy marriage. If you want to find everlasting love and your true soulmate, we’re here to guide you on your quest. After all, it can be an incredible journey – filled with love, connection, personal growth, and of course, discovering that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat!

1. Get to know yourself on a deeper level

You know what’s a crucial step in finding the right partner and creating a fulfilling love life? Understanding yourself on a deeper level. Yes, taking the time to explore your desires, needs, and values will provide clarity and guide you toward healthy relationships. Here are some simple and effective ways of self-exploration that will take you a step closer to finding your ideal partner:

  • Grab a pen and paper, or use a journaling app, to declutter your mind and express your thoughts. Write about your dreams, aspirations, and ideal love life
  • Make a vision board for your dating life. Gather images, quotes, and words that resonate with your desired relationship. Include the activities you enjoy and the destinations you want to explore with your future partner. This visual representation will keep your needs in focus and inspire you to manifest them
  • Set aside some quiet moments for meditation, allowing yourself to be present and reflect on your romantic life. Focus on your inner thoughts and feelings, and observe what arises. This practice can help you gain clarity about where you are in your romantic journey and what you genuinely seek in a partner

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2. Define your ideal partner (with clarity)

Do you remember the good old days when your best friend would ask you, “How would you describe your dream girlfriend?” or “What kind of a guy would you date?” Turns out, defining your ideal partner with clarity is truly important while choosing your life partner. So, take some time to reflect and create a list of qualities and characteristics you desire in a partner. Try these tips:

  • Make a list of the qualities you value in a partner. Think about the traits that are important to you – these could be anything from kindness to honesty, ambition, a sense of humor, or shared interests
  • When you think about the green flags, it is also important to make a list of red flags or habits that you do not want in your ideal partner
  • Think about the kind of love you are looking for. Ask yourself: what are the things to look for in a relationship? For instance, do you seek adventure and excitement, or are you more interested in slow living?
  • Consider your past experiences, what worked and what didn’t. This reflection will help you gain clarity on who would be your perfect person

Sandra (28) from NYC shares, “To find your true partner, you need to understand how a relationship works rather than play games. I think that the vast majority of people focus on physical appearance and materialistic things, and they do not know the good signs of lasting love. If you want to find your perfect match, it becomes easier when you have clarity on what you want in a partner.”

3. Explore new social circles

Step out of your comfort zone, try new activities, or join communities that match your interests. This can help you to meet like-minded individuals who could potentially be “the one”. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take up a new hobby, attend a workshop or seminar, or volunteer for a cause you believe in. This will introduce you to a diverse range of people, increasing your chances of finding a compatible partner
  • Explore online platforms, forums, or social media groups dedicated to topics or activities you’re passionate about
  • Keep an eye out for local events, festivals, or gatherings that align with your hobbies or values. These events often attract people with common interests, providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment to meet that perfect person

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4. Listen to your gut feeling and trust it

How do you know someone is the one? Wondering if he’s Mr. Right, or she is the one? Trust your instincts and embrace the journey because when you find the one, it becomes clear that they are the person you’ve been searching for all along. You will know you found the one. Sometimes, that inner voice knows what’s best for you. Your gut feelings and instincts can be powerful guides when evaluating potential partners. So, listen closely and trust your intuition as you navigate the journey of finding the one.

5. Be open to sudden encounters

Jesse and Celine first meet on a train in Vienna in Before Sunrise. Harry and Sally meet as college graduates on a road trip. Sam and Annie from Sleepless in Seattle come together through a radio talk show. Noah and Allie run into each other at a carnival. Lucy Whitmore and Henry Roth in 50 First Dates meet by chance at a café in Hawaii. Catch the drift?

These iconic characters remind us of the power of chance encounters and the profound impact they can have on our lives – leading to extraordinary love stories that capture our hearts. The truth is, love has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. So, it’s important to stay open to such chance encounters.

Embrace the unexpected moments that could lead to something special, whether it’s striking up a conversation with someone at a coffee shop (can lead to some great coffee dates), connecting with someone at a social event, or even meeting someone while traveling. You never know when and where you might meet the one for you.

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6. Talk to your friends and family

Remember how your mother knew your high school boyfriend would cheat on you and break your heart? Can you recall your best friend telling you how that one guy is oh-so-perfect for you? Honestly, who can help better than the people who love you, know you, and deeply care about you?

So go ahead and ask them for tips on the type of person you should date. If you do not feel comfortable opening up to your friends or family about this, look for couples that have healthy long-term relationships. Reach out to them and have an honest conversation. You might end up with some priceless suggestions.

7. Go where people share your interests

What do you seek in a relationship – meeting someone who is exactly like you? Wondering what to look for in a partner when you find the right one, or how to find a soulmate without even trying? Here’s the secret solution: skip singles events if they’re not your thing, but don’t miss out on a single opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Dave (27) from Colorado, who met her partner at a pop-up event, says, “Pay attention to the early signs you’ve met the one. Meeting the love of your life, or meeting the right person often comes with a deep sense of connection and compatibility. So, make sure you’ve got some common interests and hobbies.”

8. Visit a relationship coach or therapist

Worried that you’ll never find true love? If you’re going through a rough patch, seek guidance from a relationship expert or therapist. They can offer valuable insights and help you understand yourself better, uncovering patterns and exploring your emotions. They can guide you toward finding your compatible life partner.

Derek (35) from Florida tells us, “Maybe you’re tired of not meeting the right person. Or you found the one, but you’re confused about whether they are looking for serious relationships. In such a situation, how do you know someone is the one? Speaking from experience, I can say that seeking guidance from a relationship coach or counselor can be immensely beneficial in situations like these. They can help you navigate the journey of meeting someone special. Or as in my case, meeting the love of your life!”

9. Prioritize building friendships

“They’ve truly found the one.” Do you ever feel this way when you look at a couple near you? It can be your uncle and aunt, your best friend and her boyfriend, or an old married couple in your neighborhood. Of course, their love stories will be different, but you will notice one common factor – they’re friends with each other.

This is why building friendships is truly important if you want to find the one in a relationship or find the one you can’t live without. Quick tip: When someone feels like a very close friend, makes you laugh even on gloomy days, and helps you share all your secrets without any worry, take a hint! These are early signs you’ve met the one.

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10. Try online dating apps

“When I was in my 20s, I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I wasn’t looking for love or 100 things to like about a guy. But now, maybe I just want to find my person. I see everyone in a relationship and I’m like, “Why can’t I find a partner?” I hear people in love say things like, “I’ve looked all my life for you” and “I’ll be the one if you want me to”, and long for it.

“I don’t know how to be the one for someone or the secret to finding the right person. But whatever it is, I will not stop looking – maybe I’ll join a dating app,” laughs Roxanne, an architect from Los Angeles.

“Will I find love on a dating app?” If you have ever wondered this, know that many people have found meaningful relationships through online dating. Here’s what can help: a cute profile picture (brownie points if it’s with your dog), an authentic profile (no fake universities or travel stories, please), and taking the time to know your potential matches. Now, if you’re ready, here are a few popular online dating apps, especially for serious relationships:

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • EliteSingles
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • The League

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11. Make yourself happy and you will attract love

Ever noticed those people who radiate happiness? They have this magnetic charm that makes them so easy to love and keep the spark alive. Well, here’s a little secret: finding real love starts with finding happiness within yourself. It’s like a superpower that attracts love into your life.

When you prioritize your happiness and take care of yourself, you become irresistible in the best possible way. So, go ahead and do the things that bring you joy. Pursue your passions and surround yourself with positivity. When you make yourself happy, you create a positive energy that draws love toward you.

12. Have faith that your true love will find you

It’s completely natural to feel sad when you’ve been putting in the effort to find true love without seeing the results you desire. But try not to dwell on thoughts like, “Will I ever find true love?” Instead, stay optimistic that the right person will come into your life at the perfect time.

Trust in the power of positivity and believe that the universe has a plan for you. Every step you take – even if it doesn’t lead you directly to your true love – is bringing you closer to them. Therefore, have unwavering faith in your journey and keep searching with a hopeful heart. Remember, when you invest a lot of faith in your search for true love, you increase the chances of finding your soulmate connection.

Finding the one while dating

13. Give blind dates a try

“When I met your mother, I felt like I could breathe again,” Jack Pearson from This is Us tells his children. He met Rebecca on a blind date but didn’t feel a strong connection initially. However, fate had other plans. They ran into each other again later that evening. As they engaged in a deeper conversation, a spark ignited, and they realized there was something special between them.

He recalls after many years, “I was just trying to find a quiet place to read my book, and then I saw you. And I think, when you’re single, and you’re trying to be, you know, “Oh, I don’t need anyone”, there’s always this one person, this one person who just… knocks you out.”

If you’ve recently come out of a long relationship or lost faith in true love or mature relationships, a blind date might be just what you need. It can be as soothing as aloe vera on sunburnt skin – offering a fresh perspective and the possibility of meeting your soulmate. Trust me, blind dates have the potential to surprise you in ways you never imagined!

Key Pointers

  • Take the time to understand your desires, needs, and values, and then reflect on the qualities you seek in a partner. Journal these thoughts or create a vision board that represents your ideal love life
  • If you truly want to find the perfect partner in your life, engage in activities that genuinely interest you as they provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. You may also step out of your comfort zone and explore new activities to meet more people
  • When you are on a quest to find true love, you can give online dating apps and blind dates a chance
  • Seek compatibility, build strong friendships, trust your intuition along the way and maintain faith that your true love will come around

Remember, the journey of finding the one is filled with self-discovery, personal growth, and exciting possibilities. Of course, it won’t happen in a day, but with these tips in mind, you won’t have to wait forever or lose hope. Enjoy the ride, stay positive, and believe that the best is yet to come. Your perfect match is just out there, waiting to share a remarkable love story with you!

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