Celebrating The Women In Your Life With Galentine’s Day

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Updated On: February 7, 2024
celebrate galentine's day

Hey there, ladies. Have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It’s a beautiful concept that is derived from Valentine’s Day but instead of a romantic partner, is meant to cherish all the lovely ladies in your life. There can never be too many reasons to honor women and throwing a Galentine’s Day affair tops that list!

This does not mean that one has to choose between their husband and their girl troupe during V-day week. Galentine’s Day is in no way meant to take away or dim the spotlight on Valentine’s Day. It is more like an extension to make sure that when you are toasting to love, you do not forget your special lady tribe.

What Is Galentine’s Day?

This perfect women’s holiday was started by the fictional character Leslie Knope from NBC’s award-winning comedy Parks and Recreation to celebrate the women in her life. With a zest for life and immense love for those around her, Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day started with a breakfast party that she throws for all her favorite women. As they discuss men, their crushes on friends, and happiness alongside opening their gift bags, they really show us what it really means to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Leslie Knope is famous for loving and respecting all the women in her life. With her deep sense of appreciation and perfect Galentine’s Day gift ideas, she truly throws a splendid little party for her gal pals. She expresses her feelings about the special women in her life through quotes like

Hoes before bros

Uteruses before duderuses

Ovaries before brovaries

As you can see, she does not mince her words.

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Adapted to real life

Lately, this amazing festival has been spilled over to real life and more and more women are celebrating Galentine’s Day with all the women in their lives, who they are thankful for. The day is a beautiful combination of female camaraderie and appreciating each other. Ladies celebrating ladies – I think we should all be more conscious of doing that more often.

ladies celebrating ladies - galentine's day
Women are celebrating Galentine’s Day with all the women in their lives

What day is Galentine’s day?

What day is Galentine’s Day, you ask? The day you celebrate your romantic love for your partner is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Before celebrating your love you must celebrate the person you are and the women who have been helping you become who you are. So, to celebrate Galentine’s Day and to plan spending time with friends, you must started planning ahead for it is celebrated on February 13th.

How about starting to plan out a Galentine’s Day party right now!

How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day?

The best thing about celebrating Galentine’s Day is that it is completely up to you and your gal-pals as to what you want to do. Throwing a big bonfire party, a low-key lunch or hitting the club and going crazy, Galentine’s Day is all about how you want to make the most of it with your special ladies.

Where to celebrate Galentine’s day

Leslie used to celebrate it in a restaurant over breakfast. You can do that too.

Or you could play around with your own ideas taking into consideration your budget and the available time at hand for everyone.

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  1. At your home
  2. At a spa with a massage or mani-pedi
  3. A slumber party involving movies/TV shows celebrating girl power or/and drooling over some eye candy.
  4. Over a short trip to a nearby get-away spot

Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

what day is galentine's day
How to celebrate Galentine’s Day

The overall party planning depends on your individual style. Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

  1. The lady guests can be welcomed with a welcome drink and innovative names like Ma’amhito.
  2. After the drink they can be handed out a tiara or a crown saying something fun like ‘The Princess’ or ‘My Galentine’ or ‘The Slayer’.
  3. There can be a gift exchange system like ‘Secret Santa’ where guests may bring a gift of a fixed amount and keep it inside a big box. There are many Galentine’s Day gift ideas that you can look into. At the end of the party, everyone can collect one gift each from the big box.
  4. You can play party games, ones that make you dwell on friendship. You can test if they remember when you met each other for the first time. Or if your female colleague can guess your office crush!
  5. Using your skills to do nail art on each other’s nails is a great idea too.
  6. To thank everyone for being an inspiration to you, you can write a personal letter to each woman., as Leslie did. They can read the letters at the party so that you will see their reaction.
  7. Galentine’s Day is never complete without gift bags. You can buy gifts for each guest bag keeping in mind their individual likes and dislikes. Or you make something to give it a personal touch. You can bake something or knit something – really use your creativity.
best friends

The guest list for your Galentine’s Day party:

This day is not for your girlfriends only but for all the women you admire and love in your life. The guest list should reflect this idea. It could have the following mix of people:

  1. Girlfriends
  2. Female colleagues
  3. Female relatives
  4. Any other women you admire like the checkout girl at the grocery store or your child’s teacher

Have a smashing Galentine’s Day, girls!


How do I host Galentine’s day?

Any way that you like! To celebrate Galentine’s day you can have a slumber party, go on a camping trip, have some drinks at a bar or even just get breakfast together like Leslie Knope does.

Did Parks and Rec Create Galentine’s day?

Yes, you got that right. The protagonist of Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope, is the one who came up with this wonderful concept.

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