I have fallen out of love with my husband because of his parents


Daily arguments over trivial things in the kitchen with his mother and after that her behaving like a sick woman have to lead me to fall out of love with him. The simple reason is the loss of respect. He pays full respect to his mother in case of arguments and sides with her too but not with me. I feel like I am being taken for granted. Getting a divorce has crossed my mind so many times but the thought of being in love with him once stops me every time.

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Posted by Pari
Asked on January 22, 2019 10:37 am
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Is he attracted to you. if yes you must use it to make him forget his mom. My MIL was a terror, verbally abusive and like others kept son in her wrap when we were newly married. What worked was my husband's excessive attraction for me. I learned to cook very well and allowed him a quickie everytime he wanted me, if you understand what I mean. There is no point arguing with the hubbies, their mothers emotionally drain them. Love is overrated word, what works often is practicality in life, cook well, be attractive, use bedroom well, he will want to move out of mommy's house. I had same thoughts when I was newly married never forget you are the wife, we didn't lose our V for nothing.

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Posted by jo jo (Confessions: 0, Replies: 4)
Replied on February 1, 2020 7:35 am
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    hi pari, Please do not take any step which makes you feel in future that i shouldnt hv done it. I would request you to take your side of mother in law and make him feel that you are more care able than him. When he feel secured about his parents he will automatically will turn to you, after that the ball is in your court. Try it and enjoy your life. by https://www.facebook.com/ganesh.vast.9066

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    Posted by gane (Confessions: 0, Replies: 1)
    Replied on March 7, 2019 11:27 am
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