How Do Guys Know When They’ve Met The One? With These 17 Signs

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Updated On: December 6, 2023
do guys know when they've met the one

It has been rightly said that love can turn your world upside down. Not only your world, but deep within, you begin to change for the better too. The change becomes more prominent when that special one is in your vicinity. All of these are actual signs a man has found the one. So, if you see a pleasant change in how he speaks and treats you, it is because he is thinking about you all the time.

You might wonder, do guys know when they’ve met the one? Most men are shy when it comes to the expression of love. They are as emotional as their female counterparts, if not more. But when a man finds the one, he often fails to hide his feelings. So, make sure that you carefully observe when a man opens up to you emotionally. Because that’s one of the indicators he’s fallen for you.

How Does A Man Decide If You Are The One? 17 Signs That Help Him

When does a man realize he’s in love? Do guys know when they’ve met the one? What gets them to say, “I knew she was the one right away”? It’s simple. They feel more attached, responsible, and caring for that one soul. They want that woman to be their life partner and constant companion forever.

Most men feel shy about expressing their feelings early in a relationship. However, that doesn’t stop them from inadvertently showing signs of love and attraction toward that special one. As per research, true love and attachment alter the biochemical reactions in the human brain. “We know that primitive areas of the brain are involved in romantic love and that these areas light up on brain scans when talking about a loved one. These areas can stay lit up for a long time for some couples,” Harvard Medical School professor, Jacqueline Olds, says in her study.

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Apart from the clear biochemical indications, here are some of the early signs that help him understand that he has met the one:

1. He is more confident than ever

One of the signs a man has found the one is that he gets to see a more confident version of himself. He shows confidence in everything he does to impress the woman he loves, even when she’s not around. Love makes you feel vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. You go head over heels for someone and suddenly, have the strength to fight for the right cause – And person. That spike in confidence becomes clearly visible to all.

2. He puts in effort every day

A man always puts in effort in a relationship every single day for the right person. He remembers those minute details of her life, her special day, special occasions, and makes sure to celebrate them. From bringing roses and chocolates, taking her to her favorite eatery when she’s upset, to bringing sanitary napkins or medicines without being asked, he knows what will cheer her up.

When a man says you are his soulmate, he puts his soul into the relationship. He never stops putting in effort and that is what hopefully makes one fall deeply in love with him.

3. He pushes his limits for the one he loves

For a man in love, there are really no limits. He constantly pushes his limits for the happiness and comfort of his beloved. For example, when my friend Alex’s girlfriend fell ill during her trip to California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, he didn’t hesitate to drive his car over 100 miles at midnight. He even carried necessary medicines and homemade, nutritious food for her.

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4. You are flawless to him– One of the earliest signs he thinks you’re the one

No one is flawless. But when a man is in love, he sees no flaws in that person.

  • He loves everything about her and tells her all the things he loves about her
  • He defends her in all situations
  • He speaks highly of her, no matter what, especially in front of others
  • He’s proud of her and he can’t help but show it
  • He seeks her opinions and takes them seriously
  • He learns from her

A Reddit user opines: “I always love compliments that are about the person and not what the person does for you. Their labor to love shouldn’t be what you love the most but just who they are.”

5. How does a man decide if you are the one? You become his priority

For a man in love, that special person becomes his priority. So, do guys know when they’ve met the one? Yes! But do they know how to express feeling for someone? Well, not always. However, among the signs he thinks you’re the one, prioritizing you is the most evident one. A man will do anything for the woman he wants. Here are some positive signs:

  • When a guy meets the right person, he prioritizes their comfort and interests
  • When a man finds the one, he is willing to do anything at any cost to make them happy
  • He always tries to spend time with them irrespective of his other commitments

6. He makes that person a vital part of his future plans

When I met my soulmate, I knew she was the one right away. Not just because we are compatible and share the same interests but also because she has been an integral part of my future plans since day one.

When a woman becomes part of his future plans, he adopts her dreams. This not only helps her realize her own dreams but strengthens their emotional connection too. According to renowned psychologist Dr John Gottman, couples that work on building their future together tend to stay together the longest. So when he realizes he wants to marry you, he starts imagining a bright future together.

how does a man decide if you are the one
A couple discussing future plans

7. How to tell if he thinks you’re the one? He makes healthy compromises

When there is an emotional connection, you feel no hesitation in making compromises. We all know that it is easier said than done. But trust me, when there is a strong sense of love, compromises don’t seem that tough. When a man realizes he is in love, he is ready to make compromises for your happiness.

A Reddit user agrees, “There should always be compromises in any relationship. They are required to some degree. If they aren’t, one of the people is constantly giving up what matters most to them and forming themselves only around their partner.”

8. He tells her all about his day and wants to know about hers

When a man finds his soulmate, she becomes his best friend. She is the first person he wants to share his news with. Good news or bad, he shares everything with her. Also, he wishes to know all about the girl he is in love with. Whether it is news of his promotion, the embarrassment he faced during a presentation, or something silly as a meme, he wants her to know about everything going on in his life.

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9. He introduces his loved one to friends and family

How does a man know he found his wife? One of the signs is that he will be eager to introduce her to his friends and family. He’s not seeking validation for his choice. It is just that he feels pride to show his fiancée to the world.

I know it makes one a little suspicious and shy to meet the other person’s family early in a relationship. One of my female friends told me about this fear recently. “He sends me pictures of his family, he told his family about me, and he wants me to meet his family too soon”. Her fear is justified as they met over a dating site just a few months ago. However, if you are in a mature relationship and have full faith in each other, then do not hesitate to meet their loved ones.

10. He wants to mingle with her friends and family too

When he not only wants you to meet his friends and family but is also excited to meet your special ones, then it is one of the signs you’ve met the right guy. He offers respect to the woman’s parents like his own and gets comfortable with her friends in no time. Even if he doesn’t like someone from her friends’ group, he never shows it in his words or actions – Unless he believes they are harming her in some way.

on crushes

11. Do guys know when they’ve met the one? Yes, when they want to spend more time with her

When a guy wants to see you every day, his feelings run a lot deeper than mere physical attraction. If he wants to invest a lot of his time in you, it is one of the signs you’re his dream girl. He can postpone or cancel any other commitment to spend quality time with you. Spending time together not only helps you know each other better but also makes the relationship work better.

12. He comes out of his comfort zone

Do guys change when they meet the one? Yes! When a man says you are his soulmate, he prioritizes your comfort above his own. Coming out of comfort zone is not easy for anyone. It takes a lot of effort and willpower.

For example, my colleague Joseph agreed to go on a trek with his girlfriend even though he is not fond of trekking. It was her birthday and she wanted to celebrate it by climbing a summit. Joseph not only completed the trek but also presented her with a surprise gift after they reached the summit.

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13. He is afraid of losing her

When a guy says I want you in my life, it is a good indication that he is planning a long-term commitment. He doesn’t want to leave you at any cost.

He is always afraid of losing you. It becomes one of his deepest fears and may become part of his relationship insecurities too. This does need to be talked about openly so the fear doesn’t hamper the growth of the relationship. But this feeling of losing you answers how a man knows he found his wife – He now knows that he wants to live with her and die for her.

14. He sticks to his promises

A man makes sure to fulfil all the promises made to the woman he loves. He never backs off from any commitment to keep his partner happy. When a man knows what he wants, he keeps his potential better half in his deepest thoughts. He never makes false promises or gives fake assurance just to make her happy in that moment.

signs he thinks you're the one
Man making a promise to his soulmate

15. He shows patience and understanding toward her

Men in love show incredible patience and put consistent efforts to maintain committed relationships. He shows respect toward your pace, boundaries, and consent. He doesn’t push you or impose his needs or opinions on you. Another one of the early signs he’s your soulmate is that he always tries to understand your viewpoint. He doesn’t ignore your opinion on day-to-day tasks and respects logical and healthy arguments.

16. He is physically attracted to her

It’s hard to deny the fact that love gives birth to a strong physical attraction. A man in true love will always be physically attracted to his woman, no matter how she carries herself. Physical attraction is a good sign of love as we all want to keep the spark alive. Even as time passes, he pays attention to her and willingly spends quality time with her.

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17. He opens up to his beloved

While relationship experts say it’s not essential to be compatible with each other to be in love, it becomes an integral part as we lead to a mature stage of a relationship. Most men become vulnerable with a woman they love. They trust her as much as they love her. They don’t shy away from expressing their feelings and fears.

While some couples are inherently compatible, some have to work a little for it. So when a guy tells you about his day, do not ignore him even if it makes you feel bored. As a couple progresses in a relationship, they can find common interests to talk about.

How Soon Do Guys Know She’s The One?

Now we know how to spot the signs when a man knows he’s in true love. But how SOON does a man know he found the one? There is no hard and fast rule but as per a survey, most men take up to seven months to develop a gut feeling of being in love.

There can’t be an accurate answer to “When does a man realize he’s in love?” However, according to research conducted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011, men take an average of 97 days to express their love for someone. However, they start thinking of confessing love after a month of knowing that special person.

This gut feeling is what makes a guy think you are his soulmate. You might see certain signs of change in his behavior. You might soon get to hear those 3 magical words a man will say to a woman he believes is the one.

If there are visible signs he is opening up to you, then you are already part of his innermost thoughts. As for “how soon do guys know she’s the one?” the answer differs from one person to another. In the meantime, look for his grand romantic gestures and the tiny act of care to understand his feelings.

Key Pointers

  • Most men inadvertently show some signs when in love
  • When he finally realizes you’re the one, he leaves no chance to impress you and be close to you
  • He not only puts constant efforts for you but also introduces you to his friends and family, doesn’t break his promises, wants the best for you, and creates a future with you

How does a man know he found his wife? Is the guy you really like not vocal about his feelings? Are you struggling to know what he feels for you? Now you don’t need to assume anymore. Kick out the confusion from your life and save yourself from unnecessary introspection with the help of these signs. Actions speak louder than words. And if a man thinks that you are the one, you will be his priority and he will ensure your happiness at any cost.


1. What are some early signs that a guy thinks you’re the one?

You will see a newfound confidence in that man. He will start sharing secrets with you and prioritize your well-being above anything else. These are some early signs he’s your soulmate. However, there can be more unsaid grand gestures that express his love in its purest form.

2. Can you know instantly if someone is the one?

It is hard to know instantly if you have met the right one. As research suggests, men take much longer than women to understand their innermost thoughts. However, when you start joint planning your future with her, it is one of the early signs you’ve met the one.

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