I found out that my wife is a lesbian

Every little thing made sense once he got to know the truth, but it had already broken him
Sad man whose wife is a lesbian

(As told to Sambuddha Acharya)

(Names changed to protect identity)

My name is Anand Ganguly and I’m married to a lesbian.

I come from a very humble, middle-class family based in Kolkata. My father was an engineer who was indifferent to his job and, ironically enough, wanted me to fill his shoes.

I am gay, married and I seek equality, not approval from society

I had an elder brother who always had boys over. I remember my father abusing him physically and the two exchanging unforgivable language. The last time I saw him was when my father disowned him. It was years before I understood that he was gay, and that my father wouldn’t have had a gay boy for a son.

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