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10 creative ways to tell your woman that you want sex

Here are ten different ways of telling your woman you want sex, without actually saying those words
guy trying to seduce woman

Think before you act

Stop. Stop thinking like that. You can’t be blatant about it or forward. You can’t be overtly horny or demanding. It cannot be only about the intercourse itself.  As I keep saying, sex happen between two ears rather than two legs for a woman. If you want to get laid, you must learn how to woo your woman. If she sees the romance in your approach, then you are definitely getting it tonight. But be very careful; don’t offend her. That could mean a week on the sofa. So try and be charming yet persuasive. Follow her cues. Women have a way of communicating what they want and you will know exactly what if you pay attention.

Start with small things, a smile or a gesture. Develop a code based on the understanding between you two. Let her know how she makes you feel and don’t hide your feelings behind masculine reticence. Woman like when men become vulnerable with desire. Women like to be desired, not objectified. How to keep that balance is a tricky thing. All you need to convey is what your heart already feels. I’m not saying it is easy, I’m just saying it is right.

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10 innovative ways of telling your man that you want to have sex

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  1. Interesting pointers!!! #6. Gifting lingerie and #7. Role Play (tried and tested) and it works!!! So, guys go for it 😛

    I would like to add few tips that will make your women go crazy:
    1. Send your partner a text during the day saying some naughty texts.
    2.Bust out that move you used to do all the time but haven’t in a while
    3. Physical contact away from the bedroom, try something interesting

    So, guys with the above piece try out these tips, you will surely have a good night!!!

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